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  1. Got the brows fitted. They look really good I think. Very mean looking and with them being black on black, they look the job.
  2. There's a good chance that there is batteries in them, see if you can separate them to see.
  3. I ordered Extreme Style Design eye brows 2 weeks ago or so. They arrived yesterday and I got a look at them. Look decent enough, but it's started raining again in Northern Ireland, and I'm in England at the weekend. So I'll maybe get them fitted maybe Easter Monday or Tuesday and then get some pics thrown up. Ended up getting them quite cheap as well, they were/are moving premises and were clearing out stock, so I got them at a very good price.
  4. Yeah I had to too many issues with the HID kit alone so that's me done.
  5. Dropping down to 26 may improve grip, but I've found increases body roll at the rear. I can cope with potential lift off oversteer and the back end slipping out more than I can be annoyed dealing with the body roll of the lower pressures. I live down some decent driving roads and she gets driven quite enthusiastically because of that.
  6. I've run that from I've got the ST and have put 8k on the car and tyre wear hasn't been an issue. I live down B roads and with the twists and turns of the road it helps reduce roll of the rear while cornering hard and fast. Feels a lot better on the road.
  7. Check the fuel pump located under the rear seats. There is a "float" level sensor that may be sticking or sending a false read out.
  8. More than likely the microswitch in the latch at the bottom of the boot opening. I work in SEAT and the majority of issues on the older models relate to the latch. The button to open the boot is not likely to be the issue.
  9. Best thing to do is try it, if it doesn't work just sell the bumper on again. I can't see there being an issue however, as it wouldn't be cost effective to change the mounts between models.
  10. Yeah, I've bought two things from them and had issues with both. So I've no intention of buying anything else from them. Fair enough, they were helpful and stuff but I'd prefer to have no issues lol.
  11. Yeah mate, I think I was to be honest. The smell coming from the blown one was mental.. I had to leave it a few days before I posted it in case the post thought it was something suspicious. So back to square 1 now but sure, better safe than sorry.
  12. Had to return the headlights to CEUK, I had three failed ballasts, 2 died within 3 days. After the last one died, it blew a fuse that controls the drivers door, so the window and the mirror switches weren't working. I didn't put 2 and 2 together so I dropped it into Ford for them to have a look at. The ballast had actually blew up and the heat coming out had the potential to set the car on fire, so they were returned and I'm running standard at the minute. Take what you want from that, but I'm positive I wont be using CEUK again for anything.
  13. I mean if it's good enough to be given Cat 1 status, is the alarm you fitted really any better? If someone breaks into the car regardless of what Cat 1 system is in it, it's going to do the same thing?