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  1. Major issue mk7 fez.

    Hi Rusty2009, It's a common issue on the Fiesta. Water drops down onto the mechanism and that's why the boot won't lock and keep popping open. Take it to a dealer and they will sort it for you. Cheers Ads
  2. Fiesta Mk6 Brake Light

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I should of said it was for the passenger side. Cheers Ads
  3. Fiesta Mk6 Brake Light

    Hi Guys, My friend has a MK6 on a 07 plate. The brake light has gone. Can somebody advise of what bulb I would need, and also a link? Cheers Adam
  4. Mk7 Rear Taillight Screw

    Hi, I just bought a torx screw set for myself. I got mine from Machine Mart, you could also try screwfix? Cheers
  5. Boot Open Warning

    Hi James, I had the same problem with my MK7 Fiesta. Its the boot lock switch. Water gets in through the rear wiper and drips onto the switch and wires. I paid about £60 when I took it to ford. Hope this helps Cheers
  6. Rear Brake Spec

    Hi Guys, Car has been into ford today. The guy has had all the wheels off and says he couldn't find anything. It quite possible it could have been brake dust. P.S. No charge
  7. Rear Brake Spec

    Will do. Is there a possibility they could have moved or not been fitted right? Cheers
  8. Rear Brake Spec

    Thanks for all the replies. I have been braking normally. Ford are picking it up on Wednesday. will have to wait and see what they say. Cheers
  9. Rear Brake Spec

    I have easily done over a 100 miles. So im not sure now. Haha. Cheers
  10. Rear Brake Spec

    The reason im asking. I had new pads and discs fiited and when i brake it sounds like its metal touching metal. Any ideas? Cheers
  11. Rear Brake Spec

    Cheers alexandjen. When do the brake shoes need replacing? Cheers
  12. Rear Brake Spec

    Cheers iNath, Is there anything in the drum help the car brake or not? Cheers
  13. Rear Brake Spec

    I mean, are they brakes or drums? Cheers
  14. Rear Brake Spec

    Hi Guys, I was after some information. On a Fiesta MK7 Edge, what is the rear brake/drum set up on that car? Cheers Ads
  15. Brakes

    Hi. Ive recently had a set of brake pads changed on my car. When im slowing down or driving slow and i brake, i get a grinding feeling through the brake pedal. Can anybody offer and advice? Thankyou