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  1. Hahahaha 😂 thats why I didn`t show him how many bulbs 🤣
  2. You could do blue I did all my interior lights did my ambient roof lights plenty of bulbs lol
  3. Hi Mate your very welcome Hope it sorts it for you, I feel your frustration nothing more anoying when a vibration or banging can be so many things let us know if you sort it and good luck mate
  4. Hi Jon Update I have changed the top gearbox mount and taken for drive had it upto 70 and does appear to be sorted, the old one was multi cracked on all sides so not healthy at all, so hopefully thats it sorted hope it helps mate. cheers Alan
  5. Hi Mate I have 2ltr auto and been chasing a vibration through steering wheel I allready changed drive shafts and discs, pads, wheels, tyres, wheel bearings, drop links, so just got a good quality gearbox top mount because we found some movement when reving engine upto 3000 rpm which is about 70mph on road going to change this weekend will update what happens but intresting if anyone has any other ideas. cheers Alan
  6. Ok I have a dilemma I bought these they in mint condition I also got the heated elements for them but not got round to fitting, so I was going to Turn my car into St replica but now changed my mind So Do I change headrests to Black because they say St on them well you know what I mean, Sell them and buy more or I was thinking of doing a swap for just black, I love them beacuse they new and fresh and very comfy but after recent accident I have to re think what I am capable of doing cheers for any feedback
  7. Tekman


    Hi Everyone I have a Vibration on car when I accelerate and cruise It first come at around 25mph then disappears at about 28mph then comes back at 62mph at 70ish lol + 5. Things I have done so far and no difference 2 driveshafts. 2 front wheel bearings, discs and pads all round , rack ends and track rod ends , all wheel allignment , new top engine mount , 3 different set of alloys, now new tyres and balance, I have checked rear engine mount and acnot see any play I am now at point of fed up of spending to no avail, the car drives great other wise have done full service including new iridium plugs. the vibration comes through steering wheel very annoying on long trip has I set cruise at 65 ish and steering vibrates and I have to exeed or drop down I changed steering from comfort to standard then sport still no change. I was going to change gearbox mount and the two rear gearbox but not convinced also was thinking new shocks on front not sure so any help appreciated
  8. Hi Mate Don`t trust in and out autocentre , bad storys about them , copper grease doesnt cause squeeking it sounds like your sliders are a bit stiff have they cleaned them has rubber dry`s out and sticks causing your brakes not to release properly
  9. Hi Zain Yes mate alternator fine, She going on hiliday for a week so I am having car here so be able to get a better look at it will remove all earth`s and clean and replace,I will pull clock`s and have a look. I am just wondering if owt specific I can check first save me chasing a fault. cheers
  10. Hi Tom Yep did load test runs fine, I stood with engine running flicked light switch on and off thinking faulty switch it did flicker so hit top of dash lol no flicker I could regreat it but it did it a cople of times. I did think of a loose earth wire in engine bay and clocks flicker pull them out and have a look but not had time and she dont stop still two mins to get car off her lol. will post update if I find owt cheers mate
  11. Hi Anyone who can help My grandaughters mk6 fiesta has a problem when driving at night the cluster lights flicker on and off 3 times then engine loses power then is ok for short while but if she stops and switch`s off and restarts everything ok for a while. now it doesnt do it during day when lights off , ( I did say drive round with lights off and get a couple of torches lol she said NO haha ) It doesnt do it all time Anyone who had same problem or any ideas would appreciate it Cheers Alan
  12. I know might be silly question but here goes lol I have face lift centre console in my pre-face lift focus I was going to spray paint it but I have problem with area to spray out of way of Humans and dogs lol, so I decided to wrap the radio surround and centre console now I have done radio surround ended up using hot glue gun on back to stop peeling and worked great but not so on centre console. any recommendations on good fibre wrap that when you stick it down it stays, I did give it a good clean before trying but it still lifts around cup holders and lifts on bend bit at rear of gear stick. Any advise greatly appreciated Alan
  13. Got to admit that`s the one problem with them I have tryed to use sat nav and media and media stops, but I use mine mainly for reverse camera and playing off my usb, Oh and wife likes the clock on screensaver 🙄,
  14. Hi Mate I have this one in mine which looks same has one you have looked at yes plug and play but did need to alter a few wires due to permanent live mine has reverse camera which I got a number plate bulb holder camera