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  1. For £70 I’m very happy. The difference is brilliant.
  2. I haven’t had chance to take a beam photo at the correct distances or against a white wall yet but I have taken something. When I get the chance I will try get something better.
  3. I used the ones attached in the image. All ordered from eBay. Hope this helps. Yes these are before and after pictures.
  4. I’ve finally changed them and very impressed with the outcome.
  5. I pick up my Edge on Monday and so tempted to change the lamps as soon as I pick up. After reading about the LED replacements do any of you who have changed have photos of the cut off and step. The only information I can find is on the Philips replacements but I don’t want to pay £130 a pair.
  6. Thanks eddiek. Looks like I have some LED lamps to buy as well as the RaceChip GTs.
  7. I am due to collect my Edge this week and already planning little bits I would like to do. When you changed to the LED lamps in your description did the headlight caps fit back on ok or did you have to leave them off for ventilation? Cheers
  8. Did this work for you? I would really like to do the same if it did.
  9. Hi mate. Any idea if the Adaptive headlights could be fitted on an edge sport that didn’t have them from the factory? I am really thinking of fitting them to mine but don’t want to splash out if they won’t work. Cheers
  10. I’m due to pick up my 2017 Edge sport this weekend and wish I could have picked one up with the adaptive LED headlights. I’ve had adaptive headlights on my 2014 Octavia vrs for the last 4 years and really like them. Anyone know what do the adaptive headlights for the edge need in order to be fitted aftermarket? Is the wiring loom the same?
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