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  1. I'm so glad I don't live near or in London, that's hectic. Still for all it would cost to paint yourself, plus some fell has done a cracking tutorial for beginners on an old Pug forum. Plus it's good fun :D
  2. STJAY

    N600 ST

    Got the gel inlays fitted...
  3. Wheels look awesome. As you say. not to everyones taste, but I like them :D
  4. @zain611 Better still, don't buy them, but paint them, those wee bits would be easy painted.
  5. STJAY

    Fiesta ST - 6 weeks in

    Yeah I actually had to adjust it after I posted this last night when I got into it to head home from work. It's weird, I know a few people in Ford where I bought it, so I might give them a call and see if they know of any issues.
  6. STJAY

    Fiesta ST - 6 weeks in

    Mines only Jan 17, but I have read in another forum that some people were having this issue. It was a long time ago so I can't quite remember the details. But I think its happening with mine.
  7. STJAY

    Fiesta ST - 6 weeks in

    Just wondering if anyone is experiencing the backrest on the Recaro seats dropping back ever so slightly? I have to adjust mine every 5 or 6 days or so I'm guessing? Anyone else noticed this?
  8. STJAY

    N600 ST

    Ordered these on Friday, nice wee touch, colour seems dull but it isn't in the flesh, it's very close to the engine cover. I'll get them on at some point soon
  9. STJAY

    N600 ST

    Thanks mate, appreciate that . Aye, don't get me wrong, there is a few runs, nothing major however, but I think it looks great lol, and sure the only people who will see it will be me, and if anyone services it other than me lol.
  10. STJAY

    N600 ST

    Thanks very much mate. Aye the second last picture had just had a clear coat put on and the photo taken straight away. I cut it beforehand, didn't polish after the last clear coat, I know I should have. It was the first time I had painted something two colours, and I'm happy with the outcome :D
  11. STJAY

    N600 ST

    Engine cover pretty much finished. Just need to get the red pinstripe for the cut out. Pretty chuffed with it, took a long time to get done, but I'd rather it was right than a sight. The colour when fitted is a little off, but that's mainly due to bad light and the flash of the phone camera.
  12. They look awesome mate, I must say. Something I'd be weary about getting done, but they look the ticket.
  13. I've sorted my own induction kit for my ST. I have a mushroom filter on the AS MAF housing, at the minute it's connected to the standard turbo pipe, which I'll be swapping out shortly and the standard bottom half of the airbox is there. I'll also be swapping that out for a CEUK cage. My filter was £25, the MAF housing was £40, the pipe will be about £40 and the cage is £35. I refuse to hand over the sort of money that a decent induction kit costs because at the end of the day, it's no different to the one I've made and it'll cost at least £100 less. It's not about saving money, but more putting your own touch and thought into your own car.
  14. Yes, they definitely are not cheap like. I'm going to have a look to see if I can get a swap done for my Rotas, although I'm real picky for wheels so I might just sell them and put the money to a new set. How to the vents look? Did you get them sorted?
  15. I'd love them on, but I don't think I'll be able to, finding adapters for them is impossible. Both those wheels are class, Grid GTRs and fifteen52s are mint! Nice one be good to see them. I'd like to see them :)