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  1. Could it be something as easy as spark plugs? Or maybe a dodgey connection from the HT lead, or coil pack, whichever way they are set up? Bad fuel even? I would go down those avenues first, then push on to the more serious end.
  2. Looks like a clean yolk. I'd love one to just fire about the place in
  3. That's a little cracker there like. Wouldn't mind finding one like that myself :D
  4. Anything to take away the white would be nice, I'd love to get them done, but I've only a spare 5X100 set of wheels sitting about, which obviously wont fit
  5. Ah right, VWs pepper grey. Sad I remember the names and codes. I take it it’s close then? Yeah, it’s the same as me, I can get wheel colour codes for seats, but there’s no touch ups available for them. Could probably get it made up if they can get me it. £11 isn’t bad, pretty close to dealer cost, or at least used to be.
  6. Well there yah have it, yah learn something new everyday. I didn't know the red calipers and the grey wheels was an option. I read you touched up the wheels, would you have the colour code to hand? The last owner was a curb fiend. I agree with you on the Mountune MP215 pack, I couldn't justify to myself that money to see 15HP on overboost, you wouldn't notice it I don't think. I actually wrote that in a post on here at some point. A friend of mine is starting a tuning company soon, he already has Revo software ready and has his own to custom tune maps. He'll be having a rolling road day when he opens which I can't wait for. Also an authorised dealer for RAMAIR and GFB, so I can't wait until he's up and running to I spend money I don't have with him .
  7. Just a few photos to upload. Two are professional ones, you'll know which. Other three taken and edited by myself. Such a gorgeous car @ st2jay on Instagram for anyone who wants to follow
  8. Looks great mate . What was the fitment like for it? I've heard there is some fitting issues with Maxton stuff which has put me off using them?
  9. Now that you mention it, I’ve never seen one with brows. Not to say they aren’t out there though. The Focus would look tidy with a set I bet.
  10. Got the brows fitted. They look really good I think. Very mean looking and with them being black on black, they look the job.
  11. There's a good chance that there is batteries in them, see if you can separate them to see.