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  1. Hi all. I am new to the forum and have just purchased a second hand smax from a dealer. Not Ford though. The car on the motorway when changing into 6th gear had the engine malfunction light come on. I turned the car off and on and this was still there. We carried on driving the car as the light was amber and called the AA. his diagnostic tool said the map sensor was sticking. He cleaned it and now just before the turbo kicks in it shudders. Is it sticking as he didn't clean his cleaner off maybe? Thanks all
  2. Hi. I am Lee. I have just purchased a secondhand Ford Smax due to having 3 kids. Love the size of the car but getting a few niggles
  3. Hi all. I hope you're well. I am in the process of upgrading my Ford S-max 2010 models head unit. I am goi g to go with a kenwood double din dab android and thought I would put a reversing camera in as well. Has anyone installed one that has advice on a good camera and if you run the video cable to the head unit through the roof trim or into the floor trim. And the best way to connect into the reversing light for ground and live supply. Thank you Lee
  4. Hi. I am wanting to upgrade the original stereo in the 2010 S max to a DAB radio for my wife. Does anyone have any experience of doing this and what sound system would you recommend? I know Ford are now in partnership with Bang and Olufsen and now have these in them. Would it be possible to put this system in a 2010 model I wonder? Thanks in advance for any advice offered. Cheer Lee
  5. Hi All. My name is Lee. I have just joined this forum as my wife has just purchased a 2010 Ford S max. I am on this site to learn more about the car Maintenance and upgrades possible. Regards Lee