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  1. Very nice. Thank you. Could you try the option "engine sound enhancement" and see if it works? It should fill the engine sound by playing it through the speaker system. This would be very helpful.
  2. Can anyone test engine sound enhancement in ST Line? Thanks.
  3. Thank you for testing it. On Fiesta ST i think the sound is only enhanced in the sport and track mode. In normal mode the sound is not pumped into cabin. Also i've searched through the FordEcat program (which is a software that let you see all parts of the car) and i have not find any pipe or something like this to enhance the sound into the cabin. So i think that it must be electronic sound pumped through the speakers. Someone with an ST should test the function that Forscan sent to you to see if it works at least disabling the sound.
  4. Do you think it would be possible to enable the electronic sound enhancement the Fiesta ST has, in a Fiesta ST Line? i mean, the exhaust sound pumped into the cabin. As the 1.0 sound is very similar to the 1.5 sound, i think they would match.
  5. NExt to the existing fixing. You just have to try and play a little bit with it by puting one, check if the noise is gone, if it's not, then try to put a new one in a different position after removing the existing one. It can be fixed with only one strap. But in the end, the position of the strap is very similar to the one in the photo.
  6. I only have one tie strap fitted, the one behind the original fixer in the photo(furthest one). I can confirm that it only stopped at all with one tie strap. If I put another one then it starts the noise again. Try with only one strap by cutting the one that is closest to you from a frontal view when you open the hood.
  7. This is the solution, my car is left handed so the noise comes from the footwell but if your car is right handed the noise will come from the glovebox or similar. The solution is to attach the heater hoses exactly like in the photo i quote. Mention that the hoses that need to be attached are in the engine compartment.
  8. Yes my car is left hand drive, so where you have your glovebox i have pedalier haha
  9. I HAVE THE FIX!!! [SOLUTION] The noise is coming from the heating pipes close to the pedals. You have to attach the two pipes from the evaporator with a tie strap. The pipes are in the following location: as you open the hood, right behind the intake hose (this hose is located in between the air box and the throttle body). If you remove the hose by losening the clamps, you will se two pipes that pass throught to the cabin. The tie straps have to be placed attaching those two pipes. This fixes the free movement between them and the noise stops. In the image, you can see the two tie s
  10. It's the same noise that i'm getting. Check this video i've posted: Audio i've recorded recently: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1po-BTZqJ_hCncxdk-qkU8uJoe9W296mA/view
  11. Hello everyone. This is the noise i'm getting. You can hear the creaking noise between 00:02-00:12 and 00:18 to 00:21 seconds. Is there any fix for that? Noise seems to come from the dashboard or even the steering wheel joint. It's a Fiesta MK8 St Line 1.0 Ecoboost. Thanks for your help
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