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  1. I got the bluefin on mine, no probs it runs great. Also Revo get good press with their fiesta mapping.
  2. Got a bosch card with tomtom maps......so much better.
  3. Thanks Rod i was hoping for some feedback like this, the sat nav runs well it's just the maps, mine are Ford, sounds like TomTom are the ones to get. Thanks for your help.
  4. The sat nav is in and the holiday weekend i was able to give it a good workout. So far i'm not that impressed. It works but as a tomtom user in the past i find the Ford system woefully underwhelming.I see there are TomTom cards with maps that are available are these any better? Yesterday i went to a postcode in nw London nw2 7, 7 never even come up stopped at 6. Roads been there for a hundred years or more so it's not an old map version. On the weekend i went to an address in Cambridgeshire it sent me to a dead end about 500 yards from where i needed to be, strange !. As for the TomTom maps are they the same as a tomtom satnav or similar to the ford display? Thought i would ask as i dont have any knowledge of inbuilt systems like this one, it seems like it can do the job but not as good as the standalone tomtom.
  5. This will do but you need to have a read of the how to section where there are a few posts on how to retrofit a sat nav.
  6. Sounds like the pump to me especially as you say when you push the stalk you hear no pump running.
  7. All in and working well. The only issue i had was with the female to female fakra lead i got as the Ford connections slots were different but a bit of remodelling has got it sorted. The connections between pin 12 and 5 and 6 and 4 were not too bad i never had the wiring in the c1 adapter so just made up the wires and plugged straight into the holes the display end i was able to splice into which is a lot easier when you slide out the connector and wires from the housing. All up another good addition done.
  8. Does anyone know what pin numbers are what on the screen connector viewed from the back and what radio connector you link the extra wires too. My radio has two connectors. Sorted. On the display screen connector pin 12 is blue/green pin 6 is blue. On the c1 big connector that goes into the radio pin 5 is blue/green pin 4 is blue
  9. Looking at doing this as it does not sound too much of a job except doing the wires !!.However it seems that finding the set up is the problem, loads out there but very few that are complete. Am i correct in thinking that all systems with the nav will have the dab radio otherwise i will have to make sure any purchased item has a dab radio not as simple as asking these breakers. Another point i thought of is that as my car has the higher end system would it be possible to get just the nav fascia and screen/cowling or is there something in the guts that is different obviously the screen is but as for the unit itself im not sure. Edit: sat nav works fine with the existing radio i had
  10. On a standard car the benefits are that you can forget about it until re-oil time. On a modified car its the same but when coulped with a better airbox and cold feed pipework etc then the gains in noise and power can be impressive. guess it comes down to what floats your boat. On my standard ecoboost it was rubbish the stock filter was noticeably better, Now im running a bluefin and a few other bits it would be interesting to see if a k&n would be any better. Seems in my case that the k&n just didnt suit my ecoboost in standard form thats all.
  11. I was thinking the same as you......if it's good enough for mountune but i think its a bit more than that with mountune, the filter is just part of an improved package. at the moment i am looking at whether to try to improve the standard airbox but there doesnt seem much you can do without butchering it totally. People say the ST200 box is a good improvement but they are silly money, there are a few mountune kits out there secondhand anything between 80 and £200 i have seen on the facebook marketplace.
  12. .Had mine installed only for a trip i did from London to Sheffield and back roughly 300 miles on the M1. Everytime i planted the foot it seemed breathless and stuttery. In truth is it because we expect more? The panel filter in my opinion gives you the benefit of not having to change the filter every service, for performance and sound then a full on induction kit with a cone filter works for me everytime.
  13. K&n didnt work for me but now i have put the bluefin on i wonder if it is worth another go or go the whole nine yards and get a full cold air induction kit.
  14. Thanks Ian i have read that the st ones are programmable too, but if the rubber ones fit then they will do.