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  1. Not overly sure if this helps but I dechromed my 09 titanium, I bought a new bonnet lip on ebay for £30 and sanded it down, primed/painted it and reattached it with the tape it came with..rear on the other hand wasn't as easy..owner before must of had problems as hes stuck it down with tigerseal, or some sort of silicone, but I just overloaded it with newspaper, sanded it and painted it while it was attached, both have come out pretty good for someone that's never painted a car.. although the bonnet lip is coming up as the tape isn't need to find a way to hold it down..
  2. On a side note, what would you stick it down with? Or would it be drilling holes and ***** it down?
  3. Hey, would the rear diffuser of the mk2.5 zetec s fit an 09 titanium? Without problems of course. Thanks.
  4. currently have one installed although larger then the ST bumper/valence so either cut abit out or change tips to smaller ones
  5. thought as much, if I would change to an ST bumper, would fit ok right? or too wide?
  6. would the mk2.5 ST rear valence/diffuser fit a standard mk2.5?. cheers.
  7. Could you let me know how you get on please? I'm looking at a spoiler with no electrical clue on how to fit it etc, thanks
  8. Oh I didnt know that, I painted the front one fine so we shall see but yeah when standing down i saw the copper merging through, will wait and see what happens with the front one as currently I cant take the back one off anyway
  9. I take it back, it aint coming off..took the 5 screws out, covered it in glue/tar remover etc and it aint budging what so ever, I may resort to covering the boot up and painting it while attached...
  10. is it required that I take all the stuff from inside the boot of first to get to it? is it like the front? just pry the glue and what not off and just pull it away?
  11. It budges slightly, so I might attempt to take it off and just re paint it, cheers
  12. I've got a replacement on Ebay ready to buy already primed etc for £30 but it comes without the Ford logo, but no idea what it is tbf, does look abit like silicone, no idea what tiger seal looks like when dried etc
  13. Anyone know how to get this off? Especially with the crap someones stuck it in with? Also will I need a new Ford badge? Or would it look ok without one?
  14. I managed to find this so I do have the ib5 box, so might give the mk1 shifter a try My take on this is that the 1.8 and 2.0 will use the Zetec-E and will be the more solid option. The 1.6 is the Zetec-SE which is a very different engine and there is nothing wrong with it but will not wear the miles that well. 300k miles are no problem for the Zetec-E with regular oil changes and ensuring the timing belt is changed as needed. The Zetec-E is the same engine that Ford used in the MK1 Focus RS which is in indication that it is very much designed for more power than in the standard forms. Also most of the Zetec-E variants are supplied witth the more solid MTX75 gearbox whilst the 1.6 will come with the Fiesta grade IB5 gearbox.