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  1. I've noticed that some models come with a combined usb/aux connection. Mine only has the aux, would this be realistic upgrade to attempt?
  2. So, if anyone is thinking of attempting this job. The front clamp bolt is visible and reasonably accessible. The rear bolt I found to be easier by coming at it from behind the subframe under the car, rather than working in the wheelarch. A flexi head ratchet makes the job a little easier and the passenger side has brake pipes coming down from the ABS pump to limit access. BUT, the issue is that the clamps are obviously 'gunned' on at the factory (mine were obviously originals) before the complete subframe is put in the car. Which makes them TIGHT. Regardless of penetrating oil, they were a fight for every turn. I have seen some threads on other forums describing how the front bolt can be undone and then the 'clamp' is levered up to reveal the bush. But these fiesta's have the D bush mounted on a metal plate which both clamp bolts pass through, so that method is a non runner. Definitely worth doing, along with the drop links (which appeared all good when checked on the car, but when removed were obviously shot to pieces). Just got to replace the front discs now, which I noticed had quite a lip and were a bit 'scummy' looking.
  3. I've got a powerflow exhaust on my Fiesta 1.6 zetec S and although it doesn't spit flames or give you 'gunshots' you know it's there, especially on the overrun. To be honest, if you do a lot of motorway driving the 'droning' will do your head in. Don't forget also that any sort of exhaust mod will make you the target for every bell end in a golf gti, who feel it is there duty to get in front of you, usually in a 'do or die' maneuver!
  4. Ok, is that because the battery is disconnected, or just that the throttle body is unplugged?
  5. Has anyone used Forscan to do the 'brake bleed'? Sounds good, just wonder if anyone has any practical experience?
  6. I have a 2009 1.6 zetec s on that I'd like to clean the throttle body. I'm hoping that i can just 'whip it off' and give it a blast of carb cleaner. But what is the procedure for resetting it on the car?
  7. How? or how have you done this job. Access is limited and the mounting bolts on my car must have been tightened with an 'gun'. I invested in a thin flex head ratchet spanner but there is no way it will apply sufficient torque to break the bolts free. I have watched a few vids on youtube, but they are obviously doing the job with the car on a lift and not under a jack in the front garden!
  8. I tend to agree with you, but, would it quieten down when I apply the brakes? In my original post I noticed the noise when coasting down a long tarmac drive into a car park. I have to gently brake as the invevitable speed bumps arrive, the noise appears 'constant' whether I am braking or not?
  9. Only on a very light or closed throttle, particularly at walking speed when creeping in traffic, or low speed in a high gear, the engine feels 'fidgity' and shunts a little until you open the throttle. I had a similar problem on a Focus year ago that turned out to be the throttle body 'gummed up'. Is that worth a try? I should also add that there are no codes, or 'issues'.
  10. The noise is 'rotational' ie in time with the wheels rotating
  11. I had to drive into a car park who's entrance runs gently downhill. There are the inevitable speed bumps so I decided to coast down at walking speed. I noticed a "scuff, scuff, scuff" noise from the front of the car. Revving the engine didn't change it, or applying the brakes. Don't think I can hear it at speed? Car seems ok, no wheelbearing issues that I can tell. Any ideas?
  12. I'm not getting any nibbles, how about has anyone ever changed a diesel injector on a 1.8tdci?
  13. The seat adjuster works fine. On a three door car, when you pull the flap on the top of the seat, it should drop down and come forward to allow access to the back seat. Mine isn't doing that.
  14. So, for a while now i've been having an intermittent issue where the engine will start for a few seconds then cut out and require extensive 'cranking' to restart. Only code that burps up is p0089. It's gone from a 'once every couple of months issue' to a couple of times a week. So after doing the basic checks of checking tank sender for obstructions and damage to pipework I am looking at doing a 'leak off test' to check injectors. So, if I have a faulty injector what is the procedure to change it. Can I replace one injector or does it have to be a set? Do they have to come from Ford only? Do the injectors require 'coding' and will my Forscan be capable of doing it?
  15. You'll get old one day, make the most of being 20! Oh and when I was 20 I'd have just taken the exhaust off and run 'open pipes'