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  1. Frowma and Eric Bloodaxe - thanks very much. Yes think I'll get a quote. Best and Stay Safe
  2. Hello I have a 17 plate Deep Impact Blue Titanium. Just had an altercation with a rock jutting out from a grass verge. There are numerous small scratches now around the front fog lights in the cowling area. What is the best touch up paint? There are so many from Halfords right through to kits on Amazon. Would you advise using spray paint, pen or brush kit?. Any advice gratefully accepted. Thank You
  3. It's Arnold Clark I was about to buy in Glasgow, wasn't impressed with their sales technique. Instead I bought from a Ford Dealer in Northern Ireland.
  4. Just a few lines to thank the members who responded to my recent questions and queries about the above. The advice I received was invaluable and helped me choose the right model and spec, in the end I bought a 17 plate Titanium from a Ford dealer in Ballymena, Northern Ireland and found them excellent. Test driving different years and models wasn't a problem and the sales exec helped me through the myriad number of options and slight differences between models. As a newbie I was reluctant to ask questions here about DRL's and Alloys etc but am really glad I did.
  5. Thanks for the update on the Titanium Navigator/Titanium name change and 5 spoke alloys. May need to be careful that I don't look a gift horse in the mouth!. Price is good for the 17 Titanium and is rated AAA condition and very low mileage.
  6. Thanks very much....... Mmmm? It's July 2017 I cross checked with ETIS and ithas an impressive list included, however I just thought the 5 spoke alloys looked odd up against an appearance pack.
  7. Can anyone confirm this please? Dealer tells me that the Navigator tag has been discontinued for Titanium's from 2017 onwards. I queried why a 17 plate had the five spoke alloys normally associated with the standard titanium.
  8. Looking for some advice please., I plan to buy from a Trust Ford dealer too but can't decide on whether it should be 1.5 diesel or 1 litre eco boost petrol. In Ireland you pay extra duty when importing if the car is petrol and has higher co2 emissions, it's also more expensive to tax. But is the petrol variant the better one from the point of view of day to day driving?. I have a diesel Titanium and am happy with the fuel economy but wonder are we being scared off from buying diesels.?
  9. Well done Brian I think it's a real achievement to get your first brand new car, so happy motoring. Is there much of a choice in Ford dealers other than AC.
  10. Thanks for all the posts. Just to say that I would appreciate recommendations of reliable dealerships within a reasonable drive of Pembroke, Holyhead or Cairnryan. The choice particularly for a Ti X in Northern Ireland is limited. Cheers.
  11. Thanks for all the replies it is a real Focus education. I plan to import an X but there arent that many in N Ireland with low mileage and don't know the GB market well enough ie reliable dealers close to a ferryport. I would prefer Scotland Glasgow area but Arnold Clark seems to have it sewn up and have already had a bad experience of them.
  12. Thanks very much Avi, I've registered and got access to ETIS. However, I think that I am more confused than ever. I have been following a 16 plate clearly advertised with a dealer as a Focus Navigator yet the list of "less than" on ETIS is a long one including no daytime running lights and less "navigation system.
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