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  1. Turns out there isn't/wasn't a switched live in the loom from the car (the stereo is permanently live as you can turn it on with no ignition) This is why the old one would work but the new one wouldn't. So i've had to use a piggyback fuse from a switched live on the central fuse board and run a cable to the red bullet. It now works thank christ co it was doing my head right in. Thank you for all your advice. got there in the end.
  2. I've been back to Halfords and they've plugged it in in the store and it works 🙈. They did say that it must be a fuse as it should just plug in and play. I've visually checked all of the fuses and none seem to have blown. I will put a meter on them all to double check but I'm stumped otherwise. I'll have to make do with the old one 😭
  3. I will check that yes checked the fuse for continuity and changed it for a new one too. Thanks for your help it's had me scratching my head haha
  4. I tried switching them and still no joy. I have voltage on the yellow but not on the red.
  5. I tried switching them and still no joy. I have voltage on the yellow but not on the red.
  6. If you could have a look at the photos below. There's power in the harness and the fuse is ok in the stereo.
  7. So this is the set up I have I've tested between the yellow and black shows voltage. But nothing on the head unit itself 🤔
  8. It does have a fuse I'll check that. I've got an adapter harness between the car and the new stereo harness if that makes sense
  9. When I put the old one back in it works. But the new one nothing.
  10. Hi all,. Changing the cd 6000 in my MK4 Mondeo for a Kenwood Bluetooth unit. I have the iso connector but the unit is not powering up. I've put a tester between yellow and red and there should be 12v but nothing showing. Fuse?? If so would any of you know which one. The old stereo has power and works fine. Cheers
  11. Hi All new to the forum. I've recently had a problem with my 2011 1.6 petrol focus cutting out in low revs. No lights come on but when the mechanic read the error codes it came up with a shutter valve code and an abs error code. He deleted the codes and worked fine for a couple of days but it has started to do it again. Any ideas what could be the problem could be?? Thanks Ashley