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  1. Yeah you’re completely right mate - definitely within our rights to do this under the Online and Selling distance regulations. They have been fairly reasonable in the sense that they are willing to have it fitted (after market not genuine ford) but using a garage in the NW. I’m 50/50 on having it done tbf, as jaywalker says the limiter is kind of cruise control for speed limitation but you need to keep your foot on the pedal. We’ve taken the car away his weekend for fairly long run and I must admit I missed having cruise on the motorways - but was glad not to have it on the A roads where it was far more fun. Ive the option to have it fitted via a 3rd stalk being fitted to the steering wheel - but the thought of drilling holes etc is putting me off a little and I dunno where I stand on warranty then either. It’s with a ford third party place mind - they are recommending the garage to do it. Ill let you know what I do, but share your thoughts with me 👍🏼👍🏼
  2. Hello - Thanks for the reply. When you say them do you mean the Garage we bought it from? Because they pretty much washing their hands with it and offering a small refund or I can reject the car. Do you know of any companies in the south who are fitting genuine ford CC parts (I want to stay clear of the after market add ons if possible). Thanks again
  3. Hello All, I recently purchased a 3 month old Ford Fiesta ST line (ex demo) from Ford Evans Halshaw which was advertised as having Cruise Control fitted, and upon delivery didn't. It has lane assist and a speed limiter, but not cruise control. The garage is willing to support a retrofit/ partial refund and apologised for the misguidance on the description. Before we go down the lines of false advertising and misrepresentation etc, has anyone had any success in retrofitting official ford parts for cruise control - and how much time/effort/ cost this for you? Due to the long motorway travel I do, cruise control was a feature I was very keen to have, Any help you can all give would be great, Tom South East London