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  1. Trouble is there's speed bumps everywhere. Not just the council, but in every car park and supermarket too. My local Asda has those thin black and yellow strips that are viscious. Even if you creep over them at walking speed it still hurts.
  2. I had a search around and couldn't find what I was looking for. I'm getting a random clunk/knock from the steering, sounds to be inside the car. The car has recently had new ARB bushes/drop links and lower arms both sides. Started after attempting a viscous speed bump. Another casualty of the speed bump is I think a rear top mount which is sometimes rattling, although I can't seem to replicate that noise when stationary? Any help/ideas gratefully received.
  3. I'm assuming your employer has not been forthcoming with help?
  4. I was looking at buying one of these. Autel Maxisys MP808. Should be handy for the non Ford vehicles I have custody of too! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUTEL-MaxiSys-Professional-Active-Test-OBD-KEY-FOB-ECU-Programming-Relearn-Reset/362582735191?epid=23031191866&hash=item546b9d7957:g:qdYAAOSwxFVdoEoh
  5. Did he claim that you hit the front of his car with the side of yours? 😁 Seriously, I would imagine he has a list of items to check. A 'one-size fits all' assessment.
  6. Yeah sorry i meant any codes to do with esp not battery condition
  7. Thanks I'll check it out. I forgot to say that Forscan didn't bring up any issues.
  8. On my 2009 1.6 zetec s petrol. If the water pump was leaking, would it tend to leak more as it got cold/standing overnight, (like they did in the old days) and not tend to leak when it's at operating temp. I've noticed a stain of liquid under my car in the last few mornings, it's not drying chalky just like water, that I'd put down to condensation but now I'm not so sure.
  9. Randomly after a cold start this message pops up in the info display. Interestingly, no symbol on the dash. It stays on for a second or 2 with the 'chimes' then goes out. The button to turn off traction control seems to function correctly. What could be the issue?
  10. In my experience, finding a 'smart repair' guy that knows what he's doing is the difficult part?
  11. I am about to remove the front hub from my 2009 1.6 zetec S and as I understand one of the strut mounting bolts adjusts the camber setting. Would it be ok to mark the position of the bolt head relative to the strut to maintain the camber setting, or will the car need a four wheel alignment? Thanks
  12. Yeah, but Eric O is a pro mechanic with a fully equipped workshop to play with? My question is, can it be done in the front garden with hand tools? Also, on the subject of SMA, have you noticed how when he works on a car with 'issues' he blames it on the climate, whereas if a european car has the same 'issues' he blames it on being poorly made?
  13. Yeah, I was going to say, I'm working in the front garden with hand tools!
  14. Have you had the opportunity to travel in a similar car to compare. These cars can suffer from general road noise. Does the noise vary depending on road surface. Does it disappear completely below 40mph. Have you tried sitting in the rear of the car and getting someone else to drive as sounds can be transmitted through the shell weirdly. Have you confirmed it is 'road speed' related and not 'engine speed'. Can you 'feel' the noise through the steering wheel or pedals? Good luck