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  1. Thanks to you both, I was just concerned that there may be a fault....and it was on a dual carriageway with a central crash barrie that the bus flashed. I could physically see the light pattern move when approaching cars and the change in shape in lit up areas, but I had assumed that the wee blue light should go out...anyway thanks again.
  2. I have adaptive LED headlights and I have a querie. Can anyone confirm if their wee blue light stays on even when cars approach or you enter a lit area, my mondeo had the same lights, but the light used to go out when approaching cars and it appeared that the lights actually dipped, the lights in the new car do physically lower when vehicles approach but the wee blue light stays on so I assume the main beam stays on. I can't find anything online to answer my question, plus my wife told me tonight that an approaching bus flashed his lights then left them on full beam this is the first time someone has done this. Any detail would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. Was searching through some old photo's and found this one of my 2007 Mk4 Titanium 2.5t, this was me returning to Ford as the replacement for my Vectra 2.5 V6 and needless to say been Ford ever since. This was a great car and maybe I should have held on to it...anyone else went to another manufacturer but ended up back to the blue oval?
  4. Got you...I bought mine from Macklin Motors - Dunfermline (Formerly Dunfermline Autocentre) I have now bought three cars from them, I could probably have shopped around, but i have never had any issues with the dealership, I have also been very fortunate and never had any problems with the cars either, only ever having to take them back for servicing and any required recalls. I have never had any dealings with AC, but I do remember a guy in my village who had a homemade sticker in the back if his car which read "Arnold Shark Never Again" the fact this has stuck in my mind may have subliminally put me off...I can't remember what model of car it was other than it was a Vauxhall.
  5. How it looks more recently...without all the cars in the street, every house now has at least two cars
  6. I have neither, my house was built in 1860 and although detached the need for off street parking or garages was not considered back then, so not enough space either side to get the motor round the back.
  7. Ach well I'll be breaking the law either way, might as well do it with a cup of coffee in the comfort of my
  8. Am I right in thinking then that these regs stipulate that you can neither leave your vehicle or remain in it with the engine running whilst it is stationary?
  9. It can be preset to your preffered settings via the remote start and has automatic climate control so will heat or cool depending on outside temperature.
  10. You can heat or cool (Not so much) the car before you get in it, and defrost the windows.
  11. I've seen a couple of videos on youtube, but they are from the US/Canada, there are kits available which simply connect into the existing loom, and it only take about 10 minutes to install, I was just wondering if anyone over here had fitted it. I might just bite the bullet and go for it.
  12. Cheers...Exactly! as i said in my reply to KugaEdge I bought the Edge on my own personal preference, and I agree the pros well outweigh the cons, like you I will have to keep mine for a few years, but having seen the 2019 model is a cracking looking motor, the subtle change to the bonnet and headlights really set it off and there is an increase in power, all i can say is the initial reviews from 2015 to present are not always endearing, but for me Ford have entered the very competitive SUV market with a more than capable contender and have year on year made improvements to the original version to a point where it now in my opinion surpasses the oppostion.
  13. Cheers... I totally agree, It is a fair bit bigger than the opposition which is why I bought it, the main difference between a reviewer and an actual consumer, we buy on suitability and practicality on our own individual needs, they are looking at a one size fits all, each individual has differing taste and needs and again why I chose the Edge.