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  1. Sorry to bring back a old thread but I'm wondering if you still have the guide pics for this? thanks
  2. Hi I've got a mk7 fiesta tdci which has a annoying squeaking from the ac when you press the ac off the squeak goes away but the fans are still running so I'm assuming it's something on the ac unit but wondering if anyone has any idea what would be causing this before I take it to a garage to get looked at? thanks for any help in advance
  3. Ah perfect do you mind me asking what head unit you bought? ive seen the 2 din fascia on online but wasn't sure some of the stereos ive looked at just say to patch the steering controls in but other places said I need the interface cable think this where I was getting confused lol
  4. Hi ive been reading and reading think I've over read to be honest lol. I've just bought myself a late 2008 mk7 fiesta but I'm looking to upgrade the stereo with something with sat nav built in but want to keep the stock steering wheel controls working and have a reverse cam if possible. Has anybody got any ideas for a full kit or a shopping list to start getting I'm not looking to spend loads here but don't mind about the £200 range? thanks for any help in advance
  5. Hey just thought I'd say hi I've got my test coming soon and a mk7 fiesta 1.6tdci zetec s waiting on me so no doubt I'll have lots of questions lol