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  1. Hey, I was reading up years ago that you could hot swap Volvo S40 seats into a Focus MK2 as they share the same chassis, is this true? I'm looking to replace my drivers seat as its seen better days and I know Volvo always have top notch seats. I've found a leather drivers seat on ebay for pennies and I might just go for it if its fairly straight forward. (Used ford leather seats cost an arm and a leg, which outweigh the cost of the ***** car. 😄 ) Thanks!
  2. Guys I appreciate the replies but I've been recording my mileage / fuel consumption for a good part of a decade now (for tax purposes) I was simply pointing out my real life MPG would always reflect what the trip was displaying per tank, thats all. My MPG has fallen to 25.6 MPG (real life) and 26.1 MPG on the trip computer. Something has obviously gone terribly wrong at this point if I am burning over 30% more fuel per fill up. I usually fill up on Sunday evenings, however I had to fill up Friday on the way home from work. I'm open to any and all wild theories at this point, I want to sort this out tomorrow as its my only day off and my only chance at saving my sanity. I am going to remove the brakes ONCE AGAIN to see if something is binding. I've checked the airbox clamps etc, everything is in good order. I've checked the leads, there are no cracks. Could it be the spark plugs?!
  3. Thanks for all the replies. The airbox is an interesting one. I will definitely check it when I set off home. Yep definitely oil is at the correct level I checked it on 3 seperate days when cold. My MPG calculation is light to light and I have crunched the numbers , over 1000's of miles the trip is accurate (for anyone wondering, the Focus trip seems solid.) Thanks
  4. Hi, I do 80 miles a day every day 6 days a week all year round. I reset my MPG every fill up, and I constantly average 36MPG which is fine as its 50% city 50% carriage way. Anyway, on the last service I thought I'd treat the car to a proper service with all OEM Filters - Spark Plugs - Full Synthetic etc I also replaced both front discs and pads with the service. Now here is it interesting part, the last three tanks I've done 29 MPG !!! Worried about the brakes being stuck I removed both sides and nothing seems to look out of the ordinary, all properly greased up, with no uneven wear. I checked the sparks which are torqued correctly and the leads seem fine. I was hoping for an MPG increase not a dramatic decrease. Bare in mind I've owned the car a while now and this has NEVER happened - winter, summer you name it, the MPG has been fairly consistent. This difference will equate to £600 over the course of a year which is a massive hit to my wallet! Any clues as to whats gone wrong?
  5. Hi guys, I have a Focus with only one key. When I bought the car the fob never worked and I didn't really care at the time but its beginning to look a little silly now. I had originally replaced the battery, double checked it was on the correct side etc, nope not that. I then tried syncing it to the car with the 4-turn ignition and button press however you never hear the final beep after you've pressed the button so obviously something else is wrong. I don't have the spare key otherwise I would just resync it to a new key off ebay. I remember reading on the net a few months back about the board within the keyfob being faulty and needing replacment but I can't find that thread anymore. Any quick and cheap solutions?
  6. You have a point but the reality is it was a backstreet garage so good luck with getting them to admit blame. My only hope is claiming through ECP just wondering if anyone has experience with this? Thanks
  7. Yes it was how did you know? Or better yet, what do you know? 😃
  8. Hey, I recently had a full clutch replacement on my Focus, I asked around for prices and went with the cheapest quote I got as I was running low on funds. The clutch started to make funny noises a few hours into driving it, and the following morning whilst idling it was making a scratching sound that went away only when you pressed the clutch pedal down. Took it back to the mechanic, and sods law and all, no noise at all. A few hours later, the noise is back and worse, tends to happen at traffic lights etc, Anyway, the next time it made the noise continuously I drove it straight back to the mechanic, who agreed the clutch is faulty and sounds like the bearing is gone. (brand new with the clutch kit.) Now it gets interesting. as I was on a tight budget they went with the cheapest clutch kit available on ECP and as these are extremely cheap clutches the mechanic did not offer any warranty on labour. I was extremely annoyed so I went to look on ECP website and they say they offer warranty on labour as long as its proven that the clutch is at fault. I took this back to the mechanic who said that ECP are notorious for not honoring this warranty and that they've tried multiple times in the past. They would always blame the workmanship and refuse to pay, and for this reason I need to cough up again for labour if I want it corrected! (WHICH I NOW CAN'T AFFORD) GRGH. Has anyone dealt with ECP warranty before? And if so what was the turn around? The mechanic will send in this clutch and order the next one up (Valeo) however says he is not hopefully I will get the original labour costs back. Any advice?