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  1. I have always liked the golf VR6 but back in the day i couldn't afford one. A friend had one and he loved it too. Behaved itself around town but boy did it boogie when it got it on the open road. Finally got to watch the st segment on catch up last night, looks like he had some fun throwing that around, if only the missus shared my passion for a good drive !!! might even be able to talk her into a new st.
  2. Just put 205x40x17 on my car from 195x50x16 and it has made no difference to the speedo still reads 30 when the sat nav says 28mph
  3. I have a pair of Hertz Dieci 170.3 6.5cm for sale i had in the mk7.5. They are a great sound but I think the stock premium set up is also very good. That said i have left the hertz tweeters in as they do make the sound in the front a bit clearer.
  4. I'm sure you will be fine. Everyone sticks the st spoilers on, in fact i have one on my five door fez, looks a lot better than the standard job and your good for another 5 mph !!😏
  5. Checked forscan but i have 16" which is 1835 there are two settings below which are 1840 and 1875 but whether these are for 17" are anyones guess
  6. No instructions with the materials but i'm sure i posted something in this thread about the mix ratio. Simple job really i followed the mix guide and painted it on with a 1/2" brush. A couple of coats, job done. Found it: Ford who confimed the mix for the job is 4ml of primer to 1ml of activator induction time of 30 mins and a drying time of 20mins.
  7. Don't want to dissapoint you but this post is from 9 years ago and hamad has only had 4 posts so i doubt he's around to see your request.
  8. Apologies jolah, just checked my parts in the garage it should be 1594594 and as you say 1 594600. I also said in this thread that i have a heap of it left over. Send me a couple of small plastic screw top containers perhaps get em from a chemist with a post paid pouch and i will send anyone who wants any.
  9. Perhaps it has been blocked, i tried every possible option and they all return the "not found on this server"
  10. had issues the other day, asked me to say if i was a dealer or individual. When i said dealer it wanted confirmation from the dealer principal, I logged out signed in again with a new login and said i was an individual and it let me in.
  11. As you are only touching them up you should be ok with something as close as😨
  12. Is this any good Tim? dont think it's high temp though. The only high temp stuff seems to be in the usa at silly money. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-Ford-Race-Red-12-5ml-Touch-Up-Paint-XCFD734-Hycote-Genuine-NEW-MULTIBUY-SAVER/232172304152?epid=2102782023&hash=item360e8c3718:g:uUUAAOSwXoRa44kK:rk:18:pf:0
  13. You are right Mark Ford use race red for the st calipers.