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  1. You don't need to get the unit out. You can just lift it a bit up and out. Then there is enough space to place a H7 LED unit in the H7 socket.
  2. If I haven't been driving for 2 days, I also get that message.
  3. I have been thinking the same thing. [emoji848][emoji16] What about the interior lights over the rear seats? [emoji848]
  4. I got the OEM footwell lights, and they turn off shortly or immediately the car is off. I have not watched it, but it does not seem to be light on when the car is off and locked.
  5. Behind the rug in the side, there is a thick white screw. It must be screwed out completely, and then it is relatively easy to remove the taillight. Sendt fra min SM-G975F med Tapatalk
  6. I have read on another forum that 100HP and 125HP should be the same, but with difference in mapping. Turbo and manifold should be different at 140hp. Sendt fra min SM-G975F med Tapatalk
  7. Fiesta MK7 and/or MK7,5 has 180NM, and 210NM in overboost. MK8 has 180NM. Sendt fra min SM-G975F med Tapatalk
  8. No, not here in Denmark. But my dealer put it in my car anyway.
  9. My dealer told me, that Ford is changing colors every now and then. The Deep Impact Blue is so much nicer than Chrome Blue. I´m happy that Deep Impact Blue was possible when I ordered my ST-Line.
  10. Press down on the small flat piece that is highlighted and pull it out. It might be a little easier, if you have a flathead screwdriver.
  11. In my ST-Line, they are both on, at the same time.
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