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  1. Wow, you kinda blew that quite far out of proportion there, didn't yah. Imagine trying to be happy for someone who got something, which could have been a mine field, sorted very easily. So I apologise for that.
  2. Well technically, as they had already been deployed, they would've already been locked into place, so they were not for going anywhere anyway. Yes I'm aware that the airbag light on the dash means that the airbags wouldn't have worked, but in the grand scheme of things, this was an easy fix. I'm not sure if you read my comment properly, "Although a heads up from the people you bought the seats from would've made life a little easier for you" as in if the seller had of told her, it would have been easier.
  3. Glad it was a relatively easy fix, instead of going down the route of getting lost in a wire diagram or anything. Although a heads up from the people you bought the seats from would've made life a little easier for you lol
  4. Actually seems very easy, I've watched a tutorial online and what everything you need. As I was thinking of getting a few bits dipped, but I like the whole DIY thing and want to do it myself. I'm like you, very impatient, so if I can see progress it makes things easier for me lol.
  5. Very nice mate, she looks well
  6. STJAY

    N600 ST

    I'm sure you're right, or to make you upgrade when buying the car from new. Either way its a bit rubbish lol.
  7. STJAY

    Mk8 Zetec S bumper onto Mk7 Zetec S

    In a single word, no. Headlight, wings and bonnet are completely different. No chance in it fitting at all.
  8. STJAY

    N600 ST

    100% should've came from factory, I don't get it at all. Thanks mate :)
  9. STJAY

    N600 ST

    Aye the colour is a lot more modern than the candle light yellow . Beam pattern is grand, I haven't had anyone flash their lights in protest and checked up against a wall and it goes the way it should, very pleased.
  10. STJAY

    N600 ST

    HIDs eventually fitted, bit of a nightmare. One fitted no problem at all. Went to get the other fitted and the bulb wasn't lighting. Tested power to and from the ballast and it was getting and giving no problem, so much so that it blew my mates multimeter up that he only had for a week, came to the conclusion that the bulb must be duff. Got in contact with CEUK and they asked me to swap the bulb over to the other side to see if the fault moved too, I reiterated that I had checked power and that it was fine, however she insisted that I do this or they can't do anything. So I flew down to the car (as I was in work) pulled the light out and swapped the bulb over, to find that the bulb lit up didn't I feel stupid. So confirmed that the ballast must then be at fault, fair play to them I got the ballast the next day (yesterday) and got the new one fitted. So now I have a car that looks like it belongs in 2019, imo these should've left factory with xenon headlights. Pics below show the first attempt and the second shows the other bulb working in the first ballast, the bulb is still in its protective housing that's why the colour is very different.
  11. STJAY

    Cruise control and other activation's guide

    That guide is a beast mate, unreal well done!!
  12. STJAY

    N600 ST

    Got some photos, think they look very well to be honest. You'd mistake them from coming from the factory like that.
  13. STJAY

    N600 ST

    Fitted the struts. Fitting guide is far from great, little A5 bit of paper. You get the jist though. There’s also a YouTube video about fitting them, but they must have changed the fitting kit, so if you do buy and check out the video, don’t panic like I did thinking they haven’t sent you the right stuff lol. No pics yet as it got dark by the time I was finishing up, next day or two I’ll get one up. I bought the CEUK HID kit and illuminite H1 mains. I was hoping they came today so I could’ve nailed three birds with the one stone as the headlights need to come out to fit the struts but they didn’t, what can yah do eh. But yeah I’ll get a pic up soon.
  14. STJAY

    N600 ST

    Ordered these yesterday and they arrived today. Gas bonnet struts, I'll get these fitted on Saturday, they don't look that bad to fit, and install guide is with it