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  1. ...if the pollen filter is damp than the windows can steam up due to the moister being transferred from the filter to the car interior - with any make of car if no other solution is found it IS worth checking the pollen filter as they can/will cause moister related problems. Whilst this is unusual on newer/ vehicles it is not unknown.
  2. certainly sounds a bit odd can I suggest you get Ford to change the pollen filter, and make sure you don't have the blower set to 'recirculate'
  3. cyb

    Mats For Mk7

    I have a set of the genuine Ford mats and the drivers mat has two holes around the foot/heel area after only 20.000 miles :o . Worst set I have ever bought, might be worth looking at other brands.
  4. I've no idea why they do it, but you're not going mad as I have often noticed this too (unless we both are going mad :o )
  5. just logged after an absence of a month or two, surprised to see FOC has changed but liking the new format - well done to all invovled :)
  6. cyb

    Pet Hates

    I would add white van man and your average boy racer with the obligatory loud exhaust to that list
  7. looks good from here, just a thought it might be worth waiting until the spring before fitting in case we get a little snow?
  8. have you lowered the suspension on your car?
  9. so the garage have done nothing about your concerns other than fob you off with what seems like a rather flimsy excuse? I'm not sure I would take this excuse at face value without consulting Ford Customer Care to see if there is some truth in this.
  10. for what it is worth ... posting a link to another site displaying information about about your car is rather lazy and as a first post more than a little disrespectful to the members of this forum - this goes for any forum and is frowned upon throughout the internet in the same way as posting replies in CAPITAL LETTERS. Having said the I think the OP would not have expected the following 'argumentative' posts and may now feel unwelcomed. :( to Shedmanyr01093 I say welcome :) but please give us the info (copy and paste if you like) rather than a link - to the rest of you this is still a good forum with many friendly members but sometimes perhaps we ALL need to think before posting negative feedback.
  11. I did use mainly Tesco branded diesel but as I now pass near a Sainsburys store I have been using theirs - might not be anything to do with the fuel but the car just seems to be going so much better these last few week? :)
  12. price seems fair but M&S are not known for electrical goods, so who really makes it and just how good will it look against the normal brands?
  13. both :) ...but if you like them why not :D
  14. and that is why they not wired to the sidelights otherwise you will see people not bothering with dipped headlights in the same way you see people using side lights and fogs.