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  1. I will have to try it again, but this time if I run into an issue I'll post clear photos showing where the glass is being blocked. Thanks again. 🙂
  2. Yeah, the window is down all the way and the glass can be freely pulled up by hand. The car in the photo is not my own, just a photo found online that I edited and the reason is because I want to apply tinting film, it's quite an expensive film and although I have a lot of experience applying film to glass windows, I am not comfortable with pushing the film into the edges and would find it much easier to apply after removing the glass.
  3. I spent all of yesterday trying to remove the glass window from rear passenger side door of my Ford Focus MK2.5. I followed the service manual which made the process easy but I'm stumped on the last step. I can't actually pull the window out of the door. The manual says to pull the window upwards and outwards from the car door, as shown below: This is an edited photo showing the glass window in the car door rolled all the way up: And this is far as I can pull the glass window out of the car, the red circle shows where the glass fouls with the right side of the door frame, so that the curved corner of the glass is stuck behind the frame, stopping me from being able to slide the glass any higher out of the door: Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I really don't want to end up forcing the window and breaking it. 😥 Thank you everyone! 😀