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  1. Sounds like your clutch is on the way out?
  2. And the answer is Zetec-S/Metal models have a slightly lower ride height than other models and use Green and White Springs on the front. Obviously this is for mk7 2008-2012 petrol models.
  3. I need to replace the 'dodgy aftermarket' spring/damper units for standard ones on my car. I have found a few on ebay, but in the description they are described as either green/green or green/orange, which I'm guessing has something to do with the spring rate? I have no standard original spring to compare so can anyone 'decode' these colours so I can work backwards? Thanks
  4. I'm guessing having an odd size wheel won't do much for my lap times, but its better than no spare on a rainy cold night on the motorway? Seriously, I just need an emergency spare and if I don't 'need' a 16" to match the other wheels I'm happy with a 15"
  5. OK, so a 15" size would do to 'get me home'. Option A full size 15" spare with jack etc Option B space saver 15" spare with jack etc
  6. bummer! Although i am pretty desperate!
  7. Looks like i've got another ruined alloy wheel from a pothole, the second this year! Obviously, not just the wheel but the tyre is ruined too. I'd like to have a 'proper' steel spare instead of the bottle of 'jollop' in the boot which has failed me again. Looking for Fiesta steel wheels in 16" size is like looking for hens teeth. Can I use a Mondeo wheel instead?
  8. TBH I did use mole grips but I had them on pretty tight and I am re using the strut so I'm concerned about damaging it. I did try and get the grips up high but the shock dust cover goes under the bearing and would have to be sacrificed.
  9. Anyone got any 'top tips' for removing the nut on top of the strut, mine is siezed sold. I attempted to hold the nut with the hex key in the centre that resulted in a twisted hex key. I attempted gripping the shock absorber shaft with grips that failed. Because the nust is recessed I can't even attack it with a grinder or saw! On the plus side my new spring compressors worked a treat!
  10. My 2009 1.6 zetec S appears to need new strut mount bearings. They are snatching when manouvering the car at low speeds, accompanied with 'boing' noises from the springs😁. Are these 'bearings' available seperately or do I have to buy the whole 'mount'. Also, are the bearings 'ball' bearings in design, like a wheel bearing, or are they just two plastic discs that slide against one another? So, for example, the item on the left is the 'bearing' and the item on the right is the 'mount'?
  11. Trouble is there's speed bumps everywhere. Not just the council, but in every car park and supermarket too. My local Asda has those thin black and yellow strips that are viscious. Even if you creep over them at walking speed it still hurts.
  12. I had a search around and couldn't find what I was looking for. I'm getting a random clunk/knock from the steering, sounds to be inside the car. The car has recently had new ARB bushes/drop links and lower arms both sides. Started after attempting a viscous speed bump. Another casualty of the speed bump is I think a rear top mount which is sometimes rattling, although I can't seem to replicate that noise when stationary? Any help/ideas gratefully received.
  13. I'm assuming your employer has not been forthcoming with help?
  14. I was looking at buying one of these. Autel Maxisys MP808. Should be handy for the non Ford vehicles I have custody of too! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUTEL-MaxiSys-Professional-Active-Test-OBD-KEY-FOB-ECU-Programming-Relearn-Reset/362582735191?epid=23031191866&hash=item546b9d7957:g:qdYAAOSwxFVdoEoh
  15. Did he claim that you hit the front of his car with the side of yours? 😁 Seriously, I would imagine he has a list of items to check. A 'one-size fits all' assessment.