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  1. turns out that for some reason the boost control sensor on inter cooler wasn't plugged in so just over 250£ in parts to find out when stripping to replace inter cooler sensor (map/boost control) that a plug had come undone thanks
  2. all sorted car is now fine apart from needing recall for the fire starter issue
  3. may have found it there are two map sensors on the 1.6 ecoboost one on inlet manifold the other is attached to the inter cooler so fingers crossed im off to ford
  4. FOCUS 1.6 ECOBOOST 180 61 PLATE Hi and thanks in advance for responses as title says got eml light on so run a icarsoft i920 came up with p0238 turbo boost sensor A circuit high assumed this was a MAP issue so changed the MAP MANIFOLD ABSOLUTE PRESSURE but to no avail light still comes on clear code then it pops back up so off i trundle to ford to buy a boost control solenoid (which i struggled to locate on my car two seconds to find on the 1.0 125bhp ecoboost) the part ive been sold is actually located on turbo so ive got to wait for part and then get under the car to replace boost valve or as ive seen elsewhere pierburg negative pressure valve long story to get to a quick question is the map sensor actually boost sensor A or the boost control valve /negative pressure valve as if its the map sensor which i did disconnect and it did then show as a barometric fault on reader extra fault code there must be a wiring issue so i am kind of lost right now as part from ford is £180 ordered anyway and should arrive shortly Thanks daz
  5. Okay is the boost control valve not the map sensor (be gentle) as thats what internet told me it was the absolute manifold pressure sensor (map) if not where is the boost control valve sensor and valve located on a 1.6 petrol thanks
  6. Just from experience my 1.0 ecoboost had water ingress into boot but fortunately it was not from the same source as all posts here mine was through reverse sensor wiring loom bung some how the hole that the wiring loom comes through in bung had gotten a little wider (ie could see light through it) so off to ford and 48 pence later all sorted obviously untill bung perishes again but thats for my son to sort as he now has the car and im a proud owner of a 1.6 zetec s with eml issues 😂
  7. Hi sorry to just join and jump straight in with and issue just purchased a 1.6 ecoboost 180 61 plate mk3 (is it) after spending a year driving a ecoboost 1.0 125bhp which all in was a nice little run around no issues at all so being the wrong side of 40 decided i wanted a zetec s 1.6 ecoboost 180 purchased privately only after a week its gone in to limp mode engine malfunction service now purchased icarsoft i920 scanner from online market place scanned car and it chucked up p0238 p007d first code read as turbo boost sensor a circuit high second as generic cleared codes eml went out drove car sluggish to say the least turned off restarted eml back on so i went out and replaced map sensor as thats what internet said (must say WAY cheaper at ford than euro parts place) but the eml jumped straight back on car drives just seems like no boost (compared to my 1.0 125 its like a snail) re read fault codes p0238 back and so is p007d 50k on the clock ENGINE MALFUNCTION SERVICE NOW ILLUMINATED . I will say i am prepared to spend to rectify as i like the ride based in Wolverhampton west mids just in case anyone with proper fault finding experience equipment ha s any input thanks in advance daz
  8. As title evening all new to ford owners club but my recent purchase focus eco boost 1.6 180 has a ford owners club sticker in window so thought may as well see if they will have me and maybe HELP me out a little cheers daz