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  1. Been driving about for an hour and it’s not dropped out once.thanks to Luke for all the information I can now say mine was a good buy as well.a few months before I update to sat nav. Am just trying to update the sync now but this is very confusing I have tried 4 new usbs it just keeps saying files not found.
  2. Update Luke all working fantastic now had to play about with a few settings and dab1 dab2 all just like to thank you from my heart if I was nr you I’d have taken you out to the pub again credit to you for all the information you have given to me so thank you.i think am going to go up to the sat nav next I will keep you informed again thanks pal
  3. Hi Luke just an update tryed everything to get the dab working but no joy whatsoever is thare anything else I can try many thanks
  4. Lol I have a long lead . I have just registered on forscan and just waiting for them to activate my registration.then hopefully I will have dab thanks again Luke
  5. Hi Luke when you say download and plug everything in do I have to be in the car when I do this many thanks
  6. Thank you for a very quick reply I will do that now and let you no how I get on again thanks pal
  7. Hi again got my elm 327 today it came with a cd can anyone please help me on what I do from now I have my laptop ready and the elm 327 do I plug the elm327 in to the laptop first and also do I need to download anything to the elm 327 Thank you and sorry for being a pest
  8. Thanks for the reply I have just ordered the thing that plugs in so I will let you all no if it works finger crossed
  9. Am not good when it comes to computers can you please point me in the right direction where to download it from and can this be done with a usb you think this will work so that my new dab radio will work many thanks for your reply meens a lot again thanks the person I bought it from on eBay says plug and play
  10. Hi can anyone please help me out with this please I have a 2015 Ford Fiesta with standard radio.i have bought one today that is dab.i fitted every thing in as it says plug and I fitted it all in and I had dab working perfectly in my car .as soon as I started the car dab has gone it’s not even showing dab on the little screen again it’s as if it’s just my old radio is back in but it’s not it’s the dab one that is in but I can not get it to go to dab can anyone please help me many thanks