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  1. Hello I put folding mirrors on my 3.5 focus and the part numbers and fin numbers are fin no 2171.873 part no bm51 17682rf and Fin number 2171.877 part no bm51 17683rf
  2. Ok I will probably put the original mirrors back on thanks for your reply
  3. I’m having trouble finding somewhere to activate my power folding mirrors for my 2017 focus titanium could anyone recommend anywhere in the Essex area thanks
  4. Is there anyone who can activate my power mirrors in the Essex area
  5. I just remembered do I have to change the the window switch’s has I don’t intend using the mirrors when I’m in the car
  6. Hello mate just got focus back been off the road air bag light on instrument stays on now fixed can I take you up on the offer of you doing my power mirrors activate
  7. Ok If you give me a time,day and post code I’m traveling from Dagenham
  8. Is it possible for you to activate for me if you got the time thanks for your reply
  9. My focus has got sync 3 will that make any difference with activation
  10. I have a focus titanium 2017 and have put power mirrors with puddle lights on could you activate them for me
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