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  1. The glass is already at the fitters in Sheffield waiting for the car. It and I are at the fitters midday on Monday We are unable to go this week due to prior commitments
  2. After numerous conversations with warranty/service/sales personnel, they insist its a stone chip. There is what may possibly be a stone chip, in my opinion it isn't, but they appear to have the upper hand. I spoke to my insurer who tells me it will cost me £75 for a replacement for them to replace it, without loss of no claims bonus. So I have given them the go ahead and its booked in for next Monday. I could have had it later this week but I am away for a few days. Ford were saying if they repaired it it would be several weeks before they could get a replacement. I suspect at an enormous price. So guys check your insurance, make sure you have glass cover. You may well need it if you have the sun roof. Thanks for the replies
  3. My glass roof has developed a circular crack from one edge. It starts on one side under the mounting travels roughly circular returning to the start point. There are no apparent stone chips or marks indicating damage anywhere on its travel. Has anyone had a similar problem? I am off to my local Ford Agent this morning to find out what I can do and if I can claim on warranty or insurance or pay myself. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. The car is a January 18 registration.