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  1. Boys and girls of the EcoBoost fiesta family, I'm looking at increasing the performance of my engine fyi I have a 1.0 125. Been looking at induction kits and hard pipe upgrades but can't decide which ones to get. Is there any difference between kits and what would you recommend. Also remapping the ECU is off the table due to funds.
  2. another successful install thanks for the help guys
  3. are there any tips for a self install? I'm not that mechanically minded, so any help will be great, or am I being stupid and does it come with fitting instructions
  4. I am defiently going will be buying my ticket next week Friday shame there isn't a club stand, fingers crossed for next year
  5. I'm planning on going if there is a club stand then I'll be looking to go there instead of standard parking
  6. as promised here is my eco beast, sorry saw the phrase at ford fair
  7. 23,000 clicked over on my way back from ford fair only had the car 2 years brought 2nd hand
  8. Hi boys and girls, I'm Nathan I'm from Norfolk and I drive a mk 7 face lift fiesta titanium X, will add a photo when I get home