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  1. So, we're revisiting this. The car has just been MOT'd yesterday and passed with no advisories. I was hoping for rear axle beam bushes but no it went straight through. I'm reluctant to 'bin' the rear tyres as they are in really good nick with heaps of tread? Thanks, I have investigated the rear beam for damage. I've had the alignment checked on all four wheels and it's spot on. I've had the car nearly two years. The problem only started in the last few months so I'm happy that I've not inherited a 'bent' car. Something, has happened to the car since I've had it. Either a pot hole, or some other impact has done something somewhere? The car 'wanders' a little at speeds over 50mph, not all the time. There are two places local to me where the car will do this little dance every time. I have even had passengers in the car to confirm I'm not going mad. I can reduce the effect by slowing down slightly. I did think the car could be just reacting to tram lines in the road from trucks, but it seems a bit excessive for that (again all four wheels are aligned) and I can't beleive Ford would let a car out like that? So, bearing in mind the Fiesta is quite simple suspension wise at the rear, and through a process of elimination, it has to be the tyres?
  2. As a little update I had a four a wheel alignment check. Needed a little adjustment to the tracking but other than that it’s spot on (obviously my rear wheels can’t be adjusted but the toe in and camber is factory spec). I explained my problem and the work I’d had done on it over the last few months. The inspected the axle bushes while it was up on the lift and they’re in good nick. They may even have possibly been replaced recently? They said, could be tyre? But they would wouldn’t they? The plot thickens?
  3. No supplying dealer? I’ve owned this car two years. Fault only appeared in the last few months?
  4. There's a lot of posts about tyre pressures on Fiesta's, lots of people finding that the car 'feels' better when the tyres are pumped up. To my mind Ford put a lot of time and effort into tyre pressures and the standard factory pressures are good enough. Unless you are on a track day?
  5. The 'issue' was pre existing. I had attempted to change various items in the hope of curing things. I think it's called the scatter gun approach, which never works. Interestingly the last thing (replacing the shocks) has slightly worsened the issue. Basically, it's only when I'm on a 'fast' road, dual carriageway/motorway and get up 60mph that it might happen. Interestingly, there are two roads that I use that have short stretches that seem to aggrevate the car. I know when they are coming, slowing down settles the car down. It feels like someone is gently pushing the car from side to side. What I don't understand is that it doesnt do it all the time. I understand that the car is more sensitive at high speed, but why not 'all the time' at high speed and not just certain patches of road?
  6. Noticed in the last few weeks (not been using the car much for obvious reasons), that at speeds around 60mph in a straight line, the car sometimes feels likes its moving around a little at the rear. I thought it might be my imagination but this 'weird' feeling has been confirmed by passengers. The sensation is similar to driving in a cross wind. There is no issue below 60mph, and in fact slowing down a little settles the car down. But, it doesn't do it all the time, and the same pieces of road always get the same effect. The car is about two years old and has only just started this issue. Interestingly over the last few weeks the car has also had suspension work involving front struts/springs, ARB, rear shocks, spring mounts etc, and at every stage I have nipped the car up the road to see if the issue was resolved and it hasn't. The only thing I can think is that the rear axle beam bushes have failed. But on at least three ocassions i've had a crow bar on them looking for 'play' and found none. Although the sensation is from the rear I suppose in reality it could be the front so I am having an alignment done during the week just to confirm the wheel are all pointing in the right direction at least> Any ideas guys?
  7. I need to do some work on the rear suspension and brakes of my 2009 3dr. I was wondering what the 'correct' method for lifting and supporting the car is?. On the odd times that I've had to lift the rear side of the car I have used the axle beam locating bracket to take the load (not happy with using the sill but I guess I could?). I understand that the axle beam cannot by used to raise or support the vehicle. Ideally I would like to raise and support the rear so both sides are supported and both wheel can come off. I should also point out that it will be done in my front garden on concrete not in a garage, and using trolley jacks and axle stands?
  8. Funny because I had noticed the tyre pressures were way over inflated. Bringing them down to ‘factory’ has made this wandering sensation worse. Or at least highlighted the issue. Maybe I’ll put them up to fully loaded and compare?
  9. On my ‘09 1.6 zetec S, I’ve noticed that occasionally on the motorway that the rear of the car can feel as though it’s wandering ever so slightly. More noticeable at 70mph than 50mph. Doesn’t do it all the time. Strange feeling. A bit like when there’s crosswind. The steering feels good. I’ve only noticed this problem in the last month. Before lockdown it was fine. And after last MOT had new struts, top mounts, lower arms, arb bushes and drop links, rear shocks, shock mounts, rear springs, spring insulators. The only thing not changed were the rear axle bushes but I couldn’t find any movement in them? Tyres are good and pressures checked? So, any ideas?
  10. So, the Ford manual says 0.7-0.8mm gap and torque to 15nm. The NGK plugs are gapped at 1.1mm and tightened hand tight then 2/3rds of a turn? Should I reduce the gap or leave the plugs as they came in the box?
  11. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, the big box shifters like ECP etc all have a selection of plug options. I was wondering what the ‘definitive’ correct plug is? And gap?
  12. I've had a 'skim' around and couldn't find what I'm looking for. I would like to stick some plugs in my 2009 1.6 zetec S. As usual there is a selection of possibilites on the parts sites. Could someone point me towards an online source that gives a definitive plug choice regardless of the Manufacturer?
  13. My zetec S has a long pedal. It's passed MOT all good, but still I think its a long pedal. To be honest, like many modern cars, its brakes are way too sharp. You only have to press the pedal and the car is on its front bumper. I guess modern drivers don't like to push the pedal hard?
  14. This is the supplying dealers problem. You need to try harder to get a response. Send a registered letter, and possibly contact trading standards. Dealerships are starting to open up now, there is no excuse for reluctance to deal with these issues. It's all part of running a used car dealership, some cars come back?
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