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  1. I dont know if these codes are even real. Went by the dealer, and they said there were no codes. Strange. They said the problem might be caused by EGR, MAF, O2 or injectors. Dont know if there is any point having them do testing before an error code is registered? Fuel filter and air filter is recently changed. I changed the air filter today but it did not solve the issue.
  2. I have been doing some more testing. Definetly not slipping as the engine stalls almost immediately when releasing the clutch in for example the second gear. The sound in reverse is related to load. Tried holding the handbrake and the sound started to appear when the clutch was in the middle of fully released and pressed. The wired thing is that the sound went away when more throttle was applied. Any ideas?
  3. No bad smell, so I would not think so. Isnt it so that usually when that happens, you will have a burnt smell of some kind? The clutch does not appear to be worn either, as it does not slip or anything like that.
  4. Hello everyone, and sorry for creating so many posts. Today I noticed a new problem with the car. When going in reverse, I get the normal whine which is also apparent in the first and second gear, but when i reverse uphill the whine gets loader and more like a growl, or maybe more like a whine with much lower pitch than the normal high pitch whine. What could this be? The sound does not appear when reversing on a level surface. I have not tried to release the clutch pedal completely to check if the sound is still there. This low pitch growl / whine is not heard wh
  5. I had the codes cleared when I got the injector seals fixed three months ago. So they should all be fairly new. Also, none of these codes where apperant when the mechanic cleared them. Only two injector related codes was stored in the system at that time. The car seems to only chug when its warm and when under extra load, such as going uphill. It happenes at about 2300 rpm if that matters. Car has 74K km on the clock.
  6. Not sure if all of these are error codes as the secret menu is not very descriptive. I initially thought it might be the diesel filter, but i saw in the service papers that it was replaced last year, so not so sure anymore.
  7. Hello Does anyone have any idea about these error codes? Found them from the secret test menu. Ford is 2008 1.4 tdci P203a P0150 P0244 P0248 P0505 P1101 P133C P133A P1630 P1941 P203A
  8. Hi, So, solved that problem. The garage had not tightnened the oil filler cap correctly so small amounts of oil managed to get out. Thus, causing a smoke. Feel dumb for not noticinc myself. Thanks for the replys.
  9. Hi, I have used it eight days now. It has atleast been driven 250-300 km. I looked a bit more closely today. The engine is a bit wet near the (is it called rocker cover?). The cover under the big air filter, and it wasnt wet in that area before the tour at the local garage. Going to bring it back tomorrow and have them look at it. I know they did not change the o-ring under that cover since the old one looked good.
  10. Hi, So I eventually had the issue with the injector seals going bad, and smell of exhaust in the cabin. I had the seals replaced at a local garage, and the smell of exhaust is resolved. However, now the engine smokes. The smoke comes from behind, where the injectors are located. However, it is hard to actually pinpoint the location. What could this be? It does not smell anything particular from the smoke. I dont think it is exhaust. Any ideas?
  11. I will try to press all the buttons later, but I have not noticed any of them sticking before. Going to check to be sure. I have tried battery disconnect, unfortunetly that did not work. Is there an electrical module or wire common for the heater, bluetooth module and stereo that might be faulty? I am a bit afraid that it will be expensive to have the dealers look into this.
  12. And now the radio changes from FM to AM by itself as well. No one whom have had these issues before?
  13. Now the heater settings has also started to change by itself. Every time from auto 20 degrees or something to cold and max output.
  14. Today the text on the display dissapeared, before coming back a few minutes later, and the screen displays random usb errors. It seems like there is something wrong with the multimedia system. Any ideas?
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