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  1. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the Ford Focus 1.6 LX 2002, Glove box had a light in if so were would I find it please. As after dark if I want anything out of the glovebox it is so difficult trying to find something
  2. I wonder if anyone can help. have just noticed that the passenger footwell carpet is wet and is getting mould growing only found it as I had to pick up the other halfs purse she had dropped.its not wet around the door area of carpet just wondering what to look for next. I will be very grateful for ideas thanks in advance
  3. Just an update a very big thank you to everyone for the support. I got the delivery of another wiper stalk from ebay at a grand price of £5 with free delivery. I fitted this stalk in and I can gladly say all is well washers front and back now working. Thanks again
  4. Thank you all for the help just ordered one now have to wait for it to be delivered, then I shall fit it
  5. No noise when operating the stalk for the rear only when operating the front screen.if it is the stalk how easy is it to change or should I just live with it how it is.
  6. Fuses are ok so was wondering if it could be the stalk that is playing up? as I don't want to have the car out of action for too long due to being disabled and the car is my legs
  7. My car is a 2002 focus 1.6 LX hatchback automatic. my problem is washers for the screen. I have put a new washer pump on my car as my washers was working on front screen only. So brought a new pump thinking this would make the rear washer to work But no front only worked on the new pump. So to check the rear one was not blocked I changed the water pipes over then the back sprayed and the front did not. So I put the pipes back to the right way and put everything back on the car. Hope someone can give me some more ideas Please
  8. Hi, I have a problem with the drivers seat on my Focus 2002 1.6 LX automatic. The manual tilt mechanism came away from the righthand side, when I took the trim off the seat I found the spring and the plastic casing had come off. this means I can't wind the rear of the seat front or backwards. Is there anyone out there that has any idea of where this spring goes and how it fits. As it is very uncomfortable when I have a permanent back problem(riddled with arthritis) many thanks in advance.
  9. Found the problem the switch had come off the metal bracket, just put it back in turned it till it clicked in place and was all working again as it should. Thank you for all your comments it helped me, a lot bulbs were ok
  10. I have a ford focus 2002 1.6 lx automatic. I am disabled and need my car for hospital appointments. Came back home in the dark tonight, I saw my rear lights were very bright. I stopped to check and found the brake lights were permanently on both left and right and high rise light all on, but the number plate fog and reverse lights were all out. I have only had the car a couple of weeks, and any help on this matter would be of great help. many thanks in advance.
  11. I will give this a try as I had my rear water jet pack up today thank you
  12. Hi everyone, I have only owned my Ford Focus 2002 automatic 1.6 LX in blue, for a couple of weeks and loving the saving on MPG compared to my old gas guzzler of a vauxhall 2.5lt which was written off by a drink driver one night while my car was parked in my disabled bay. The driver embedded his van into the front of it. Anyway I will be asking many questions along the way. my first is what MPG should I get out of my focus and the second is is there anything I should be looking out for ie faults etc.
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