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  1. Tekman

    Code Help

    All Sort Ebay lol who would have thought LOL
  2. Tekman

    Code Help

    Ok Mate cheers will go on and have a look now
  3. Tekman

    Code Help

    can anyone help with code just upgraded dash and want to put carbon facelift surround on any help appreciated
  4. All done work great now did check sunroof has well but all working now Cheers Daniel
  5. Cheers Daniel your a star will give it a go tomorrow cheers Alan
  6. I have all round elec windows when I got the car it had one touch down and one touch up windows, on weekend I swapped out the dash to face lift st dash took battery off so could take dash out with air bag so everything back in all working but my one touch up on windows doesn`t work but down does. any help appreciated Cheers Alan
  7. I am changing my dash over to grey Titanium facelift I have a cream one in at moment I have all the bits even got a radio a sony Is there any suprises or straight forward swap over Anyone code for V062512 would be grateful for any help Cheers Alan
  8. Hi Mate without listening could be any pulley but also could be timing belt cover not on right even a stone stuck behind bottom pulley get a brush handle hold your hand on it next to your ear and move it next to pulleys one by one be careful and it will amplify sound narrowing it down
  9. Tekman


    Hi Guy`s Congrats on passing Mine in yesterday pass no advisories not bad for 126000
  10. I tryed Led`s in my focus mk2 and yes they are very bright but no pattern to them its like having two search lights on front of car lol Night breakers my recommendation
  11. Hi Ed I had to use original plugs of old mirrors I used the solder shrink wrap connectors quick and easy also had to thread a wire from side repeaters to mirror for the indicator. but now can be unpluged and removed if I need to do owt cheers Alan
  12. Tekman

    Alan`s Baby

    My mk2 Focus doing a few upgrades and add ons has I go