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  1. Took me by surprise too even the garage that did 2 wheel bearings missed it so it must be uncommon or not easy to tell if it's a hub problem.
  2. It has been a Argh !!! Few weeks came close to giving up on it
  3. Thanks everyone for replies actually solved the problem today after 4 weeks and stupid amounts of cash spent on new parts and data testing ..... Turns out the fault was actually the wheel hub itself ...why garages never picked up this I don't know but the new wheel bearings that went in the outer casing wasn't holding tight in the hub itself and just the centre bearing moving .... The wheel bearing whole was spinning around in the hub loose so the abs sensor couldn't pick up a reading from it ☹️ .... A second hand hub today and immediately abs light went out and no more fault .... Next task gi
  4. Wheel bearing was gone to start with and has been changed twice as first thought was it wrong way round.... Live data diagnostic doesn't indicate abs module to have any faults how would l find that out ???? Or is it just swap it for another abs module
  5. Yes mate numerous times and it's the same result , can get a reading that indicates abs sensor is at fault
  6. Yes the old sensor was tried in drivers side and did flag up faulty
  7. Appreciate the replies both passenger and drivers side has had new CV joints , new wheels bearings , new abs sensors and new wiring from the sensor up to the wiring under the bonnet. Diagnostics still throwing up passenger side fault but even the garage it's been to have given up as they can't find why it's a fault 🙁
  8. Problem lies at front passenger side but everything has been replaced there
  9. Hi thanks for reply all front end is new parts also full section of wiring from abs sensor upto wing has been replaced yet fault remains
  10. Ok guys need some help solving this one My Mondeo MK3 ST has both abs and esp light on now I have had both front CV joints , wheels bearings and abs sensors replaced ,all wiring has been traced and checked for damage all good there and so after a full live diagnostic reading done the fault still remains at passenger wheel ..... Anyone have any suggestions ??? Thanks in advance
  11. Hello All Been reading last few days and thought I'd join and say hello 👋 Owner of a MK3 Mondeo ST currently having some issues hoping you fine people can help please Thanks MrB
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