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  1. I know I'm preaching to the converted here, but what the hell. Some thoughts: 1.6 TDCi Titanium As a commuting/shopping/crap weather car - single button demist for the heated front screen, max fan on and heated rear screen has been very handy - f/r parking sensors, decent all-round visibility and a tight turning circle and light steering at low speed make this easy - nice, quick slick gearchange - averaging 49mpg - a bit reluctant to engage reverse cleanly, maybe just when cold. - keyless entry is great for dumping shopping in the boot, folding mirrors a useful visual clue that the car is locked. - revs round to 4500+ easily but a bit slow to pull away. Doesn't half make my Merc feel quick though. - small enough that girlfriend happy to drive it but doesn't feel flimsy (car, not girlfriend) - outside temp display nice to have. - I like the colour and it hides the dirt well As a motorway car - cruise and climate control nice to have - a bit noisy - road noise - but ok at a cruise. < 3krpm at motorway speeds but could do with a 6th gear. I've only tried to go from 4th to 6th twice. Neither time have I succeeded. - at night, dash is just a tad too bright and this is non-adjustable. also I'd like a button to turn the stereo etc. dash button lights off at night, whilst keeping the stereo and bluetooth on. - still only averaging 49mpg. Not the claimed 65 combined or 80 extra urban. - bluetooth works well for hands-free calls. good navigation of and playback of music from a USB stick. - tinted rear window keeps glare down - range display seems accurate so can trust that you can get somewhere without worrying about finding a petrol station. Averaging 380 miles from a tank (40 quid). As a car for welsh b-road blasts... Not found out yet. In fact, haven't attacked a single roundabout in anger. Mainly as it's been freezing cold or snowy for most of the time since the car arrived. Cheers, Jon
  2. Mine also does this on a regular basis. As I have Keyless Go I start the car with the clutch down. I can't then seem to put it straight into reverse without faffing around for a few seconds in neutral and bringing the clutch up before trying reverse again. Annoying but just one of those things.
  3. Fiesta v new Citroen C3 v new VW Polo...

    My company lease is based on list price (£16880 !) but the monthly cost is still better than cheaper (and obviously inferior) alternatives.
  4. Private Reg Plates

    Funny, I just got an email saying '93 JM' is going to auction. Guide price 9,995. No, ta.
  5. Private Reg Plates

    yes, my toy has a name-related plate on that I've had for years - might be worth something one day.
  6. Fiesta EATC

  7. Ford Y Cable

    Well, tried my iPod Touch in the Fiesta today. Connected via USB only - the white Apple cable. Display comes up with all the navigation features but no noise comes out. So had to revert to using the Line In. It sounds from this thread that that is what I should have expected. But before I got the car I deliberately took my iPod and the white Apple iPod -> USB cable to the dealers and it worked in a Fiesta that was in the showroom - navigation and sound just with USB connected to the iPod. Wierd. Will probably stick with a USB drive anyway - the girlfriend uses the iPod mainly, so whenever the iPod is in the car she'll be in the car as well, so she can control it. Trying to scroll down a full collection's worth of iPod music library using the car's controller would probably take the length of any journey and be somewhat distracting. I'll stick with USB drives with a subset of the music on.
  8. Members Rides

    Probably about time I put a picture in here. I'm liking this angle. Taken aged < 1 week
  9. Titanium or Zetec S?

    As has been said I would get the car in the spec you want without trying to add USB, bluetooth or cruise control after the event. It depends how much you feel you need those features (and the others). If you drive them both and notice a difference in the ride/handling then that may sway you, e.g. you may prefer the Zetec S - I've not driven both so can't comment on how sporty/firm the ZS is in comparison. Other than that, first car... insurance costs may be a factor, hence 1.4, hence Titanium?
  10. Problem with Fiesta Titanium

    Interesting as I've noticed some juddering which I put down to the car needing a few more revs than I was expecting when changing up or when crawling along in slow traffic. Will keep an eye on it. Only done 200 miles so far so hard to quantify.
  11. MK 7 crashed into

    Wow - did the white on white of snow on bodywork hide the damage on Monday or did you just not spot it? Lucky indeed for honest people and that the paper was still attached (no use of wipers at all?) and also legible.
  12. :(

    Sorry to hear that, sounds like you were going slowly and just hit a bad patch of it and didn't stop. From my experience yesterday you can think a road is ok then one patch won't be. On downhills (and I avoided anything at all steep) I was allowing about 20 metres in front of me whenever I moved off! Hope it gets fixed up good as new.
  13. Traction control on slushy inclines

    lol at Keith, my Fiesta arrived and the BMW went just in time. Wouldn't have got off my driveway otherwise. Titanium and no ESP and 16" wheels. The A30 was very icy. Took 3 1/4 hrs to do a 20 min drive - 14 miles. One hill where I waited at the bottom before going up in 2nd, some slip but ok with a quarter of a turn of lock on. One 'moment' where I stopped from 2mph and the car slid about 10feet forward and sideways, as did the car behind me. Handily I could steer into a gap to the left of the car in front. Winter tyres would have made me quicker but you're really going to annoy all the people just sat there if you go past, and it would get to a point where you'd just have to queue anyway :) Actually where it was two lanes and everyone was crawling along in one the car would probably have been ok in the deeeper snow tio the right, but you'd have got zero sympathy if you'd got stuck!
  14. Hi, Looking around the car I can use the menu to set the audio screen to 'daylight' or 'automatic' but there's no way to adjust the brightness on the main part of the dash, as I've been able to do on every car I've owned since 1990. Is this correct? It's obviously liveable with but if I can dim it a bit that'd be nice. I did a quick search in advance for 'dimming' and 'dashboard' but didn't find an answer. Ta, Jon
  15. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    How many times did you change your numbers until you got a '0.3' out? :) Similarly I picked up my car with 6miles on the clock at 15mpg average. Probably lots of shuffling round a yard and a few stop/start trips. I didn't reset it. After some commuting and a 100 mile motorway trip it now says 45mpg average. Hopefully it will stabilise the right side of 50.