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  1. I had to bite the bullet and go to the local Ford agent and let them have look at the bonnet latch. The guy who came out from the workshop said that it is usually the cable that gets all the road dirt thrown up on to it and showed me how he does it with a screwdriver. I had to operate the release catch for him to lubricate it, but it was a waste of time. The latch itself had failed and needed to be replaced. The new latch was £90.00 + the dreaded VAT and of course the labour all in all £156, just what you don't need this close to Christmas. Moan over.
  2. I lifted the bonnet on my 4/5 Mondeo to wipe round the underside and the other bits and so on after washing the car. I tried to shut it after wiping round and it will only fasten on the safety catch and not on the main one that you need to release from inside the car. I've lubricated it well etc but to no use. The release lever in the car seems to have the normal feel to it any bright ideas please. I've tied it down with the good old tie wrap as a secondary safety catch so that I can still do the school run today.
  3. Exactly the same thing happened on my last car, not a Ford at all though, a Nissan Qashqai. It may be as previously said a supplier quality issue, possibly the same manufacturer of steering wheels to both companies and more aswell.
  4. Thanks for that Frembrit, mine is a hatchback so it's the power socket on the back of the centre console. The power goes off after 15mins then. You've answered my question for me, I will use that power point for the rear dash cam using the camera I got last weekend. The only thing I will have to do is get used to the light from the camera in the rear view mirror when I look in the mirror LOL. Oh and you answered the other question that I should have asked," which is my car a mk4, mk4.5 or mk5?" Thanks again.
  5. I want to fit a rear view dash cam to my mk4/5 ? Mondeo business edition. I wanted to just plug a rear view one into the front one just like on my wife's car but I made a mistake thinking that the cam in mine was the same as hers a Nextbase 512 that I can just plug in and away you go, but being me I got the wrong model. I have got a Nextbase 412 that I can't just plug and play as ithasn't got a socket hole to plug into, so my options are, 1. Buy another dash cam, a 512 and the rear view one that's all included in the package ( I can't really do this one as the cam is fairly new and was a present from my wife), 2. Buy an additional camera and fit that into the rear window and just use it as a separate item. I have only just recently (less than a week ago) bought a dash cam to fit in the classic car that we own so thought about fitting that or a similar one to the rear window of the Mondeo. My question is can I use the power socket that's in the back of the car to power it, as I have read elsewhere that it is live all the time, but have also read that it cuts the power approx. 15mins after turning off the ignition. I don't want the camera on all the time when the ignition is turned off, I want it to turn off when turning of the ignition or as soon as afterwards. I don't really want to hard wire this one in if I can avoid it. So doe's the power socket stay live or turn off after a while? Thanx all.
  6. Thanks both, I will have a ferret round and see whats what on Monday as I have a classic car show that I'm exhibiting our 40yr classic car in on Sunday. I will let you know the result, I can of course try some gas welding nozzle cleaners in the washer jets as I have got some of those in the garage. Will have to see.
  7. Can the washer jets be adjusted on my 2013 Mondeo I can't see where to adjust them if they can be. The left side sprays spot on where the washer fluid is needed to wash the screen but the right side is a little on the low side so when you are travelling it only gets the bottom part of the screen. The jets have a slot rather than a round hole. Some one said to me that the jet has to be replaced as it is not adjustable, I would have thought that it could be cleaned out using compressed air after disconnecting the delivery pipe. If I have to remove the jet from the bonnet how is it done please. Another quick question, I know that it won't cover the engine as it's a 1600 diesel, but will the Haynes mk4 manual cover pretty much the rest of the car please and is the engine basically the same one as in the Focus. On my previous car (a Nissan Qashqai) it was adjusted by undoing it beneath the bonnet and re-aiming it ETC.
  8. Thanks every-one I can't get down on the floor to do it now due to arthritis and so will be entrusting it to a garage. I am by the way a time served mechanical engineer so it isn't a job that would be beyond me, just my knee is shot after a road accident some 48yrs ago.
  9. Sorry not VIN the product code number, I assumed this to be the radio code, and then enter. Then it worked straight the way I was getting a bit confused in the excitement of some thing actually working for me. The alarm by the way was going every 5-6 seconds while the battery was off and as soon as the new one was connected it stayed off as it should.
  10. I went out to the car a few minutes ago and had a look and you are spot on FREMBRIT. I put the key in and switched on the ignition and it came up on the screen to enter the VIN number, I was a little confused by this and just put in the 4 digit radio code, pressed the radio power button and it was working. It hasn't even lost the memory of the stations that were tuned in to it, so one happy man here. Thank you so much both of you. Phillip.
  11. Frembrit, you are spot on it does have sat nav, I will go out to the car and have a look as soon as I can. Thanks to you aswell Stoney871 Thanks
  12. Hello every-one, I have just fitted a new battery to my 2013 business edition 1600 Mondeo and now I need to re-enter the radio code. I have the code but I don't know how to do it would some one be kind enough to tell me how to do please. Put it into simple terms please as I am not exactly brilliant with radios etc LOL. TIA. Phillip.
  13. Hello can some one confirm for me please if my 2013, 1600cc diesel Mondeo business edition has only one timing belt please. I intend to get a new one fitted but am unsure if it has a wet belt as-well. Thanks every-one. Phillip.
  14. I've been reading this topic with interest as my car on occasion comes up with the same message. I put my battery on charge overnight and it has only flashed up this warning once since, but the stop/ start has stopped working. Any idea if it could be connected or is it just a high ambient temperature ?