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  1. Picture posted sir, what do you think? Just cannot understand why my gauges would flicker and the main console lights would flicker on and off also!! Any help welcome.
  2. Am I right in assuming that I should be able to listen to the radio with the ignition off? 2014 Focus ST. I tried pressing the power button to the audio system, and all that happened was that the fascia lit up for a second and the gauges flickered up then down. Any advise most welcome. Any ideas guys?
  3. I am not a 100% certain, but I would imagine the base idle to be adjustable. That is a low rpm disconnected at rpm333 but is encouraging to see it lift once connected. Any photos of ICV?
  4. I would say yes, I would have thought your base idle should be around the 650rpm range with the ICV disconnected. Once that is adjusted, i would imagine that your natural idle once the ICV is reconnected should be around the 850rpm mark.
  5. From what I understand, the previous owner had some issue with Ford about the Oil service reset light. After that I believe he took it to a back street garage who just started pulling fuses. I think another contributing factor was that I fitted a new O2 sensor as I believed the original one had gone lazy,
  6. how is the ignition timing controlled?
  7. Sounds very likely to be the clutch as you say. It's the original and has done 51,000 miles.
  8. Difficult one to explain, but I will do my best. It may be me, but I have noticed a strange phenomenon when performing fast getaways from a standing start and a fast drive and shift between gears. From a standing start the clutch has a diffinate bite point and will spin the wheels quite easily. Trouble is, when I do the same between first and second the bite point does not feel as positive, almost drawn out over some travel resulting me slipping the clutch. Just so different to when I do the same in my 300zx twin turbo. Is it me? or is there some sort of ECU involved?
  9. Well nearly a month has passed and my fuel economy is excellent. Normally I would be looking at £70-£80 a month, now it is less than half that!!