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  1. LesPes


    Just showing what type you need. Ford ones last longer go and pay their prices
  2. LesPes


    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FIESTA-MK7-C-MAX-MK2-FOCUS-MK3-TYRE-AIR-PRESSURE-SENSOR-13-2017-SQUARE/333498833306?epid=12038159850&hash=item4da614599a:g:~aIAAOSwsdteMaXt. These should be what you want. Kwik fit done mine for free when i changed them over, just gave the guys "a drink"
  3. I changed mine to Hertz components from the sony premium ones in my Titanium. They are good but so too are the Sony ones as standard. In fact i put the Sony tweeters back in the front. Thing is sound in a car is such a personal thing, what sounds good for me might be like listening to james blunt for you. As for issues with anything else i didnt have any Nav audio is fine.
  4. This may help: https://www.fiestafaction.com/threads/guide-upgrade-sync-1-to-sync-2-3.57194/
  5. I have one of these, the start stop variant and i did take my battery off only because i wasn't sure how long it would take to charge but i'm sure you can actually have it connected full time as mine had a ring terminals as part of the kit along with the usual croc-clips. so i would say that you would be ok to leave it connected if it's easier. Found this, Unlike traditional car battery chargers which pour power into a battery at a constant (and usually rather high) rate until the moment you disconnect it, CTEK Car Battery Chargers feature “intelligent” computer-chip technology which mean
  6. thank you so much i feel enlightened now
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-Ford-Fiesta-07-18-Rear-Parcel-Shelf-String-Cord-Tonneau-Cover-Straps-Cord/193286043682?hash=item2d00bef822:g:dFMAAOSwGrBeJZtq Is this what you need?
  8. https://www.wheelpaints.co.uk/CAR-MANUFACTURERS-COLOURS/Car-Manufacturers-Colours/Car-Manufacturers-Colours-A-H/Ford/
  9. I think the unit with two connectors is from a later model, sure there are threads on here from people who have had the same issue.
  10. Hi Lee, if they have the same connectors then yes they will fit, can you not check your friends bumper and your own just trace the wires back to the connectors, however if you say thy are both ford systems then my guess is they will be the same. I got an st bumper with sensors but as my originals were an aftermarket set i just pulled the ones out the st bumper and inserted the ones from my standard bumper
  11. Found this if it helps The APIM on base Sync cars is located behind the glovebox, whereas on Sync 3 cars it’s located behind the screen
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