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  1. Is there some reward for posting that, or just really recommended?
  2. I don't think either of you are wrong. It probably more depends on your requirements, if your car was to break down (new cars are not immune) on the way to work how critical is it you get on your way again quickly? If you do long distance drives and you broke down far from home then recovery on the day could be easily more than the cost of breakdown for a year or 2. Ultimately it's a lottery, and need to decide if it's better to have and not need, or better to potentially save some money, but may cost more if something goes wrong.
  3. I ordered mine early June 2018, looks like that one was released just after in July otherwise I suspect I might have gone for it. I guess being able to put the standard one in another car is a small bonus if you think its possible you would take the stero with you on changing cars. Fitting is easy, for the stero itself its just 4 screws, removing some of the plasic trim to place the GPS etc for me was the slightly scary part (I also fitted a reversing camera). Only addtional connector I needed was an ISO adaptor, I also have not got a canbus for the stalk controls (I assume if you go for the model specifc one you wont need either anyway).
  4. I got the generic pumpkin stereo and a face plate, I really like the stereo, boots instantly. If any help here's the stereo and face plate I got. Stereo: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07BKRGZS1 (looks like they have a newer version with Android 9 now) Face plate: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B0132TYPQK
  5. ashmicro, 1979Damian, Ned_Mk2_1.8tdci and Micro thanks for the recommendations. I have no doubt I wouldn't be upset with any of them, will have a good look at the links provided, and what's available at the time. Thanks to all for responding.
  6. Many thanks, unfortunately it's a pumpkin stereo. Think I might just have to pay £40 on eBay which is the best I have seen if I decide having the stalk is worth it.
  7. TomsFocus: Many thanks for the recommendations, very useful and for confirming where to take the tyre pressures from. CoIW: Thanks will try asking direct in Halfords when I get chance, think I did check there website but nothing listed for my car. Most I have found online have been £40+ which is a bit more than probably worth it for the benefit.
  8. So a few questions. First of all my car is a focus mk 2.5 estate 1.8 petrol (58 reg) Any recommendations on tyres, my car as bought has cheapish tyres, and different brands rear and front. There ok condition wise but would like to replace for something better and matching. Does anyone have any recommendations from experience, just everyday use covering all seasons. (I did look for some recent threads on this but couldn't find any). Tyre pressures, should I use the ones in the manual or the side of the door? My housemate says the ones on the car itself, but the manual says a bit more on the back (to me the ones on the car could be more general). Finally the stalk for audio controls, I fitted an aftermarket steroid. I would love to use the stalk controls but all the kits I found seem very expensive, maybe they just are and I will do without, but incase I'm missing anything any recommendations? Thanks for reading, HighHo
  9. Nice one thanks, I will give that a try next time I need to refuel to see I notice the diffrence.
  10. First post, hello all! So I got my first car, a ford focus 2008 estate 1.8. The car overall is in good condition, body work is great. But has shown a few issues despite being from a 'car loving enthusiast' stuff sticky taped on etc, center box drilled through on catch. Stupid stuff mostly that's now fixed. Anyway to the point, one issue was the battery which quickly showed some issues (although apparently fairly new). I replaced it today, left long enough to reset ecu and then ran idle for 30mins. It felt like a different car (for the better). Anything else I should consider doing for the car? Sorry for the long post, I needed the small rant for myself.