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  1. I think it's a resonant frequency thing. Securing the pipes to each other (adjacent to the separator) changes the vibrating length and therefore the resonant frequency. Same principle as pressing your finger on a guitar string.
  2. Hi Richard ..tried (and failed) to add these pics to my reply to your message, so I'll try posting them here. I've just been out to my car and taken these. First pic is the engine bay, and the green spoon thing at the back is where you need to look down into to see the pipes. Second pic is looking down there (where the spoon handle is!) and I've put that yellow box around where the cable tie is. It's infront of the pipe separator, it's a nice wide cable tie (about 1cm wide) and it's just tight enough to hold the pipes together, but definitely not tight enough to squeeze or collapse them. Hope this helps!
  3. So did mine, when I first got it. 3 months later it doesn't. The one I'd been using to store the 2nd (unused) fob is ok, so I'm using that one for now and the 'now ineffective' wallet is being replaced by TVL.
  4. I've had a quick search on the forum and I can't see a discussion on this, so here goes.. Can keyless entry be disabled by the dealer? It came as standard on my 2018 Titanium-X and, to be honest, I find it a pain. Every time I lock or unlock the car I have to put the fob in / get the fob out of the TVL 'cloaking' wallet first ..and now (after 3 months) I discover that the TVL wallet doesn't work (purchased as a Ford accessory, being sent back to TVL). I forgot to take the fob out when I walked up to the car yesterday but found I could open it anyway! For something that's meant to be a feature, it's a real nuisance (along with keeping the fobs in the wallets in a biscuit tin at home). That and the fact that the car can be unlocked / relocked again by anyone else inside the first 30 seconds even when you've walked away from the vehicle with the fob in your pocket! Try it - I was shocked! I'd be much happier just opening / closing the car with the 'plip' buttons on the fob. So - does anyone know if the keyless entry (i.e. the door handle sensors 'hearing' the key fob) can be disabled by my dealer please?
  5. Mine's a 1.0L auto. It's now 4 months old and has covered 3,800 miles. I'm seeing 43 mpg on shorter journeys (20 mile, 30 mins) and 47 mpg on longer dual carriageway / motorway journeys (220 miles, 4hrs). Light right foot, observance of speed limits ..and fairly light traffic most of the time (west wales). I only buy it the standard petrol from Tesco or Morrisons. It's a proper, old school torque convertor auto. Probably the nicest auto I've ever driven (and my previous cars were VWs, Mercs and BMWs - I bought the Fiesta auto after having an identical one as a hire car).
  6. Not a brilliant pic, but hopefully you can make out the fat cable tie around the heater hoses and behind (i.e. bulkhead side) but adjacent to the black plastic pipe separator. (I've been driving around all day today ..blissfully free of any buzzing, squeaking or rattling!)
  7. Yes, the spacer clips keep the hoses apart ..but they don't seem to stop them resonating. The addition of the tie strap holds the two hoses in a fixed position. I'm assuming this acts a bit like holding the string down on a guitar - by changing the 'free' length it changes the resonant frequency. Either way, it works on my car. The wasp has gone!! BTW, in looking for answers to this problem I found a Technical Service Bulletin that addresses a problem with a "Ticking noise from the instrument panel behind the information and entertainment display unit". This wasn't relevant to my car, but might be to yours? This is TSB 18-2016 (dated 19th Jan 2018) and refers to vehicles built between 01.05.2017 and 23.09.2017 at the Niehl (Cologne) plant
  8. WOOHOO! This fix worked on my car too!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting the fix. I'm ridiculously happy about this. I really love my Fiesta, but the 'wasp in a jam jar' noise in the glovebox area was driving me mental, and taking the shine off driving the car. BTW: I used a single tie strap, in the 'blue' location. I used a really fat one (about 1cm wide) to avoid the risk of digging into the hoses, and I placed it immediately behind the black plastic separator in order to give the hoses something to push into rather than just squeeze them together. Happy days - thanks again! (I'm assuming your car is left hand drive? On a right hand drive car, the two hoses are on the opposite side of the car to the pedals. Same location as per the picture but on a rhd vehicle these are on the passenger's side, so no throttle / brake components here).
  9. I've just installed my Nextbase dash cam today, so I thought I'd add a post. (My Fiesta is a new Mk8 Titanium X 1.0L auto, however the information below should be true for all mk8 Fiestas) I used the 'fuse tap' (or piggyback) connector with the Micro2 10A fuse number 3 in the passenger compartment fuse box. This is shown in the handbook (common to all mk8 Fiestas I believe) as 'parking assist module'. The original 10A fuse goes in the fuse tap alongside the 5A fuse for the dash cam, and the fuse tap is slotted in where the original fuse came out. The red lead from the fuse tap terminates with the female part of a bullet connector, and the red (positive) lead from the dash cam plugs in here. I connected the dash cam's black (negative / earth) lead to earth via the mounting bracket for the fuse box. It's a metal bracket, mounted on a metal stud, with a metal nut securing it. I slackened the nut slightly, slid the spade connector on the end of the black lead underneath and retightened it. This provides a sound earth. Just need to carefully peel back the carpet a few inches to expose the stud. My dashcam comes on when the ignition is on, and goes off when the ignition is turned off (and it stays on whether the engine is running or not). Job done! (FYI : I originally tried fuse number 24 as it's shown as spare. It's live, but is permanently live, which is not what I wanted. Also the wiring kit for the Nextbase dash cams come with two different fuse taps included ..a 'standard' and a 'mini'. Neither of these fit the Fiesta's passenger compartment fuse box, as this is populated with Micro2 and Micro3 fuses. Nextbase recognise this and offer a Micro2 fuse tap free on request. They were very helpful, I dropped them an email on Wednesday and the correct fuse tap turned up today, Friday.) Hope the above helps..
  10. I picked up my brand new MK8 1.0 (99bhp) Fiesta Titanium X last week, it now has almost 400 miles on the clock. It's the auto version and it's superb. I bought it after having the identical vehicle as a hire car a couple of weeks back and driving it for around 500 miles over 2 days. Sadly, my new car has a feature the hire car didn't ..it buzzes. Only quietly (like a wasp in a jam jar in the glove box) and only under acceleration - lift / ease off the throttle and it stops buzzing. Press the throttle and it buzzes again. Does it from startup, and it's only throttle position related. Does anyone have any news / updates on this? (Appreciate the post is originally about the 140 bhp engine, but it sounds very similar) Thanks David
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