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  1. Morning All, As per the heading I have a small puff of white smoke on cold start up first thing in the morning, and sometime particularly when its cold its runs a little irratic for the 1st few seconds and on drive off sometimes I get a little blue smoke. When its warm and Ive used it its fine no smoke on hard acceleration no smoke and pulls fine its just 1st thing in the morning. I've pulled the turbo intercooler hose off and there is a small amount of all there, but no worse than my wifes identical car. no engine fault codes, doesn't seem to burn oil although I do change it every 6k. Any ideas what could be causing it and should I be worrying? Any advice appreciated.
  2. Afternoon all, I need to purchase a new one as mine has spit turbo end, I called ford wow £165 for a genuine one. Any other recommendations, I see there are some on ebay for £20 anyone used them good/bad experience? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi TomsFocus glad to report back, as soon as I’d finished the 3k Rev for 5 mins I was able to reset the P425 ash full code, followed by the eng malf light going out afterwards all back to normal runs like a dream thank you for your help :)
  4. ok so I’ve changed the dpf, cat temp sensor and topped up the Eolys fluid. ive reset the Eolys fluid and primed and reset the dpf learning values. However the Engine malfunction light remains on :( ive let idle for 5 mins then reved to 3k for 5 mins any ideas??
  5. So today is dpf and Eolys refill and reset day :) thanks to TomsFocus I no how to do the above. One final question Once the a dpf is fitted and car reassembled, Eolys refilled and car reset on first startup is there a process to follow ie let idle for 10mins or drive steady for 1st 100 miles? Or is it as simple as refit, top up, Reset and go? help would be appreciated :)
  6. That's Brilliant, Thank you... Do I need to do the Refil one 1st then the prime afterwards?
  7. Hi TomsFocus, Thanks for the info above that's great, do you know where I look on Forscan to find both of these? Eloys counter and Dpf Ash reset? or is it a plug in and scroll through? Thank Again..
  8. Hi All, I'm just about to replace the DPF, Cat Temp Sensor and top up my Eolys fluid on my Sons Focus 1.6tdci 2009. Apart from resetting the Error code for the Cat temp sensor and Dpf soot now they have been replaced do I need to reset the Eolys some how? maybe forscan? Also is there a process to follow once these have been replaced so 1st start up etc? Any help would be appreciated John
  9. It was the catalyst temp sensor and dpf, I’ve purchased both parts new, just wondered once fitted will the Eng Malf light disappear?
  10. Morning all, Can anyone advise the best place to purchase a new DPF for my car?
  11. Evening all, could some please advise how I reset the Engine Malfunction light on my 2009 focus 1.6 tdci. I’ve carried out the repairs but the light remains? any help would be appreciated 🙂