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  1. Hi Mate Don`t trust in and out autocentre , bad storys about them , copper grease doesnt cause squeeking it sounds like your sliders are a bit stiff have they cleaned them has rubber dry`s out and sticks causing your brakes not to release properly
  2. Hi Zain Yes mate alternator fine, She going on hiliday for a week so I am having car here so be able to get a better look at it will remove all earth`s and clean and replace,I will pull clock`s and have a look. I am just wondering if owt specific I can check first save me chasing a fault. cheers
  3. Hi Tom Yep did load test runs fine, I stood with engine running flicked light switch on and off thinking faulty switch it did flicker so hit top of dash lol no flicker I could regreat it but it did it a cople of times. I did think of a loose earth wire in engine bay and clocks flicker pull them out and have a look but not had time and she dont stop still two mins to get car off her lol. will post update if I find owt cheers mate
  4. Hi Anyone who can help My grandaughters mk6 fiesta has a problem when driving at night the cluster lights flicker on and off 3 times then engine loses power then is ok for short while but if she stops and switch`s off and restarts everything ok for a while. now it doesnt do it during day when lights off , ( I did say drive round with lights off and get a couple of torches lol she said NO haha ) It doesnt do it all time Anyone who had same problem or any ideas would appreciate it Cheers Alan
  5. I know might be silly question but here goes lol I have face lift centre console in my pre-face lift focus I was going to spray paint it but I have problem with area to spray out of way of Humans and dogs lol, so I decided to wrap the radio surround and centre console now I have done radio surround ended up using hot glue gun on back to stop peeling and worked great but not so on centre console. any recommendations on good fibre wrap that when you stick it down it stays, I did give it a good clean before trying but it still lifts around cup holders and lifts on bend bit at rear of gear stick. Any advise greatly appreciated Alan
  6. Got to admit that`s the one problem with them I have tryed to use sat nav and media and media stops, but I use mine mainly for reverse camera and playing off my usb, Oh and wife likes the clock on screensaver 🙄,
  7. Hi Mate I have this one in mine which looks same has one you have looked at yes plug and play but did need to alter a few wires due to permanent live mine has reverse camera which I got a number plate bulb holder camera
  8. Hi Mate, Looking at your pic`s I think its from your oil filter has liquid travels down and backwards it may be that when filter has been taken off it run down or your sump plug seal. give them a try see if they tighten up a bit. or a good clean and wait to see where it dribbling from hope this helps
  9. hi Mate I changed mine to lockwood silver and then changed all smds to blue
  10. lol I know what you mean I am 6ft2inch and my shed door is 5ft 10inch yep I never learn 😂
  11. That`s a good idea COME ON EVERYONE we have all done it let us know ........
  12. Hi Mate I believe they are the same mine looks no different to a manual one my son had on his he now got St and I think they same not really looked I could be wrong, they do protect belts and stops things getting crap on them, The tranny is ok cooling wise so wouldn`t worry about that
  13. Ok so last week I decided to re shuffle my workshop and doing so decided in my tiny brain to move one of my Tool cabinets you know the one`s Halford`s three tier top box is 6 draw with top open, so moved it with all tools in and found out one of rear casters had dropped into a small hole so on my hand`s and knees looking and found out if I put pry bar with a block to lift it up will work, so lifted gentle and heard a sound which I now know has sliding draws opening, oh yes if a unit opens all draws it will be unbalanced ( I learnt something new ) so yes it did and it fell off and yes it did hit me with all the tools across my shoulders neck and back well my son ran in managed to lift it up so I could crawl out I managed to get into house where I knelt down put my head on coffee table and said ouch that hurt. So A week later still very very sore oh yes workshop still needs sorting, So if you own a tool cabinet system Gorilla glue the units together or when you move it the dam thing will bite you. cheers 🤕🤕🤕
  14. Hi Mate I have had two 1.6 autos and they both had tray`s on them, I now have 2ltr and that has one on if it didn`t I would fit one but that`s personal choice. cheers Alan