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  1. Hi everyone, We have an S-Max 2012 Titanum X sport with the DAB radio without satnav. The bluetooth, AUX and usb functions of the car have all died with bluetooth not showing up on our devices, aux not being recognised by the car and the USB saying “initialising” for eternity. Have tried removing and unplugging the radio and replacing it with an identical unit from another S-Max but to no avail. Any one know what’s going on!? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a 2012 s-Max and it has the bluetooth and DAB radio without satnav however the bluetooth is refusing to connect to anything. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Hi, At the moment my car just has the standard sony radio fitted, this doesn't include a satnav. If I buy a head unit with navigation will my car have the required equipment or will I need to buy extra kit? Thanks
  4. Thanks for that suggestion, I think my problem is more mechanical as its juddering and it has another fault with seemingly the gearbox. It's going into ford to be looked at tomorrow so I'll suggest this to them!
  5. The engine light is solid orange and the information light is red
  6. Hi, I have a 2012 S-MAX 2.2 diesel auto. When you’re accelerating at low speeds in low revs the engine tends to falter and judder and fails to accelerate and then will finally accelerate. It also tends to jolt when you release the brake in stop start traffic and lurches forward quite violently. We were on holiday in Cornwall last week and after we went up a slight hill the engine management light came on. We took it to a Ford garage and they said it was the EGR valve. They replaced it and said we would be fine but after 2 days the problem came back as did the engine management light. We took it back and they said it was the air temperature and air flow sensors so they were replaced along with their sensors. Then last night as we were bombing down the A303 the engine management light came on again, disaster! We ignored it and ploughed on for another 200 miles. Then as we joined the M3, the engine malfunction warning came up on the dashboard and the turbo seemingly shut down as we were failing to actually accelerate. Has anyone had this problem or got any suggestions as we are worried we’re going to end up spending thousands of pounds and then be told the car is a write off! Thanks