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  1. Hey folks, I have some trade info that can fill in the blanks here. Im a mechanic working in the trade for over a decade now. We are currently sorting this exact issue on a fiesta at work. Not the first one we've done. the issue with these cars is they have a slightly unusual design in that they have a timing belt which is not situated outside of the engine under a plastic cover but instead this timing belt is located inside the engine (where the oil is). It's a special belt designed to work in/with the engine oil. Now the oil is a specific type designed to work with the belt. Peopl
  2. Hi there, firstly I think there is a 3 amp fuse in the engine compartment fuse box for the KAM keep alive memory, if you remove this for ten minutes it will reset the ecu, its easier than disconnecting the battery and resetting all your radio stations etc. Do a reset with the fuse and if the problem is still there then check the wires that go from the tps back to the ecu as you may find a broken or shorted/grounded one. I would also check that the tps is receiving the correct voltage inward in the first place as it may explain the low voltage out. Try that first.
  3. If I understand you righy then you mean the steering feels a bit stiff and like you feel you have to make a little more effort than normal to turn it?, then it seems you have slightly stiff steering, your issue is likely to be one of the following as already mentioned steering fluid level tyre pressure if those are ok I would check to see if the ball joints in both track rods and track rod ends are dry/worn as they can go stiff if they are. strut top bearings lower arm balljoints aren't dry/worn Cheers
  4. Most sales staff at dealerships are on bad hourly rates. But they can make £60+ for every car they sell in commission. I previously worked for ford, but not as sales staff.
  5. The chirp noise your hearing is just created by the metal parts moving under tension when your operating the brake. Copper greasing the contact point at either end of each brake shoe should sort it. Cables can make a bit of noise too but only usually when worn/corroded.
  6. Unless someone can hook you up with good cheap remapping then Tbh a big air filter and exhaust will probs nearly give as much power as a remap on a 1.6 and cost little. Just unlocking intake and exhaust gives more power and quicker throttle response.
  7. Screechy ps that uses hydraulics is usually caused by low fluid level or air in fluid. Not sure if your system is fully electric or electro hydraulic. If it has ps fluid check that first.
  8. Hey, well the best advice I can offer you there given I don't know the layout of the engine myself would be that the egr valve is the gateway between the exhaust manifold and the intake manifold. A pipe usually joins the two manifolds and is usually about 15mm in diameter and shiny. At one end of the pipe will be the egr itself. If you go on to the euro parts website put your reg in and look up egr's you'll be able to see what it looks like. Then following the above info you should be able to find it. Cheers
  9. Hey, I know that lithium and button cell battery's are quite sensitive to cold weather, my iPhone can crap out with half a battery when it's too cold. Try heating/warming the keyfob up if they are cold. Also I think if you read the owners manual it should tell you the keyfob programming procedure just incase its that but I'd doubt it with it being two of them unless the battery went down to 0v for long enough. The one thing they both have in common is the battery's so my money's on that not the programming but try both. Rossco
  10. Second that for the rattles when changing gear, dmf spring will be busted. Anyone getting little rumbles through the clutch pedal which go away with the clutch fully down or half way should look at the concentric slave cylinder bearing.
  11. Try taking it back out first and see if it goes back to normal. You may have wired it wrong or it may be causing electrical interference.
  12. Running cold on the motorway and constant low temperatures. This sounds like a coolant thermostat stuck open to me. Heating probably will be warm as the hose usually comes straight out the engine to the matrix. I have a mk3 petrol and I know the thermostats on them are a common problem but not sure if the diesels are the same.
  13. Well exactly egr's cause problems when they get gummed up. When they are clean enough they work perfectly fine and so do the cars. Egr's and dpf's are there to reduce emmisions and that is what they actually do. Removing them will not make your car less polluting it will only stop the car from gumming itself up with crap. A missing dpf will be obvious to any knowledgable MOT tester and is now a fail as I've already said. Lots of people have pals who'll just give them an MOT no problem so won't be an issue for them. The basic fact is egr's and dpf's do reduce your emissions bu
  14. Second that, replace like for like. If it's expensive local order it online. Aftermarket electronics can cause all sorts of headaches.
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