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  1. Like most others mine works fine when frosted over or to help clear condensation. I've used it on a Focus and Fusion in the past and works all the same. I did once have a chip in the windscreen which I think damaged the wiring as it would only clear one side until replaced. Guess which side, the passenger of course! So on icy mornings the least useful side would clear but nothing on the drivers side, lol.
  2. Heres a pic. I removed loose material from the rusted part which didnt seem deep and was still hard and dark in colour. I added a rust treatment to treat and harden the suface even more. I then used some wet & dry to sand down and roughen the surface of the pipes. After 24hrs I cleaned with methylated spirit and painted with Halfords VHT paint to protect the pipes. Just hope it does the job now.
  3. So to update, the dealership hasnt responded to an email I sent them lodging a formal complaint and the motor obundsman isn't interested until the garage has had 8 weeks to respond!I I wasnt thrilled at paying over £100 for Ford to paint the pipes assuming their warranty on thr work would probably be worthless also so decided to do it myself as other had done. I will still chase up with the obudsmund, dealer and Ford to see if I can get any retrospective compo but not holding my breath. But at least its painted in time for winter.
  4. They've seen the TSB I got a printout from Ford but even so, they're not covering it. It seems like it should come under the Consumer Rights Act as to me it is a defect which shouldn't be present on a car that age etc and potentially not fit for purpose. I'll update when I have more info.
  5. It was BSE (trying to be discreet). They seem to want to dismiss it all along then reluctantly called Ford to arrange the repair. The guy probably said they would cover it until the warranty co. declined it and his manager told him that they weren't interested either. They are not returning multiple calls either and it is just very very poor service.
  6. Update: John Banks (JB) said as not mechanical fault they will not repair it. When I didn't accept this they contacted the nearby Ford garage and arranged for me to book it in and they would cover the cost of the repair. I did this and after a short time JB called me to say their warranty company won't cover the cost so it will be up to me to pay it after all! I said that is unacceptable as they said they would pay it and that if not fixed the engine would basically be quickly turned to scrap if it failed. He said I should read the Ts&Cs of the warranty. They are apparantly going
  7. @dansallis Thanks for ur input. I am not sure how deep it is as afraid to make things worse by poking around. I kind of have to drive it as cant get to work otherwise. I have been to 2 Ford garages and they have recommended the paint fix but stated it isnt covered by Ford so will be at my cost. The garage I bought it from (Honda John Banks) are looking at it Thurs (tomorrow) but im predicting they will probably want to go for the cheap fix because; why would they pay for a new turbo when Ford deny it? (which seems to be excluded from their 3month warranty) but will find out tomorrow.
  8. Hi, new Fiesta owner and forum member. I want to get the best out of my car so thought I'd sign up to FOC. It's a 2014 Race Red Zetec (1.0 EcoBoost)(99hp). Been checking the forums and already found I have the rusty pipe issue: Otherwise the car is pretty nice, hope to be an active member of this forum. Thanks to any help I receive in advance! Lee (LAP_83)
  9. I have only just purchased an EcoBoost (2months) 2nd hand from a non Ford dealer. I came across this forum and this issue and when I checked my pipes I found some rusting (see pics). I've emailed Ford and are awaiting their response but what do you guys think? Would the turbo need replacing or would the VHT paint fix do the job? Thanks.
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