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  1. Wow That`s a good boss mate, glad she ok and hope your missus gets hers sorted soon, They all hero`s in my eyes NHS staff and carers all front line workers
  2. Hi Ian Sorry to hear about your missus, My grandaughter who lives with us also works in a home system they have 3 home units on same site so she switch`s from unit to unit she came home the other day told us they have no PPe left and where told to us same gloves over again she was not happy. you watch news Goverment say you will get Protective equipment and 80% of wage if cannot work but in real live this is not the case care homes are about money that`s it dont give a dam about resident`s even less about staff totally stink`s mate
  3. I agree Tom We all in this together It doesnt matter where you was born or how much money you have This virus does`nt care
  4. I agree and the Trucker`s who are bringing goods to our stores and the poor staff who have to deal with selfish scumbags who think they can have it all
  5. Mine so far is Dorris #dorace #womandriven #DRVNFAST Love the Mustang tear engine down she never done it before, I do wish I had her garage 😍
  6. Police shut our Recycling centres down yesterday, and now we got road blocks on main road
  7. My Grandaughter is a Care worker doing loads of overtime due to shortage of staff, God bless them all and watch over them all,😇
  8. Tekman

    Ford Badge

    No I havent but when was ebay their are a few geniune ones on some are £47 but I have found one for £20 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-S-Max-C-Max-Replacement-Metal-Rear-Badge-Emblem/184197219048 so was going to get one size is right and looks ok cheers
  9. I have only had c max for a couple of weeks I knew that their was a few bits to do. The rear badge on tailgate was corroded when I took it off its a thin alloy been on ebay no luck seem to be all plastic anyone any idea cheapest place to get one
  10. Tekman

    power wire

    Ok mate thats great just checked its the restraining system with a 10 amp fuse.
  11. Tekman

    power wire

    Hi Mate yes I put multi meter on all but 2 are live when ign off 3 are earth fuses so had to use 1 fuse bypass in fuse 85 which is 7.5 the other is 86 which is for restraining system which I didnt whant to mess with so dash cam and sat nat are on bypass fuse into 85 only way I could find to do it . The rear dash cam easy put it into un-used fuse slot . if anyone has better idea please let me know its cold and I am oldish lol will have to be fine for now
  12. hi mate I have just replaced my focus auto 06 for a 12 plate cmax titanium from petrol to diesel but I love it drives great I did a couple of times press accelerator had jumped a gear but my fault, apart from that brilliant.
  13. Tekman

    power wire

    hi mate yes looked at cig lighter it stays on sunny outside now so will go and drop fuse box down and check cheers
  14. Tekman

    power wire

    ok wires in run to fuse box which fuse is best to piggy back off, I need two that turn off with ignition. cheers
  15. Tekman

    power wire

    sorry guys for delay yep went and picked some up and in prosses of installing now , rain a problem now but sunny at moment Cheers