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  1. Hi Damian Just a head up to let you know that all is well now , Its a great unit and I am well satisfied with it . Thanks for all your help. David
  2. Hi Damian, Thanks for your reply I have a good GPS signal, if I park right next to my house I get Wi Fi ok but that is from my modem in doors. What I want is to use the dongle, it should be so easy but it is not, I saw some one install dongle on his unit same dongle I have and it worked ok connected to internet so Saturday I am going to do just like he did and if that does not work my phone in hot spot and see how that works. wish me luck David
  3. Hi Damian, I also got the USBDAB01Dongle, how did you get on with it I got Mine connected but will not connect to sat/nav or Google. Can you offer any help. David
  4. Thanks for that Damian, I will try that let you know how I get on. Regards David
  5. Hi Damian I have got the same one as you, working fine but I can not get the lights to work on the unit, I can change the colour to red as I want, but they do not come on when I put the lights on,I just wondered if there is a switch some where, any help would be usefull. Thanks David
  6. Thanks for that Damian, I will order one as soon as he is back from holidays, It looks great I will sale the one I have got it works well I just can not update it, Coming back from France It was great all the way there, but coming back I had booked hotel for over night stop the sat/nav coud not find it it went completly wrong. Thanks for all your help. David
  7. Thanks for the reply, what i want to know if i get an andriod one will i be able to update this.and what one would you recommend.
  8. Yes I have one fitted to my car, works wonderfull went to update software , told it was illegal, I cannot find any where to replace legal soft ware
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