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  1. Happy Birthday Nico.!

  2. Cheers mate, was hoping I wouldn't have to take the old one off mainly & wanted to make sure I hadn't missed anything... thanks again
  3. Not been on here in a few years so doubt there will be many who remember me from a while back! Thought I would share a few pics of how my fez is these days, just passed her 5th birthday too ;) The Fez The new DRL Headlight Units The obligatory engine bay shot They are mostly the main things, other than that its had speaker upgrades, red lights put in the front footwells, and LED strips wired for the rear footwells, the boot has a light upgrade so you can actually see in there at night, if you hadn't spotted its got red & black gel overlay badges as well as a K&N panel filter and a cone which comes out occasionally! As for the ariel question, I had a bee-sting anti-theft Richbrook ariel, which appeared to do its job as someones tried to steal it but failed, however they have completely ruined the Ariel pulling the threading off (as the picture below will show)... anyone have any ideas if this is fixable without having to get a whole new part? Thanks guys :) Nico.
  4. i know the above pic, the exhausts are over sized, but my god that looks mean
  5. fitting is easy, they just slot on over a ridge, a screw goes through the plastic and a set of clips hold it to the bodywork... just make sure you get both!
  6. that was my thought, and its buckled abit at the top bending... =/
  7. get them on, keep a fair amount of dirt off the back (not it all though) and, in my opinion improve it a hell of alot at the back and mine were from my local ford garage
  8. thanks for the links mate! being a great hand!! as for the pictures (car was a lil dirty though)
  9. am liking the ball park for the prices there!! but unfortunately i got fogs on mine so them bumpers wouldn't do much help... thanks though!
  10. thanks for all the tips people! unfortunately i been in work today again (made sure i parked in a different place this time!!!), so have not been able to get a picture... my front bumper needed a lil bit of work anyway (scratched from what i could only guess as someone walking past) so it would need fully doing, not just the part(s) damaged, i know someone who does paintwork repairs for a local jag garage, so i may ask him on his opinion, and another who works at a body shop. only issue with a new bumper is the obvious cost though!
  11. anyone cared to think they may have just any plates on them? doubt ford would have sent out a 'fake' st to the biggest car show in the world Edit: an un-released car wouldn't be registered anyway would it
  12. Well after a nice shift at work ending at half 10, come out to my car and find the front bumper is cracked, a line going about 5 inches down from the corner point of the headlamp, and the part where it curves under at the bottom, there is a similar sized gap where the piece has all together fell off.... unfortunately there no camera's or anything to see how this was done... whats my best bet now??? new bumper or could this possibly be fixed at a good body works shop?? everything else is fine from what i can so far see, will try get a picture in better light
  13. Nico.

    My New Drl's

    angel eyes... nice!! will be better see a darker pic though (hint) ;)
  14. depends when the noise is, if its on start up then its perfectly normal as far as i am aware... and as for the service, i had my oil topped up on my first one as it was border-line low, not quite an oil change but they said it was needed... so best bet is just continue asking
  15. i know someone did a quick cheap job on this ages back, where they cut out the insulation on the engine where the jets are, letting the engine heat get to them which just about worked