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  1. Hi John cheers mate Lol the centre screen clock is allready blue I have done all blue exept switch`s and ambient light the camera doesn`t show it properly. will order the leds from crazyleds any idea what led`s in switch`s are cheers Alan
  2. Hi Nick I have dismantled the unit and the pic shows what they look like but dont know what type these are. cheers Alan
  3. Hi everyone just a update I spent a bit of time to sort gear selector illumination, I had to remove centre console then un-clip the cover to get to circuit board and well it turned out to be snapped was a bit annoyed so when onto ebay and could only find one for £70 now well annoyed so called Focus city in Beverley and yep they had one complete unit £40, Then changed all led`s and re-installed now looking amazing pics don`t do it justice. SO QUESTION what are the 2 Led`s in the roof light that flood red light over centre console also how do I pull apart switch`s to change them from green to blue Cheers Alan
  4. Hi George Wow that`s high did he have chrome pulleys and chrome water pump fitted lol Cheers Alan
  5. Hi Mate I can tell you from experience that the 1.6 has a floating crank pulley and does have to come off to change belt. you do need the correct pin that you take a bolt out of bottom of engine and screw it in to set bottom end and locking bar for cams. get yourself a timing locking kit before starting also the crank bolt can be very very tight and you sometimes require a impact air gun to get it off. however you can do it yourself at home but if you not sure get garage to do it costly if you mess up Cheers Alan
  6. Cheers Ian Well chuffed myself mate But its thank`s to everyone on here who helped with advise and encouragement cheers Alan
  7. Job So far , Just need to fig out how to get auto gear selector surround out to get to leds then switch`s , already done led`s in roof light`s
  8. Hi Pete do you have the lift lid on top of your dash ? I put a aux power supply under obd socket then ran sat nav cable up behind clocks and put a hole inside unit under lid then cable stays in lid out of way and when I want sat nav I lift lid clup sat nav on close lid sat nav has a disk on lid nice and tidy. cheers Alan
  9. Hi Ian they are easy to get to Remove radio then surround, take knobs off , unclip front of heater control small clips around edge, then just pop circuit board off, I did all leds exept top two which light orange when on for air recycle and air con, I just had to remember which way they came off with notch has earth new ones where notched too , then took it to car just put it on and tested before I built everything back on but look great a lot better will put pics on shortly the two top ones circled are the ones I left orange the other 7 I changed has you can see with close up the notch a big help from crazy leds cheers cheers Alan
  10. Hi John Yes has soon has a looked at them I knew what you meant, Thank you for your assistance my next job window switch`s, heater controls out of curiosity which section do can I put my car and mods and jobs I am doing cheers Alan
  11. Ok these are the before and after the top pic does have the dials already on they look so much better now
  12. YAY Clocks done I have taken some before and when dark will take some after but wow what a difference and I can say if I can do it anyone can do it. I suffer severe tremors so holding soldering iron still well lol. I will say A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ALL for your support and advise. John you was right regarding the look of them but did notice there is a corner off the negative side and the board does have direction markers very easy to follow. All I got to do is set the dials have done petrol and speedo but will run car tommorow to set temp and rev counter but will say WOW Cheers Alan
  13. will do John cheers I watched a video on removing smd`s with standard soldering iron lol they made it look so easy lol I will give that a try on spare clocks I have practised on cheers
  14. Cheers Michael Thank you, I was looking at the image from crazy leds which shows the red and blue but will do the check with multimeter has you said just to make sure its a slow and steady sunday job for me if they arrive in time. once again thank you to you for help really do appreciate it cheers Alan
  15. Hi Paul So I take it you can swap the leds on the board but you cannot put the led straight to 12v to check which way they go without a resistor , so looks like more practise with old board till I get it right