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  1. With a fault code reader. Search ELM327 on ebay - about a fiver for a bluetooth one. Android has plenty of apps. Torque is the one I'd recommend and is free. Apple - no idea on free aps but windows, android and iOS all do Forscan. Forscan is free for windows and paid for android and apple. Forscan requires a modified ELM327 which is more expensive. There are many other options. Plug the reader into the EOBD port and bluetooth it to your phone or laptop with a relevant app.
  2. Does it clunk on very slow tight turns? If so that would indicate a CV joint on the driveshaft. Whether it does or doesn't it sounds like a CV joint anyway but clunking would confirm it. That it appears when the shaft is driven by the road and disappears when driven by the gearbox would be the reason I suggest that.
  3. 38mpg town driving only on a 140 empirically measured. I have a heavy foot. Computer is always 10-12% overly optimistic which has to be deliberate by Ford as fuel injection ought to make measuring it a doddle. As said above it's VERY sensitive to driving style. You need to dive it like a Nun to get good figures.
  4. Don't know if you are used to diesels but they warm up a lot slower than a petrol engine so the heater will be sod all use for several miles. If you only do short runs you'll get little heat out of the heater.
  5. I have the factory fitted Continental Contisport Contacts in 205x40x17 on my Mk7.5 ST line. They are great for grip wet or dry but in 16 months I've had 4 punctures. My habits and routes are the same as many years previously. Are these tyres prone to puncturing or is it just coincidence that I've had more punctures in 16 months than the last 16 years?
  6. I have a set of Pirelli Sottozero 2's but at anything above ice being abundent on the road they absolutely destroy the handling of my Mk7.5 ST Line. The std Contisport Contacts have brilliant grip right down to icey conditions. Given the instances of sheet ice and snow are relatively rare in the UK I took them off and put the Continentals back on all last winter. I'll only be putting them back on if heavy snow is forecast.
  7. My 140HP Mk7.5 gives 38mpg in local driving. I'm always at the very bottom end of any mpg range as I use the performance. Computer is always 11% out over-estimating it. Previous computer in a Civic was spot on.
  8. Engine is fine. The limp mode cut in early enough to save it.
  9. I had a coolant leak from the water pump a few months ago and the engine defaulted to limp mode. It didn't show any fault code though. I suspect Ford have, at some point, altered the coding to include coolant loss into the reasons for initiating limp mode but either couldn't or wouldn't include a fault code in that coding. I have no idea if they all do that or only from a certain date. Mine is the last of the Mk7.5s. If yours does that then at least you'll have better warning of pipe failure.
  10. My Ford sat nav (2017) is utter crap compared to a number of free ones on my phone. I have no idea why car makers don't install an android screen and let you put on any sat nav you wish. I doubt the massive cost of updates recoups even a fraction of what they spend developing them.
  11. My Mk7.5 1.0 ST Line has a computer which permanently overstates the MPG by about 10-12%. I reset it each time and every time is out to empirical data. I regularly get 37mpg on local driving but the computer tells me it's around 41mpg. The short gearing on my model doesn't help that. Most inaccurate fuel computer I've ever owned. My last car, a Civic, was perfectly accurate. Never trust the computer and always work it out yourself.
  12. If you use a decent 6WD socket it rarely rounds off tough nuts. Failing that weld on a new nut over the existing and replace when you get it off. Failing that buy a scavenge pump and wait forever to suck the oil oil out of the dipstick tube.
  13. Turns out the water pump had a slight leak and the ECU noticed and crippled the engine. Despite the ECU knowing it had cut in it didn't throw a code though. Possibly some hasty re-writting of the ECU coding following the hard hose breaking and cooking many engines?
  14. My 1.0 Fiesta 2017 Mk7.5 140 is dropping to only enough power to allow it to tick over. It's not limp mode as there's not enough power to move the car. There are no fault codes. If I turn the car off and leave it I can get several yards on the restart with some semblance of power (not full) before it drops to nothing again. The longer I leave it the further it goes up to about 150 yds before dropping to nothing. It feels like fuel starvation as the engine hunts. Flooring the throttle has minimal effect but is just noticeable. I have tried Forscan and the Torque app but have had no fault codes.
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