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  1. Hello, is there any short-shifter for 1.6EB Ford mondeo mk4 2011 (facelift)? I have seen plenty for focus, fiesta but for mondeo.. none.. Maybe the one from mountune could work, but they can't guarantee it.. anyone tried it? Thanks
  2. Sounds very simillar! Thanks, so i will drive it as least as possible until service..
  3. Hello! I tried to search almost everywhere, i tried watching all youtube videos i could but yet, i couldn't find something relate-able. For begin, its a Ford Fiesta 1.6 TiVCT 88kw (120bhp) Manual 5 Speed, Year 2009. The issue is, under load (lets say a small hill or with having pedal pressed more than 50% in) when accelerating on 2-3-4-5 gear (doesnt happen on 1st) i hear strange rattle or noise comming from car. I'm not sure from where its comming, but i guess its engine bay. Its a very weird sound, like ticking or rattling under heavy tension, its very random (like not constant) its simillar to when you take spring or something metal and start to put a load on it and start to make noise like * ping ping ping* bam! spring or metal broke.. :D sorry for having this kind of description but i cant think of anything more simillar.. Fortunatelly, my engine didnt exploded or anything.. yet? I think it may be gearbox or clutch as clutch is still original (served 140k km mostly in city) gearbox because well... i had loose shifter and i happend to moneyshift from 2nd to 1st, but it was low speed the rpm didnt shoot up to redline or anywhere near (but it wasnt pleasant).. Car was serviced in Ford dealer, using Ford Oil, so.. i guess engine should be okay? This is going on for few months im taking it into dealership in a month but i'm trying to get some opinions what should i tell them whats my issue? Maybe valves? Thanks!