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  1. I too have been suffering with it too got my tyres at 32psi but got to admit in wet or damp conditions I have to be carefull its worse when I press that right pedal thing all way to floor lol
  2. Hi Dan I have the 2006 2ltr auto and I am at 140,000 still run smooth I have done a fluid change but apart from that, it changes great this is my third focus auto first 2 where 1.6 ltr and did above above 200,000 with no issues
  3. Hi Stephen I thought so but wasnt sure , so I take it its a relay does anyone know which one it is and location unless I will have to get wife outside and turn it on and off so I can find it lol
  4. Hi Luke I thought it did But I could be wrong compared to my previous focus`s it is really slow
  5. Hi Guy`s Can anyone tell me where the relay and fuse is for heated rear screen mk2 2ltr preface lift. Mine is working but very very slow and stays on all time I have to manually turn it off or switch engine off , I have checked conections and the curcuit on window no breaks so tipping its relay I have looked in engine bay cannot see a relay for rear can find one for front. any appreciated cheers Alan
  6. Lol wife did have a big smile when she said it and bless she did try and convince me , I Did explain been mechanic for 45yrs and it was def a 18mm with my wheels being on and off the caps did come off but got a new set. I prefer 6 point sockets and they didnt have deep socket but all sorted now and I am waiting for santa to bring me my wish list lol
  7. Your right but don`t go to Halfords for a 18mm long reach socket a very nice lady told me that they don`t do 18mm it is a common problem for ford`s that they are actualy 17mm and my nut`s had swollen 😂 Had to get one of ebay ( and yes my Nut`s are still swollen must be all the rain 😂🤣😂🤣 )
  8. Merry Christmas Stephen and to all And Have a great christmas stay safe And a big thank to all and you for all your help 🎅🤶
  9. Hi Mate Yes checked off set, stud diameter ,rim size , First set off a Focus 07 cc second set off same make that made me with 8 wheels from cc take into account that these where accident damaged cars and could easy have damaged wheel you never know 3 set where from a 17" focus titanium off ebay did see car they came off did say he upgraded thats why sale . set I have on now mk4 focus 10 spoke when you buy a set of wheels its easy to believe people when they say they ok and because I had them re balanced I believed they ok however I have learnt it could be a weak side wall on one of tyres pot hole damage it only has to be slight to cause a problem. it could have been a number of things and what I have done is continue to dismiss wheels and tyres without really checking using another cars that you know are ok But just spoke to a guy who used to do tyres and he smiled and said yep it can happen SO I have leaned a good lesson
  10. Update I tryed using the tool on car to do bush`s well lets say I took the whole arm off car clamped it in vice and marked arm to make suree I put new bush in right way lol so that sorted and vibration still there , 😭😭 Totaly fed up by now Looked at other cars but nothing gives me what this does ( blooming Headache ) so sat down with wife and talked about what Stephen Said eliminate all impossible and what ever is left must be true so this is what I did Engine/ gearbox vibration = started car hot engine took it up rev`s and whatched and used amplified stethascope to listen for anything out of norm Result OK no change Driveshafts = because I had changed them twice even went has far has using different brand`s Result No change in symptoms so accept all ok Hubs and bearings changed them along with bottom arms. Result ok no change brake disc`s and brakes = I have changed Disk`s and pads twice also checked calipers and changed fluid Result No change in symptoms no vibtation when braking so accept all ok Steering system = changed pump and new fluid feels ok with movement , allready changed rack ends and track rod ends so go another set then had it re tracked on computer super tracker so result is no change is symptoms still getting vibration from 50mph on So Wheels I had bought some ford alloys 16" with tyres so no change so swapped front to rear no change bought a set of 17" Titanium of 15 plate vibration still there swapped front to rear no change , So went and got another set of 16" ford focus alloys with Contintal tyres put them on sold all others still vibration took it and had front wheels rechecked and balanced. Result no change vibration still there so stopped re, thought everything over and the only thing I havent really checked is wheels I know I have changed them a number of times and should be ok even having them re balanced I can I surely know = so got daughters cmax wich has 16" snowflakes on with new tyres and she has no vibration or problems so took my two front off and put them on hers and hers on mine took mine for drive and no vibration nowt nothing tryed it up and down a dual cabbageway. so Just goes to show even if its different dont trust its fine and wheels even balanced still had a problem did inspect but no signs of a problem because I had bought different ones I dismissed it and it caused me a lot of pain. So now I know what`s wrong ethier buy another set and take a chance they ok or find wich one is problem and replace it Thank you to all who have been helping me through this swamp of trouble
  11. Hi Mate yes 1st set was 16 " original to car , second set was ford Focus 17" titanium now I have a set of titanium ones of a 16 plate focus no spigot rings require but thank you for try
  12. Right put backend on to ramps and had a look although the bushed look a bit aged however drivers side trailing arm bush lets say arm moves side to side freely the front one ( the pain in butt one ) so been out and bought bush removing tool and 2 x bushes cost £100. so I know what I am doing on weekend oh joy
  13. Lol so that`s why I like the v50 then 😁 yes I am going to when not raining give the rear a look at esspecialy the trailing arm bush`s I know I am grabbing at straws but at this stage It want hurt just rule it out.
  14. OK so now just been talking to wife and told her what Botus said and she reminded me of something I dont know if it would cause this so here goes Feb 7th we was sat at a set of traffic light`s a Audi A6 sat behinde us when a council van large one hit the Audi which it us had my brakes on and he moved us 6ft at least, My insurance sent out a assessor who told me rear crash bar was crushed and we needed a new bumper car taken away and fixed got it back the problem I am having with vibration I believe started after this and wife is certain ( she has a book with what I bought 🙄 lol ) So could this infact have anything to do with it has it was rear damage I never gave it any thought
  15. Hi Mate yes I have changed from 16" standard alloys to 17" titanium alloys then had tyres changed for all new then thought it might be the 17 too big ( lol ) so got a set of 16" alloys with continetal tyres then had them re balanced to make sure everything was ok wheel wise. the vibration best discription is like running over small corrugations on road but something flapping would also describe it without sound that comes on at around 50-55 then fades away at around 75. I have re checked undertray and installed new screws Ok so now you got me thinking thankyou mate a fresh idea