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  1. It’s definitely 125. I’m not really bothered, just don’t want anything to go wrong with insurance if anything happened and they’ve got it listed as a different engine!
  2. Hi, just tried that. Says 138bhp and 98co2!
  3. I’ve used different comparison sites using car reg and they all come up as 1.0 eco boost 140. I only got it late Friday, so haven’t seen or got v5 yet. The new owner slip just says st line turbo. It was only from checking online where I found 98g emissions. Even my finance documents say 140!
  4. It’s 125. So I’m going to have to ring insurance to change details!
  5. No I haven’t. Thank you, I’ll have a look soon 🙂
  6. Thanks, I’ll see what it says 🙂
  7. I’ve checked dvla and it says emissions are 98g which should correspond with 125. For some reason insurance companies and comparison sites say 140
  8. Hi, just picked up my new car. Can you tell from looking under the bonnet which engine it is? It was sold as 125, but trying to get insurance quotes it comes up 140! Any help appreciated 🙂
  9. Thanks for the replies. My current cars mot runs out in October, so I was hoping to change before then. I’ve seen a few on ford direct with some extras I would like. Decisions decisions!
  10. Any opinions appreciated. I would’ve gone with titanium trim the same as my current car, but prefer the look of st line. Also does anyone know what chrome blue looks like? My current car is midnight sky and I’ve kept it because of the colour. I just really want the mk8 🙂
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