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  1. How Much Has Your Focus Cost You?

    MK1 Ford Focus Edge 1.8l TDCi So far; Car - £1,000Insurance - £1,700Tax - £145 p/aRear brake pads - £15x4 glow plugs - £20Front + rear wipers - £15EGR blanking plate - £5Turbo reconditioned - £450ST170 alloys - £180ST170 centre caps - £20x2 alloys refurbished - £80Two new tyres - £69Seat covers - £20New stereo - £50Stereo facia fitting kit - £18Wind deflectors front + rear - £30Smoked side repeaters - £15Ice white headlight bulbs - £7Ice white sidelight bulbs - £3Blue interior light bulb - £4Ice white 6 LED no. plate bulb x2 - £10Timing belt, tensioner + water pump - £70Brake servo vacuum hose/pipe - £22Steering wheel cover - £11Perhaps in the future; Stage 1 remapLowering springs or coilovers MK1 Focus RS body kitDZ Exklusiv DZ1 alloys (don't see this happening any time soon)Devil-eye headlights with incorporated day-time running lightsPowerflow exhaust systemDifferent interior seats - Recaro, TDCi Sport leather seats, not sure yetSnap-off steering wheelBetter stereo/sound systemPerhaps smoked tail-lights, not so sure yetFix up the bubbling paintwork around the arches
  2. Hard Brake Pedal

    Alright, thanks again STEADS. I'll keep you updated.
  3. Hard Brake Pedal

    Ordered the part and just waiting for its arrival now. What's the likelihood of the hard pedal issue being fixed by renewing this pipe? I'm worried in case it may be something else, such as the brake servo or vacuum pump. I don't really want to be throwing loads of money towards this car.
  4. Hard Brake Pedal

    Fantastic, cheers pal, that's the part I'm after. I've been searching around for the past two days and haven't been able to find anything on eBay. I'm not too concerned on the price of the part, as long as I can finally get my hands on one. :P Will be purchasing this one now.
  5. Hard Brake Pedal

    Hello, I have a mk1 Ford Focus here, 2005 1.8 TDCi facelift model. Was driving home on Friday and noticed that my brake pedal felt unusually stiff. I pulled over when it was safe to do so and popped the bonnet to see if there was anything unusual. I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary, but over a month ago, I was being daft and accidentally broke the brake servo vacuum pipe at section where the pipe connects to the non-return valve. I used plastic weld and mended the pipe though. I was always planning on having this pipe renewed by never got around to it. I managed to nurse the car home because luckily I had been working overtime that night so there wasn't an awfully large amount of traffic, plus I was less than a mile away from completing my trip. I haven't driven in the car since. My question is, has anyone else experienced something similar to this before? I've been looking around and trying to source a replacement vacuum pipe with a non-return valve, but so far I haven't found anything. I contacted Ford Parts and they emailed me through ten different diagrams, but none of them seemed to match the pipe/set-up I was looking for. I contacted a few breakers yards but no luck. I'm going to contact a few more tomorrow morning. Also, would this pipe likely be the cause of my problem? Can non-return valves cause these issues, and are there any simple checks I can do at home by myself? I can disconnect the vacuum pipe from the front of the engine bay, beside the intercooler, because it's easily accessible, but I can't seem to find out where the pipe then leads to, because it seems to go right along the back of the engine under the scuttle panel. Would anyone be able to give me a few pointers or have a diagram for this? I can post a picture of my engine bay if necessary. I have also taken a video recording. Right now, any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm having to take alternative means of transport to work at the moment which is costing me a fair bit more than it usually would. The quicker I get this sorted, the better. Thanks FOC.