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  1. Mk6 - Water In Doors -Normal?

    I've had this on my Mk6 5 door - I heard it sloshing around, and discovered the drain holes were blocked in front passenger door. Unblocked them and the water came out. You could try experimenting with buckets of water, to confirm the slope issue. It could be to do with the angle of the car - if the car is parked facing up the slope, with a slight camber in to the kerb, then I can imagine the water won't come out of the hole until you open the door. When you say 'gush' - how much water are you talking about? 500ml? Several seconds - 30 seconds?
  2. Couple Of Issues...

    The brake light switch is designed such that the brake lights come on with the lightest of touch on the pedal. I can't speak to the ABS module issue, but having a brake pedal that eventually presses to the floor is not right at all.
  3. Mk6 Rear Drum To Disc Conversion Kit

    I can understand the cosmetic reasoning - especially if you have alloys. My 1.2 Finesse has steel rims and wheel trims - and it's not exactly fast or designed for spirited driving! Probably not worth bothering for that, but a faster model - especially if it was going on a track - then I'd consider it.
  4. Mk6 Rear Drum To Disc Conversion Kit

    I can't comment on either of these two kits, but I am curious as to why you would want to do this?
  5. Some Advice On Buying A Fiesta

    Clutch master cylinder was actually quite cheap - I think the part was around £37. Fitting it was awkward - it's connected directly to the clutch pedal on the cabin side of the bulkhead. So - not expensive - it took me 1-2 hours, but I'm guessing an experienced mechanic could do it in an hour. I'm 99% sure that's the only mechanical failure we've had. Everything else has been normal service parts. I had to do the front discs/pads earlier in the year (at c50K miles) - because the discs had warped, not because of wear. We intend to hold on to ours as long as we can. I like to describe it as 'fit for purpose'. I have driven it on a 700 mile business trip around Holland and Germany, and although it didn't skip a beat, it does get noisy at around 80mph, so it wouldn't be my first choice if I was doing a lot of motorway mileage, but it is economical at motorway speeds.
  6. Some Advice On Buying A Fiesta

    I can't tell you what to look for, but we have owned 2004 1.25 Finesse for 4 years and had little trouble with it. It was serviced by Ford up until 2010; after that I've serviced it myself. It has been reliable - I've had to re-glue a couple of bits of trim back on the pillar, but the only mechanical fault we have had was the clutch master cylinder. Timing Belts intervals probably vary by engine - on the 1.25 Duratec, it's 100k/ 10 years - look for evidence of a timing belt change, or whether the vehicle you are looking at is due to have it changed.
  7. The last clutch I had done was on our previous Rover 200 - cost around £270 with Mr. Clutch - that was without the flywheel. Does anyone know if any of the modern diesel Fiestas have DMFs? if your one is a diesel with a Dual Mass Flywheel, that could be big bucks.
  8. How Many Miles Do You Get From A Full Tank Of Fuel.

    2004 Fiesta Finesse (Mark 6.5?) 1.2 Duratec Petrol Engine. I get just over 400 miles to each tank - how far over 400 I go depends on how risky I'm feeling! Sadly, I have recorded every drop of fuel I have put in the car over the 4 years we've had it, and always fill the tank. As a result, I can tell you that: Average across 4 years, all driving conditions = 42.58 MPG Lowest MPG: 37.89 Highest MPG: 50.86 Mileage now at 53K; owned by mother-in-law until 2009; we got it with 10K on the clock in 2009. It really is a great little car. It's mainly used as a second car, local runs, but occasionally gets longer journeys.
  9. I forgot to add - clutch judder in first when pulling away is sometimes due to worn engine mountings; however, as you are experiencing problems with all gears it's probably not that.
  10. Does the clutch improve if you pump the pedal? I found the biting point on mine was getting lower and lower; a few pumps sorted it out temporarily. The problem was the clutch master cylinder - a relatively cheap, if awkward repair. However, yours does sound a little more serious than that. Is it leaking oil? To check, put cardboard under the engine area overnight, and see if any has appeared. Is it smoking a lot? If you are not mechanically minded, I would seek professional advice on both of those issues. As regards to the "safe to drive" - I'd be reluctant to drive it far until I knew what was going on.
  11. When Should The Cam Belt Be Changed?

    I think the mileage values given on the mytimingbelt website are correct, but not the intervals. For example, on my Mk 6 1.25 Fiesta (2004), it's 100K mileage or 10 years, but the website states 8 years - no bad thing as it's a smaller interval, so it won't hurt. In contrast, I checked what it said about my Picasso - 75K mileage, which is correct, but an interval of 10 years, which I'm 99% sure is wrong - I think it's 7 - I had mine done last year on the basis of age, not mileage. You are best off getting the correct values from Ford - and it doesn't hurt to do it early. Ditto about changing the water pump at the same time, if it's driven by the timing belt. If it fails then you have to do the whole timing belt job again, so to my mind it's worth it to reduce the risk, whether you do it yourself or pay someone.
  12. Timing Belt Change

    It's up to you, but think of it this way: - in age terms, you are around 50% 'used' (ie vehicle is 5 years old) - in mileage terms, you are 65% used with another 35% to go. Personally, I'll be waiting until I've passed 9 years or 90K (whichever is the sooner). I don't think any of the Fiesta engines are prone to premature cambelt failure - I've certainly not seen posts on here complaining about it.
  13. Transmission Help Please

    You may have two problems that coincide. Can you define "no clutch"? For example, was the car in gear (with clutch down) - and releasing the clutch had no effect, or in neutral with your daughter being unable to select 1st gear?
  14. Timing Belt Change

    I could be wrong, but I didn't think a timing belt was classed as an auxiliary drive belt. I thought auxiliary belts = alternator belt and power steering belt. Willing to be challenged on this view! I asked a Ford dealer specifically about the timing belt and was told it was 100K or ten years - mine is a 2004 Mk6 1.25 Duratech. It pays to err on the side of caution with a timing belt anyway - and I normally do the water pump at the same time (if it's driven by the timing belt).
  15. Clutch Question Help!?

    Does the clutch function correctly, and is the biting point quite low?