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  1. Car keeps breaking down >:-(

    Hey guys, noobie here, need some help with my car. Basically it just decides not to work sometimes. It's a 95 Ford Fiesta, also my first car. The first fault is when it's warm, if I turn the engine off and try and turn it back on within 5 minutes, it doesn't fire. The engine turns over, it just doesn't fire. The second fault is that sometimes it just randomly shuts off. First time it happened I was going down the motorway, doing about 70 and it just died. I felt it through the clutch pedal, just knew it died. Put foot to floor just to rev it, and nothing happened, so pulled over on the hard shoulder, phoned my dad (who's a mechanic) and by the time I got thru to him, it started back up. It's done it a few other times, only when at a standstill, i.e. traffic lights and ticket machines at carpark (tonight ). The battery light is always on too, which I'm putting down to a wiring problem. It used to be on full all the time, but since we changed the alternator, it just fades in and out. We've changed the alternator, as I mentioned, along with the crank sensor, and run a diagnostics on it. The diag. shows nothing wrong, so I'm at a complete loss. Any help much appreciated