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  1. Thanks for the feedback m8. I ended up getting an autoelectrican to look at car Turns out there was a fuse missing, fuse replaced and problem solved so I replaced egr and purge valves for no reason. There are only 2 garages my car has been in i won't name them here however must have been one of the garages that removed the fuse. Glad it's sorted now tho. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking for any help or info please? my Mondeo recently went into limp mode and engine management light was activated. We Checked diagnostics for fault codes, see picture we have installed a new EGR valve also new purge valve and cleared the faults. Then after driving for a short while the engine light came back on, car went back into limp mode and these 3 fault codes are showing again. have any of you had this problem before? Do any of you have any ideas?