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  1. How Low Can You Go?

    Yes 70mm, you can't get your fingers into the arches, it's down past the tyre and yes it's a nightmare to drive, we went through a multi-story car park and it start scraping and a random guy shouted don't worry mate, it's your mud flaps then it bellied lol. The engine bay has a guard under it and it's fell off lol. So in reality I've accepted an impossible task without having major arch rolling? lol. Probably buy those coilovers and see how it goes, I just love a low car.
  2. New Mods Too Make??

    http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000404637135#!/photo.php?pid=179536&id=100000404637135 Tins of the stuff isn't even expensive, I'd say it's a must have.
  3. How Low Can You Go?

    Well I'm lookin for the best way to get my fiesta as low as possible. Me and a mate have got a bet on to see who can get their car the lowest to the ground. He's got a mk4 golf and he's currently sitting at about 70mm from the ground and his mudflaps are about 30mm. So anyone got any suggestions for a decent set of coilovers that will make it go on it's hoop so to speak:D
  4. New Mods Too Make??

    You should try the gel overlays that come in different colours and finishes. Their on eBay. And definately spray your rear lights, totally transforms the look of the car but I'd recommend taking the lights off the car as when me and my mate did his golf we just taped round the edges and there was alot of overspray and gave the paint on the car a really gritty feel and made the paint matt. But it's definately worth it, especially if you have tinted rear windows. When we did my Fiesta we took the lights off and used half a tin and it looks amazing.
  5. Fiesta Mk6 Gearbox Filler

    I'm scared I wreck the bolt or the linkage as the linkage is almost next to it. Yeah you fill it up til it trickles out the hole.
  6. Fiesta Mk6 Gearbox Filler

    I can't get the bolt undone, anyone got any advice to get it off?
  7. De-Cat On Or Off The Manifold ??

    I'd imagine the interchangable one, has a section that can be removed to put the cat back in for it's MOT.
  8. My Dream Fiesta

    I think I just made a mess in my pants. That's the definition of sexy.
  9. Squeaky Noise After High Speed

    They are widely available. Just type green stuff brake pads into google or something. They cope with up to 200bhp, Yellow stuff pads do up to 400bhp and Red Stuff do 400+. I'm sure that's the order they go in but I'm sure green stuff pads will do ;)
  10. Squeaky Noise After High Speed

    Sounds like your brakes, as driving at high speed will wear them down quick as their standard pads, if you need to change your pads I recommend getting some "Green Stuff" pads as they are the dogs !Removed! in fast driving;)
  11. Fiesta Mk6 Gearbox Filler

    Top it up till it trickles out the filler hole.
  12. Fiesta Mk6 Gearbox Filler

    Arite cheers lads, just ordered it and will top the 'box up. Hoping to get it fixed soon but I need the car for work so finding the time to put it to the garage is hard.
  13. Fiesta Mk6 Gearbox Filler

    http://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-806-mobilube-1-shc-75w-90-fully-synthetic-supreme-performance-commercial-gear-oil.aspx Would that stuff do?
  14. Fiesta Mk6 Gearbox Filler

    So is that a yes or a no?