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  1. Hi, found in Facebook kuga for parts pay £250. Now need sell sync 2 with F8 map
  2. Fix reverse camera to, no on reverse camera screen parktronics like in picture
  3. Ok GPS working:) I found behind speedometer original plug just plug in, and found missing contact on MS CAN- all fixt thanks for help. Now need found wai not working reverse camera
  4. 1 problem is possibly because I take power from media hub 🙂 About BCM I found information in Russian forum.
  5. Yes correct. Like mentioned Monks600 I need check cables connection and soldering properly.
  6. Ok The module its on dash board for now 🙂 yes its plugged. Jus check by FORscan and when I scan modules its not showing GPSM. So tomorrow I check all cables connections from sync 2 pin 16,17 till BMC pin 40 and 41 for MS-CAN
  7. I connect to same connector witch is MS-CAN but still nothing. Maybe I need something change in config for this GPSM module. Before I have blue fakra antenna only.
  8. Ok connect to grey/orange and purple/orange, no pin numbers? Looks same MC-CAN to me 🙂
  9. Ok, now understand 🙂 I connect to MS-Can but not connect to HVAC MODULE that wai no sat signal. Do you have picture of that blue connector?
  10. I connect this 2 cable ( pin 2 ans pin 3 from GPSM) to BMC MS-Can + and MS-Can - C2280A Now I confuse 🙂 I need disconnect from BMC and connect to big blue connector on the back on the air on/heating control panel?
  11. Just check FoRscan get error : IPM U140:00-2B and IPM U16A:00-2B Thing you write about spice. But what is HVAC connector ? Its that big connector from Sync 2?
  12. Just fit the GPSM but still no any satellites. What I need to do now? 😞