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  1. An hour ago I went and filled up at a Shell Fuel station and didn't have any problems at all. Now have half a tank of fuel, so it seems it was the Asda pump that was at fault, maybe in future I'll only half press the pump because it could well be that the pump is filling too fast. Also, having looked for other images of the easy fuel system in my car, it looks like everything is normal and that's how it's always been. Thanks again everyone.👍
  2. On my first fill, I had 32miles of fuel left, after filling I turned the ignition and saw that the fuel now read 96miles of fuel, so it seems that it is reading fuel properly. My tank is only about 80miles full now after getting the car home. I have filled up at other Esso and Asda fuel stations where I always depress the fuel pump fully and have never had problems, but maybe this particular Asda Fuel station has quicker filling pumps, I'm not sure. Will an emergency nozzle work with a MK2.5 petrol focus? Only asking because I checked on ebay for one and it keeps saying on every item page that it's not compatible according to ebay's compatible parts finder. Could you give me a part number or an ebay listing that would work with my car. Again thank you so much, this is very stressful on top of everything else at the moment and I've been looking online for the last hour but it's been very difficult to find relevant info, so I really appreciate your help mate. 😀
  3. So today after a long hospital shift, I decided to refuel my Ford Focus MK2.5 Zetec 1.6 Petrol. After fully inserting the fuel nozzle in through the flaps I pressed fully on the pump handle which sounded like it was flowing much slower than usual. A second or two after I hear a click, so I release the pump, wait a second and then proceed to press the pump again. This time a small amount went in and the rest started spilling out and onto the forecourt. Now, I looked closer at the easy fill flaps and noticed that the fuel flap looked like it was stuck open, and the black plastic nozzle guide looks off centre, as if it has dropped down. The picture below explains this better: I then went to fill up at a different pump and the same thing happened again, after inserting the nozzle and pressing the pump, It sounds like the pump nozzle clicks off, and after pressing the pump again, the fuel spills out. Please help me guys, I don't have a clue as to why this has happened or what the remedy is, what can I do to fix this. Appreciate your time, Thank you 😃👍
  4. Thanks a lot again, the quality of the photos are excellent, like having the Haynes manual here. I do remember removing the rear and front rubber guides but didn't fully remove them because even the process of removing them half way had caused the rubber to bend and look creased but I guess that's the only way. 11.11 says "tilt it up at the rear" but surely he's tilting it up at the front. Anyway now just got to find some time to try again, but at least this time I feel more confident, 😃👍
  5. Thanks Lenny, I had already removed both screws, but the glass window still wouldn't come out all the way because it would get stuck behind the right side of the door frame. I remember trying for many hours to pull the glass up and out of the door, but did not want to pull harder or bend any more as I feared it would shatter. I searched through all of youtube for a tutorial too, but only found videos of people removing their front side windows, which looked a lot easier and more straightforward compared to the rear side window. Thank you for taking the effort to reply Lenny, this is a real PITA, and I'm not sure if I'll ever find a way to remove the window.
  6. Sorry mate, been a while since I logged in on here, I never did manage to remove the glass from the rear door of my ford focus, I recently did another search online and my post came up, there's no videos either, if I ever do find a way it would really help me in applying the tint, which is still unused. So if anyone has any advice or has done this to their mk2/mk2.5 focus please leave a reply, as I'm still interested in finding out how.
  7. I will have to try it again, but this time if I run into an issue I'll post clear photos showing where the glass is being blocked. Thanks again. 🙂
  8. Yeah, the window is down all the way and the glass can be freely pulled up by hand. The car in the photo is not my own, just a photo found online that I edited and the reason is because I want to apply tinting film, it's quite an expensive film and although I have a lot of experience applying film to glass windows, I am not comfortable with pushing the film into the edges and would find it much easier to apply after removing the glass.
  9. I spent all of yesterday trying to remove the glass window from rear passenger side door of my Ford Focus MK2.5. I followed the service manual which made the process easy but I'm stumped on the last step. I can't actually pull the window out of the door. The manual says to pull the window upwards and outwards from the car door, as shown below: This is an edited photo showing the glass window in the car door rolled all the way up: And this is far as I can pull the glass window out of the car, the red circle shows where the glass fouls with the right side of the door frame, so that the curved corner of the glass is stuck behind the frame, stopping me from being able to slide the glass any higher out of the door: Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I really don't want to end up forcing the window and breaking it. 😥 Thank you everyone! 😀
  10. It's not great but it was a very quick photoshop: