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  1. Well guys, hope everyone is coping still okay. We've had further lockdown measures announced set to commence next Friday (27/11/20). I think I'll still be in work, for Skoda Belfast, but I know the sales guys look to be going back to furlough, rocky times still nearly a year on ๐Ÿ˜ค. Anyway, managed to complete the rear carriers and fit the new Brembo discs and pads along with them, not sure if it's a placebo effect, but I can feel a difference, they feel a lot sharper and it's nice to have that extra bit of confidence. I think the fronts are only 278mm, meaning my rear discs are bigger than the front lmao. The colour is a bit off between the callipers and carriers, but something I'll definitely get over lol. Fitted the spoiler extension too, but have since removed it. I used Gorilla double sided tape, and had no confidence in it at all and by the time I took it off, both corners had already come away. So I'm just going to get it done right. What have people used to attach this sort of stuff? Also fitted the centre caps that I had for a good while. I actually really like the red against the grey wheel, they photo is terrible because my car hasn't been cleaned in many months, but you get the gist lol. While changing these I noticed something had penetrated the tyre, right where the side wall meets the top tread, still had about 5mm tread on it, so I was pretty disappointed, but changed the tyre anyway. It had started to cause a bulge and it just isn't worth the risk. ยฃ65 for a Falken which I keep in stock at work, great little trye to be honest. I rate it a lot better than the Bridgestone Potenzas, they aren't a good tyre. Small update on the Brembo 4 pot situation. Called the place I got the originals from on Thursday, long story with these, but basically they can't fix the dud one, which I'm kind of relieved about, as I'm not sure I'd have much confidence in it, anyway, I've to call back on Monday as they are hoping to have another R26 Megane in. If not, I have already lined up another set which look to be a good job too. So hopefully I'll have these pretty soon. Jeez, little bits of information keep coming to me lol, also noticed while changing the punctured tyre that I have a badly leaking shock absorber on the drivers front. MOT is in January, if it is still going ahead, MOT centre in Northern Ireland have not been having a good time recently, but yeah. So I think I'm just gonna go ahead and buy coilovers instead of replacing with a standard shock, why not? I've seen Stance+ that have mixed reviews on them, I'm not about spending stupid amounts of money on coilovers, they seem reasonably priced and there is definitely more positive than negative reviews, I'll also purchase the shortened drop links to keep her right. And finally for today, one of the facebook groups I'm in, someone had posted about what MPG people are getting from their ST Fiestas. I mean if that's a genuine concern for you, buying a turbo petrol car probably isn't right for you, however I'm getting better MPG from this than I did with my 2 litre diesel Seat Exeo. Anyway, more photos for your viewing pleasure.
  2. Yeah mate, definitely going to sandblast the Brembos, going to see what the carriers look like with paint on them, Iโ€™ve already primered them and bought paint there tonight. Youโ€™ll hardly be able to see the carriers so not too bothered about those, but the Brembos Iโ€™ll definitely be getting done.
  3. Carriers arrived this morning. Hit them with a wire brush to see how they are, I mean they are second hand so they were never going to be perfect. Still torn between painting them as they are, or getting them sandblasted with the Brembos when they return. Good thing though, the place I got them from fitted new sliding pins and supplied new calliper bolts, so that was nice ๐Ÿ˜„. Got a notification on Thursday, I think, to say the spoiler extension has been posted, so hopefully today or tomorrow for that. God knows when I'll get it fitted lol. Think I might just go with 3M tape. There is ones rated for what force it'll take to pull them off, so might go with that, instead of bonder. Braided lines arrived too, they look the part, very happy with them. Anyways, pics as usual ๐Ÿ˜„
  4. Brembos only got lifted last Friday (23rd) and still aren't back with me. Kinda busting to get these on, but with Christmas coming and me having a not so little one, they might be on hold until after the New Year. Saying that, I did just purchase the ST170 rear calliper carriers, these coupled with the existing ST180 rear callipers change the rear discs from 250mm up to 280mm, yano, the same size as the original front discs. So with a 20mm improvement on the front and 30mm on the rear, this thing should have some tasty stopping power. So once I eventually get round to getting the CP map, I'll have confidence that the breaks will cover me. Gone with HEL lines also, they should hopefully be with me in a few days. Went with the yellow, not that you'll see much of them anyway, but I'll know they're there lol. If you're going to go with HEL speak to Ben Viner, he didn't muck about and got me sorted in no time, very impressed and very professional. I was looking into buying a small pneumatic sand blaster, cheap little items as all I need them for is the callipers and the carriers, but found a place sort of local to me that will do them for me for ยฃ25 quid, less than it'll cost to buy the tool and consumables for me to do it, so it makes sense having someone who is skilled in it to do it for me. I'll get them painted up and ready then spend a Saturday getting stuck into them. And lastly, I have also just purchased a spoiler extension from TRC. I know black on black isn't the easiest to see, but sometimes it can make all the difference. I think they have it in stock, so I'm hoping to see that at the start of next week sometime. Although I have just noticed that they are now out of stock, so I'm hoping I got the last one and not the fact that it was missing and they didn't know haha. For 10% off TRC use TRIPLE10RFEZ. Can confirm it worked for me today. I'm kinda clueless when it comes to fitting stuff like that, so I might just get a body shop to bond that for me, instead of me making a pigs ear of it. Tried to upload a photo of it but it was only saving in a weird file format, so I'll throw one up when it arrives. ๐Ÿ˜
  5. Callipers arrived the same day as the brackets did. Bad news unfortunately. I went to take the bleed nipples out of the callipers, one side came out fine, ***** tight, but came out no bother. Other side was a nightmare, one had been cross threaded on the way in and the other just snapped still in the calliper, great start. Phoned the place I got them and the girl said they should have been checked before they had been posted. She had them check to see if there were any other sets about and unfortunately I got the last set. So she has set it up to get them both collected, get the damaged one repaired, give the other a check over and get them back out to me. Thankfully I checked these before trying to fit them, working in the motor trade wakes you up to things like this lol. Either way, I live in Northern Ireland and this place is in the mainland, so I can't imagine this being cheap for them to do, they've been very helpful and I'm glad I went with them. If this had of been a private seller, I'd be knackered and facing this cost myself. Makes you think doesn't it lol. Inbetween times, I have been looking at getting the car mapped too. I've been looking about to see who can get the best of the car really. Turns out, with Collins Performance you can jump straight into CP2 with standard hardware, which other than an induction kit I'm running. It provides 220-225 hp and adapts to hardware fitted after the map up to I think 235, which I find very clever. They also offer a cat safe overrun, although I wonder what that will sound like when I eventually get a decat. So I think I've made my mind up on that front. Need to see when I can get it sorted lol.
