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  1. Carrollsy

    Few Little Niggly Bits!!

    Hi Everybody, I recently sold my focus and bought a year 2000 1.25 zetec fiesta! I got it for decent money so I dont mind but its come with a few little niggly bits to be sorted! If anybody can shed some light Id really appreciate it :) 1. Clock(for time), its backlight will light up but the digits will not show. 2. The radio will turn on and show a station but no sound will come out (defo not blown speakers) I think it could be the aerial 3. The fan in the car gets stuck on full heat after about 20 minutes driving and cant be cooled. 4. The interior light wont illuminate at all! (Ive checked all fuses and they are fine) 5. The left indicator wont self cancel when the wheel is turned the opposite way. Think thats it but if anyone can help Id be grateful :)
  2. Carrollsy

    Bank Holiday Clean :)[Size="4"][/size]

    Cheers bud! ah no I won't cover them! they WONT get as dirty as they were before while I own the car anyway so it will be all good :) Thanks again for the positive comment!
  3. Ok so today I had some valeting to do for my dad at his garage which I got done in good time! After much hmm'ing and hawing about the weather I decided to give my own car some TLC. The upholstery was my main focus (pardon the pun!). Back when I got the car in October the upholstery was absolutely manky! I am very VERY anal and careful about how clean I keep my cars and this was something I just couldnt bare! Unfortuneatly Ive been very busy at college with it being my final year so never really had the chance to tackle it! A few weeks ago I tried some AG interior cleaner with a brush and cloth at the house and it worked great....FOR A WEEK! all the dirt just came back up again! My Dad told me I should use the vac they have in the garage to shift it but as I said Ive just been so busy with college and work I just couldnt get time. UNTIL TODAY :D and I am VERY pleased with the results. I hoovered the seats first and then got the vac. Im sure plenty of you have used them before so I wont bore you ;) I just applied the interior shampoo with the nozzle, agitated with a brush and then set that puppy to double suction and away all the dirt went! :P The water I emptied out afterwards was black as the ace of spades . I had already polished the windows and dusted/polished the plastics etc so I got a seat cover and drove it home to do the outside. Nothing too major just a wash'n'dry as it doesnt need another polish just yet. It has turned into a gorgeous evening here now so the car is out the front with the windows cracked so the seats can fully dry off! B) As they say, a picture paints a thousand words! Hope I attach them properly :( Unfortuneatly in one of the pics my HID's came out alot more blue than they actually are! And in one or twon of the seats, it looks like there still dirty in the centre but this is wear! 8 years old and 85,000 miles so I can't really moan too much I suppose! Thanks for looking!
  4. Carrollsy

    Cleaning A Black Mk7 Fiesta

    @ DANGULL Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning I4DETAILING hadnt seen that site before, the have EVERYTHING its great. Id say Il be spending some amount of time on that site over the next while! Im going to get some of that DODO juice aswel at some stage. Heard some other people talking about it aswell!
  5. Carrollsy

    Interior Upholstery Clean.

    Ok so had another go at the seats without the vac and they came up really well! get a pic or two 2moro and post them up!...I ended up using the autoglym interior cleaner! worked grand but if it hadnt I would have tried the APC!.. Thanks for the advice bud!
  6. Carrollsy

    Interior Upholstery Clean.

    Thanks for the reply pal!..I'll probably give it another go over the weekend! I'll post up how I got on with pics! Il give it a go with the autoglym one, After using lots of different makes of valeting product I get the impression they're probably all made in the same place and turned different colours! haha..I'l keep meguiars APC in mind though! Nice fiesta by the way! They look brill in white!
  7. Hi All, I'm already pretty experienced in car valeting but interior upholstery shampooing/washing has never really been my strong point! I have the rest of the car looking great but the seats are pretty manky from the previous owner not being as anal as I am about keeping cars clean. I've tried autoglym HI-FOAM but it didnt really make a change. The upholstery seems to be very tough to clean. Can anyone suggest any products or methods? I can get access to trade autoglym products and a wet/dry vac if needs be! Thanks in advance, Andy.
  8. Carrollsy

    Newbie Form Ireland.

    Cheers Pal, They're a great car I have to say. Few little bits here and there but nothing major. Had to change the heater blower resistor there yesterday and two bulbs on the cluster burnt out a while back but thats all!. I havent done much modification to it either. Just the 16inch alloys, 6000k HID lights and I have a nice sound system in her also!. Anyway Im rabbiting on. Thanks again for the compliment.
  9. Carrollsy

    Newbie Form Ireland.

    Hi Andy's my name! New to the site! These forums seem very helpful so I thought I'd join and try and help too! Here's a pic of my car anyway! Not the best pic but all I have on the laptop at the mo!
  10. Carrollsy

    Cluster Bulb Types.

    Hi a Newbie here! hope someone can help me solve a problem!. Im looking to get replacement bulbs for my instrument cluster(2002 1.4lx hatchback focus) and I have gotten a quote from Trevor at but he said two types are available. According to him there are ones with a "bulb and holder clear" & a "bulb and holder grey"..Can anyone tell me which I need to order??.. Thanks :P p.s Ive attached a pic of what the cluster currently lights like..