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  1. It's been a while but have now worked out my mpg, was using the computer figures so thought it was ok but have now work if it out with brim to brim and it's way out. Had a run to ed8nburgh and back at the weekend, 380 miles at speed limits using cruise and capture showed as 59.6 which I thought was pretty good but when filling car again it is actually 43 which is way lower than I would have expected so looks like this reprogram may need doing after all. Any ideas where I would get it done? And rough prices, or alternatively if I decided to get a remap would it be done as part of that? Cheers
  2. Thanks for the in depth reply 1979Damian, is the reprogram something I could do myself with a modified elm327 and forscan , or is it a dealer job?
  3. That is the correct pipe for the car, there isn't one with fitting for sensor, or not that I can find
  4. Yes, this is the second pipe I bought, with the first one I cut the hole out and tried to mount the original piece with sensor in but no adhesive that I tried was strong enough to handle the pressure and all blew off within 2 days
  5. Oops, 1.8 tdci. This pic shows where the sensor was on the old pipe
  6. I recently had to change my intercooler to egr pipe due to it being split, I think thats the one, it runs from front left to top left into egr. the original pipe had the iat sensor fitted into it but the new one does not have a hole to fit it into. the car runs ok apart from a bit down on power and mpg and an error code for iat, any ideas on how i can fi the sensor?
  7. Thanks for the reply, problem now sorted. it was a faulty item, the seller sent me another which connected to forscan and allowed me to change the setting i needed so now have blowers working again
  8. hi, i have recently replaced my blaupunkt nx with an aftermarket unit, all fitted and working fine apart from climate, black screen. i beleive it needs to be changed in the ecu so i bought a modified elm327 but it will not connect to my car, been trying for days and now assume it is faulty. is there anyone in the Teesside area that has one that could sort this for me, I will obviously bring the car to you, the weather is starting to chill now and having no way of clearing my screen is going to become a problem.
  9. I have a 57 mondeo with sat nav built in but have a couple of problems with it, the main on being that every time I start the car it changes all the settings on map to default so I have to change language to imperial, change map display to 3d which I prefer, and if I switch to map it shows germany until it finds sat connection, also does not save home or recent destinations. May be connected but also always comes on with radio and never remembers what was playing previously, does remember stored radio stations though. I have checked the fuse on the back of the unit and also any that I can find connected to stereo in fuse box and all are ok. I have tried updating tonthw lads at software but will not recognise the discs I have burned, have tried at least half a dozen, mixed CD and DVD burner on 2 different computers and from different download sources,it does read map disc no problem. Sorry for the long post buthyhought more info was better than not enough lol
  10. Morning all, was a member here years ago but left Ford's for a while, now own a 57 mondeo 1.8 tdci zetec