  6. Brackets arrived today, weren't meant to be here until Wednesday, so that's not bad. Still waiting on the callipers to land. Thought they would have been here first. Not too worry but. Getting excited to get these on ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  7. Hi guys, I'm doing the Clio and Megane Brembo upgrade for the ST. Torn for braided lines though. I've looked at the Goodridge and HEL lines, price isn't an issue as they are both around ยฃ45 or so. Both come in the yellow colour I want. Just wondering which people have used, if there are anything to look out for, or if anyone has any insights on them? I've messaged both, and neither has replied to me, which doesn't look good for either and is kind of putting me off getting either from them, but I want to upgrade them for the new callipers. There is another company, but when you say eBay for something as important as brakes it doesn't fill you with confidence, however out of the three they are the only to reply to me. Open to other suggestions too. J
  8. So I did a thing today, been looking to do it for a long long time, and again, finally bit the bullet and decided to just get it done. I ordered myself some Brembo callipers that originate from the Clio 197/200 and the Megane 225 today. I actually seen a Megane 225 in a Tesco car park for the first time in many years and took it as a sign lmao. Very reasonable price considering there is people on eBay looking anywhere between ยฃ200-ยฃ400 for per single calliper, in my opinion I got these for a steal. There is a fabricator on eBay that does many many upgrades for Ford stuff, and he happens to supply the Brembo brackets and supplies bolts and washers with them. They only come in black so once I get them ordered up I'll be painting them red. From what I heard from the girl who sold me the Brembos, they'll probably need touching up, so I'll probably rub them back and paint them. I'll try to get Ford Race Red as I assume that's the colour of the callipers anyway?? If anyone knows that can send me right direction if I'm wrong, please let me know lol. Got the puddle lights coded for the mirrors and as you'll see, they make a huge difference. Rubbish photo but you get the gist lol.
  9. Got the mirrors and sweeping indicators fitted and tested this morning. Pleased to announce they work a treat ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„. These mirrors actually came with puddle lights too, so I need to get Forscan connected again to let it know it has them and get them working ๐Ÿ˜„. Tried uploading a video there of them working, didn't work. Blacked out mirrors look good though ๐Ÿ˜. It really needs a clean, god love her, but that's for another day lol. Ignore the apprentice below lmao
  10. Good and bad news I guess. Mirrors were fitted and coded without a hitch. Although the function of the mirrors not so much. Only one folded and the indicators didn't work on either, with standard or sweeping indicators, so that was a bit of a kick in the teeth. So had to strip them back off the car and replace with the original ones, I left the switch on because that still works fine, but I wasn't too happy after all of that. Cruise control I did manage to get sorted, after giving up trying to get the airbag off from behind the wheel, I just used the two puncture slots on either side, very clean entry and exit thankfully, but to be honest you'd never notice anyway. Coding was easy, once I finally got the laptop to connect to the car. The trim looks great on the wheel, it's not piano black, so you don't get messy fingerprints and smudge marks all over it and looks very good imo. New mirrors have been ordered and will hopefully be here soon. One thing I will say about the mirrors is to watch how to put the mirror wires back in, as currently I can only open my window half way as the glass catches the wires, *intense eye rolls* but the door cards have to come off again anyway, so i'll have to re-route the wires properly this time.
  11. Got the trim painted and clear coated, turned out pretty good to be honest, pictures look rubbish of it however lol. Switch arrived today instead of yesterday, not to worry though. I'll hopefully get them fitted after work tomorrow (Thursday). Get the laptop in with me and get them coded in. With a huge amount of thanks to @BJT with a very thorough walk through. Anyway, more pictures, yano because, pics or it didn't happen, right? ๐Ÿ˜…
  12. Nice one mate, thanks very much ๐Ÿ˜„
  13. Absolute gentleman, just one question, do you edit on engineering 1 or 2 or both? Lol. Really appreciate your help, that was a great walkthrough. J
  14. Hi mate, Iโ€™m hoping my switch arrives tomorrow to get this done on my ST. Where do you go in forscan to adapt the mirrors? Iโ€™ve never used it before ๐Ÿคฃ. Am I right in saying the laptop isnโ€™t to be connected to the internet while doing it? Thanks J
  15. Hi mate, Any chance you could run me through how to code these in? I have forscan and the cable, I have the mirrors and Iโ€™m just waiting on the switch arriving tomorrow. Iโ€™ve never used Forscan yet and Iโ€™m just wondering where I need to go to adapt the mirrors in? Thanks J