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  1. Just thought I would post a quick update on this, I had to reflash the PCM module as the tyre size was out. On diesel cars I believe you can just update the vid block. On petrol however you need to flash it fully, as there's not much info on this. I just thought I would list the steps I used. Make sure you have a charger to the battery to be safe (my original mess up and block size at 64 instead of auto). 1. Backup pcm firmware and config. 2. Flash the firmware back, you will be asked twice if you want to load the vid block, select no on both. Leave the block size as auto (mine used 1024, if 64 for example it will take ages). (21 mins) 3. Once flashed you can now load pcmconfig and make any changes if needed and apply. (2-3 mins).
  2. I went for headliner then down the A-piller and under the glove box to stereo.
  3. You dont need to use the Red power lead on the RCA cable if you have a canbus adaptor (with reverse gear wire) to your stereo.
  4. Hopefully someone close can help, if you do get stuck I can post my elm adaptor (with switch) as long as you are happy to post back once done.
  5. Have you checked the battery voltage? That's all I can think of as a quick test.
  6. Just a quick update (not sure it's that interesting to others), new ECU is fitted, programmed and all working. Replacing the ECU unit wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, luckily there were no security bolts on mine. I think you could remove the plastic wheel arch cover without removing the wheel (but probably worth it for the space). Reprogrammed using elmconfig, thought I might have a duff unit as the pcm wouldn't read, but just needed to program the keys first in FORScan so the immobiliser passed. Hopefully allowed, but also just want to say thanks to a chap called Enda from endtuning.com was extremely helpful in providing advice on possibly recovering my original ECU (and may have been able to repair it).
  7. Nice one, thanks for confirming.
  8. I will likely try replacing the whole ECU unit, could anyone tell me where it located on the MK2.5 1.8 petrol 2008. Assume it will be the same place as the diesel versions, behind the front of the passenger wheel arch, but wanted to double check as it seems like a pain!
  9. Can anyone recommend someone/company to do a pcm firmware recovery? I was doing a flash when my battery died (annoying at about 95% complete), 100% my bad, I was following a guide that said the upload would be a lot quicker, but I ignored my instinct. Ignoring all the above and me being an idiot, I can't write it using elmconfig. Can anyone either help recover, or recommend someone/somewhere that can? Thanks, Alex (HighHo)
  10. I have messed up and my car battery died while writing the firmware back to the PCM (the guide suggested writing back would take 1 to 10 mins, but I guess I went wrong somewhere and it was uploading the whole thing back). Will I be able to recover once I have a fully charged battery in, or I have I made an expensive error. If I have binned it what are my options on getting it fixed?
  11. Is there some reward for posting that, or just really recommended?
  12. I don't think either of you are wrong. It probably more depends on your requirements, if your car was to break down (new cars are not immune) on the way to work how critical is it you get on your way again quickly? If you do long distance drives and you broke down far from home then recovery on the day could be easily more than the cost of breakdown for a year or 2. Ultimately it's a lottery, and need to decide if it's better to have and not need, or better to potentially save some money, but may cost more if something goes wrong.
  13. I ordered mine early June 2018, looks like that one was released just after in July otherwise I suspect I might have gone for it. I guess being able to put the standard one in another car is a small bonus if you think its possible you would take the stero with you on changing cars. Fitting is easy, for the stero itself its just 4 screws, removing some of the plasic trim to place the GPS etc for me was the slightly scary part (I also fitted a reversing camera). Only addtional connector I needed was an ISO adaptor, I also have not got a canbus for the stalk controls (I assume if you go for the model specifc one you wont need either anyway).
  14. I got the generic pumpkin stereo and a face plate, I really like the stereo, boots instantly. If any help here's the stereo and face plate I got. Stereo: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07BKRGZS1 (looks like they have a newer version with Android 9 now) Face plate: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B0132TYPQK
  15. ashmicro, 1979Damian, Ned_Mk2_1.8tdci and Micro thanks for the recommendations. I have no doubt I wouldn't be upset with any of them, will have a good look at the links provided, and what's available at the time. Thanks to all for responding.