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  1. Not stiff no and it spins nicely. Come to think of it, there is an error code about maximum regenerations reached when scanning via ForScan, does that put car into limp mode? it does feel now you mention it like limp mode, but I can still hear the weird whine of the turbo. There is a fault where the sensor for the FACM isn't working, so I'm thinking this is why its not regenerating, as its not putting the additive in. And it was not an OEM or remanufactured turbo it was from eBay, but was a company that someone on this forum recommended and used in theirs with success on same engine. I'm guessing it could be down to the part itself, but prior to that it was working nicely and pulled along very well. I'm at my end of my patience with this car to be honest, it was off the road for 8 months, get it working again with a new DPF and turbo and now its doing this. Luckily I still have my faithful petrol Seat Leon Mk1 which flew through its MOT last week - was meant to be a cheap runabout while I fixed the Ford, but thinking now it may have to continue to be my only working car!
  2. Still not got to the bottom of this, tried changing o-ring on resonator, issue remains but the sound does seem to be coming from compressor. Is it that turbo itself could be bust inside? Bearings? No play at all in shaft , but there is no boost when driving and is very noisy.
  3. Thanks, I am hoping it is a leak at that plastic resonator and not something else. The sound is a lot friendlier with the pipe off I must admit I've never ran turbo with that pipe off before is a bit of noise normal anyway with it off?
  4. Bit of an update to this, when I pull of the resonator pipe that connects to turbo and goes to intercooler, the noise isnt as nasty as it is here with that wierd oscilating sound, its the same pitch but more of a smoother sounding wooooooo noise, but I did notice from watching my clip back, but to me the VNT actuator doesn;t look like its moving much? I do have a broken clip on the resonator pipe (as you can see in the video) so im wondering if that is not helping the issue and possibly making the noise worse if its not sealing correctly.
  5. I fitted a new turbo to my car a couple of months ago after a blocked DPF destroyed it. Before fitting new turbo I did the full bulletin that goes along with a new turbo - i.e cleaning all pipe work, replacing oil feed pipe , removing the filter from lower banjo etc etc. It has been absolutely fine, pulling really well, but after a quick pull out of a junction it has now decided to make a horrendous noise as per the below video. At first I thought it was a boost leak, but when running with out the pipes etc it still makes this horrible kazoo like noise. Ive checked the compressor wheel though and no in and play, a tiny bit of left and right, and no damage to the fins. Any ideas of what this might be? Is the turbo knackered again? 😞 Just for info the oil on the compressor wheel in video was from my hands, so it wasnt leaking out.
  6. Thanks for looking Lenny, unfortunately that is just the diaphragm that goes inside the cover, thats the part I already have to replace the broken one on mine currently. Its the actual plastic cap I need because Ive snapped some of the clips off but is proving to be a real nightmare trying to get it. Part of me wonders if its just a general cover though and doesnt actually affect functionality as there is a video here of a guy removing it and unlike some PCV covers Ive seen the spring isnt directly underneath the cap , is in its own tubing.
  7. Thanks, had a good scour of ebay and struggling a bit tbh. Wondering it a cable tie around it will hold it on pretty firm if I snap any more. As for the injector leak, there was a leak from the leak off pipes, and I installed a new o-ring, but havent cleaned the area to monitor if that was the primary cause. Theres no chuffing sounds or anything. To be honest the car is starting to be a bit of a pain, but aiming to get a year out of it before I can move it on (still paying finance on it, albeit a small monthly payment)
  8. I've snapped a few connectors trying to take off the PCV valve cover , anyone know where I can get a replacement cap only? Picture of part attached. Struggling to find one without replacing whole valve cover and I've already got membrane to fix the valve. It's a 1.6 tdci engine. Thanks!
  9. I had the same problem on my C-max , flushed it out but nothing came out. The car had 155k on it and I realised just how blocked with ash it was because water would take about 10 mins to come through. If I were you I wouldn't carry on driving in it and doing the MAF trick to keep resetting - I kept on doing that and ended up destroying the turbo. Got a replacement DPF for £200 in the end and new turbo and runs well now.
  10. Well the pipe leaked a shed load of oil from the engine block so stripping it down again and replacing this weekend!
  11. Hi, I've fitted a new turbo to my car and all has been well so far and drive 200 miles or so, and have been religiously monitoring under the bonnet to make sure nothing is leaking. All was well until I did a particularly long run last night and when I did a check I noticed that the oil feed pipe to turbo has a slight leak at the crimped section where pipe goes in. I believe this can be common. In hindsight I should have ordered a new pipe as well, as I reused the old one (after cleaning it throughly). While I await the new pipe and time to sort it (need to basically re-strip it all again to get to the lower banjo) is there anything I can use to seal the leak as a temp measure? Or alternatively, is that compression section able to be tightened at all? I've not tried as I didnt want to break anything. Attached a picture to illustrate location
  12. As above really, has anyone had turbo failure and then replaced the part with an aftermarket turbo from eBay (ie an inexpensive Chinese turbo). You read all horror stories on the internet, but alot of the time they seem to be American forums posting about putting "ebay turbo" on already powerful petrol cars so not seen that many real world experience of on a small diesel engine like the 1.6 tdci! I did some research into a seller and from reading experience from a guy on this forum he mentioned about a certain seller that has an eBay shop as well as standard website so have ordered, but just want other experiences as well. My turbo failed due to ignoring dpf ash full message and it seized the turbine and melted the VNT vanes, so wasn't the usual oil starvation like a lot fail from.
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