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  1. The problem is i have a limited budget and i don't want it to become a money pit which i think it will as the time goes by, so we will probably be getting rid of it to ASM autos as we have already spoken to them about it.
  2. Ok Tdci-Peter i have had a look underneath the car and i don't think it's that bad, but will post a couple of pictures and see what you think, Do you think this is worth saving or not considering everything else that's wrong with the car.
  3. How difficult is this to do Wilco because i don't want to take something apart and think how the hell do i put this back together, also how would we know if the car has traction control fitted or just the light fitted but it seems strange to me that they would fit a warning light when it isn't needed, anyway the wife thinks we should fit a new wheel sensor and see what happens but her mum is pushing for us to sell it along with my old 98 shogun to ASM autos as the have offered £414 pounds for both and we can use that to put towards a new car, Will check out the rear suspension on the c
  4. It's funny you say that Wilco as just recently on my instrument cluster the needle of both the fuel and temp gauge sit in the middle of each gauge when i turn the engine off also ever since iv had the car the mileage would flash up on the digi clock every few seconds is that bit correct, but the bit that puzzles me the most is the ABS/BTCs lights will come on and could be on for weeks but they can just as easy be off for weeks as well, or they would flash on n off for a few seconds then either stay on or go off completely, Tdci-Peter the underneath of my car is not r
  5. Well the car went to the garage today for the them to check the codes on the ABS and find the fault they phoned me and explained that the code popped up straight away stating the ABS pump has failed and needs replacing along with the front passenger wheel sensor, the guy who owns the garage said that if i want to fix it i'm looking at £500/600 to fix the pump and sensor, He did mention that getting a secondhand pump would be difficult because if the serial numbers don't match with the old pump no matter what we do it won't program in with the ECU unit, Anyway if we don't want to shell o
  6. Ok iv put a new light bulb in the car and went to the garage and asked them to confirm what brake pipes need changing and they said its the metal pipes and not the flexi pipes, they said if they do the work it's £75 per side and £150 to check and fix the problem with the ABS fault.
  7. No that's for everything checking the ABS and fixing the ABS and the brake pipes he told me he did the full MOT and it passed everything else but not the pipes or the ABS fault, i have looked at the rear brake pipes and i'v noticed that on one side the brake pads are wearing unevenly as the brake disc is really shiny near the wheel hub but rusty as hell near the outer part of the disc, i also noticed that the calipers are both just rusty as hell i'm surprised they haven't fallen to bits to be honest with you, also both rear discs are getting badly worn and rusty as hell so was thinking that if
  8. Hi Everyone, Sorry for not posting for a while anyway the fuel problem is all sorted and haven't had an issue since so i'm happy with that part of the car, Anyway took it for it's MOT today and it failed due to the ABS light coming on during the test such a shame the ***** light had been off for over a week, and the rear brake pipes being corroded so they said to get it through it's MOT i'm looking at £250-£300 car only cost me £300 to buy but the wife likes the car so i have to spend the money to get it through the test, I had a bit of a chat with the guy at the garage and he
  9. When i bought the car the previous owner said to me that he took the car to an actual Ford dealership and they had the car for about a week trying to find the fault, and they found that there was nothing wrong with the ABS system for some reason the bulb just comes on and off, He told me that they put it on every diagnostic machine they have and replaced every sensor on the system but it changed nothing about the bulb lighting up, Personally i felt he was saying this so the car would be easier to sell, and i agree i need to get it checked out for myself.
  10. Yay the cars running again already taken the wife shopping in it, and all i did was put some fuel in the pipe from the fuel tank to the filter and filled the filter through to the pump and then turned it over and after just a couple of cranks it fired into life and has ran sweet as a nut since then, even the lag going up hill has gone and the car just seems to have even more power than before, the last thing to sort is why the ABS light comes on stays on for weeks and then goes off for weeks but the previous owner said it's been like that ever since they owned the car and it even passed the mo
  11. Well my mate turned up and just dropped the diesel off as he was off out to a wedding last minute invite apparently, anyway i filled the filter up and tried to fill the pipe to the fuel tank but its just so solid i can't get it to turn over enough to get the fuel in so didn't get any fuel down it, But as i filled the fuel filter i put the fuel tank pipe back on and i decided to bleed it through anyway and eventually the bubbles of air had stopped coming from the filter so reconnected the pipe and went to crank it over but not enough juice in the battery to crank it over fast enough to se
  12. I'm the same i don't have a huge amount of experience with modern diesels my Fordson Dexta was built in 1960 so it's a much simpler system than my Focus and the modern tractors iv driven in the past if they break down the farm owner would just phone the dealers and they would send out a mechanic to sort it out, Anyway i was also not aware that there is no low pressure pump in the tank and i thought that all diesels had a primer pump fitted its strange to find it doesn't, well i have a friend coming round at the weekend who has a bit more knowledge than me about the system to see if he can
  13. Tdci-Peter, My car is definitely a TDCI as i don't have direct fuel pipes from the pump they go from the pump to a common rail spider then to the injectors which are electronically run, when the car fired up i ran it for maybe a minute or two then stupidly turned it off to close the fuel cap i should have left it running for a lot longer, so i need to prime the fuel up to the filter before the high pressure pump would cranking the engine over after that help to get the fuel to the injectors, One thing is why does it worry you that it won't start after running for a couple of minutes
  14. Ah so it's possible but can be a bit of a job to do if i do this but it still doesn't start i'm guessing the pump must be on it's way out, need to get it sorted by tomorrow morning as we are off out for the weekend and i have one of those common rail spiders as my wife put it but i was informed that its found on both engines, anyway i will upload a pic of my engine to show you what i mean.
  15. Hi and thanks i'v already posted in the Focus Forum as need advice badly.
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