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  1. There was a great website Ford Etis which enabled you by inputting your cars vin, to establish the exact build spec and any options from when the car was first ordered. Sadly, this site no longer allows non members access and just gives the engine and body colour. Does anyone know of a similar site?
  2. When those rad caps blow they go into orbit! It shot off the tank hit the bonnet and the upstairs window of my house and was never seen again. Probably on Mars!
  3. I have a 2009 zetec S with what appears to have the standard Ford radio fitted. I have previously updated my Focus with the Sony version head unit and found it a worthwhile improvement in sound quality. Hoping to do the same with my Fiesta, but if I obtain a used Sony radio would it need 'coding'. Also, will I still have my ability to connect via bluetooth and pair my iphone? I have noticed that their are a few different models of Sony head units, do I have to purchase a 'year specific' or can I upgrade to a later model year type. Many thanks
  4. My latest project is missing a front drivers side fog light. The black rubber ish surround is still in place as well as the wiring and bulb. I have been skimming around on ebay and there appear to be different types, can anyone point me toward the correct one. Is the front foglight on a mk7 unique to that model Thanks
  5. Be warned! I bought a rad cap off ebay and it blew off the expansion tank when the car got up to temp. It went like a rocket and blew hot steam and water everywhere. I was working on the car at the time and only by chance had walked away. I never put my face near any expansion tank on a hot engine, and only buy rad caps from Ford
  6. Thanks. By coincidence, I actually changed the cap this morning. I had the car idling for 40mins so I could see it warm up until the fan kicked in. Not a drip from anywhere? Weird?
  7. Yes, you'll see it near the airbox with a multi connector. Two little torx screws to remove it. Tread lightly they are fragile, and do not be tempted to touch the wires. Only use MAF spray or alcohol. Nothing to lose by cleaning it.
  8. Have you scanned for any codes? Give the MAF a spray?
  9. Sorry, yes I should have said it's petrol. 2009 1.6 zetec s.
  10. Yeah, there appears to be no trace of coolant leaking around that area. No chalky deposits or 'staining' on the plastic undertray. I was hoping it might be the thermostat housing but it's really difficult to see it on this engine.
  11. What would be the typical places for water loss on a 2009 1.6 zetec s. I've checked the 'easy' and 'obvious' but I'm losing water from somewhere. Runs tip top, no odd st3eam from the exhaust or misfiring. No 'smell' of leaking coolant. The only thing I can't see easily is the thermostat housing. What are the likely areas Ta!
  12. Yeah, I must admit I have heard other diesel owners complaining about warm up times. The issue is lack of heater output more than anything. It gets cold in London too you know
  13. Compared to my last 'petrol' focus, my current diesel does take a lot longer to get up to temp. When it eventually does get to temp no issues. I was concerned that the thermostat had failed open, but the last time I had that issue (on a different car) the temp would drop away on the motorway and heater output was always poor unless you were in stop start traffic. But, I still think it could be an issue?
  14. is it possible to diagnose a failing lift pump, with the pump in situ?
  15. Thanks for the advice, I'll check things out. An air leak would certainly be easier to deal with than replacing the tank sender!